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TOP-5 language schools in the Netherlands where international students can study high-quality Dutch courses

Education information

Nowadays, the Netherlands is one of the most popular European countries among foreign students  wishing to get high-quality education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-5 language schools in the Netherlands where international students can study effective Dutch courses all year round. Language schools provide high-quality studying conditions, a wide range of courses and programs, exciting cultural programs and high-qualified teachers as native speakers.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-5 language schools in the Netherlands where international students can study high-quality Dutch courses

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Who would like linguistic courses in the Netherlands?

There are categories of people who are interested in attending adult language courses in the Netherlands and fully immersed in the language they are studying. Who are you talking about?

  • About applicants. For Russian schoolchildren and students, language courses in the Netherlands can become a straw, allowing you to stay afloat and successfully pass a test of knowledge of English or Dutch. A high level of proficiency in one of these languages is a prerequisite for admission to universities in the Netherlands.
  • About businessmen. Wanting to take the company to a new level and open the doors of the international market, entrepreneurs are faced with the need to master a minimum of spoken English. Not having long months to learn the language, they prefer a short deep immersion in an authentic language environment. The business elite is aware: time is money.
  • About travelers and tourists. Now traveling is not just overseas vacation twice a year: it is a lifestyle and the whole travel blogging industry. To get into a rut quickly and painlessly, study English in its immediate environment. By the way, in the Netherlands, 95% of the population is fluent in it.
  • About Dutch teachers. Learning experience in the native language environment is a significant competitive advantage in the market of foreign language teaching services. In the courses, teachers will teach the subtle nuances of using a variety of language structures and answer questions. In addition to deepening the knowledge of Dutch directly, you can replenish the piggy bank of methods for teaching students with international tools. At the end of the courses, appropriate diplomas are issued. There is a preparation, which then allows you to teach the Dutch language in any country in the world.

Rating language courses in Holland

There are 3 forms of organization of popular rating language courses in the Netherlands for schoolchildren, students and adults - their short comparative characteristics are given in the table:

Educational institution

Class format

Time duration

Year-round language school

Group, individual

Up to a year

Summer school


Up to a month

Teaching at home by a teacher (Home Language International)


Week 1

1. Year-round language school

The year-round language school of the Netherlands is an independent educational institution, can cooperate with universities, but functions on its own, and not on the basis of universities. The advantage of local training is the ability to take courses at any time without waiting for the holidays.

Within the school you can go:

  • language skills testing;
  • group and individual training;
  • personal training program;
  • summer courses.

The course programs are designed to pay attention to the exercises of the spoken and written language, to work out its academic and business level, to train for the successful passing of international tests - for example, IELTS or TOEFL in case of learning English.

Some schools, for example, Babel Talen, develop comprehensive training programs for organizations and companies of various profiles. Thanks to this service, not only the business owner can personally improve the language level, but also managers of different levels, if relevant.

The duration of the courses will depend on the chosen program and the personal needs of the student, so it differs in each case.

2. Summer linguistic courses in Holland

Summer language schools most often in the Netherlands operate on a university basis and open their doors to students during the holidays in June, July and August. They are short-term intensive programs, the duration of which usually ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.

Typically, such Dutch summer courses are not intended for schoolchildren: their participants are mainly students, since one of the conditions for enrolling in the summer program is the age of the applicant.

3. Education in the family of the teacher

Home Language International allows the student to immerse himself as deeply as possible in the native language environment by living for one week in the teacher's family. The fundamental feature of such a program is the highest degree of personalization and adaptation to the level of the language and interests of the student. Vary, depending on the wishes of the student, can absolutely everything:

  • the number of hours of direct language lessons (from 10 to 30 per week);
  • details and the number of hours of the cultural and entertainment program (theater, sports, shopping, walks in the city);
  • lack of language lessons and / or an entertainment program (in this case, the student is available just a week's stay and constant communication within the teaching family).

The goal of the HLI is to make the program so “tailored" for the student’s interests that it even gives the opportunity to choose a teacher in advance with or without children, with or without pets, and special attention is paid to the hobby of the teacher’s family - they must also be compared with the preferences of the future guest.

Prices for language courses in the Netherlands

Given the variety of forms of study, prices for language courses for adults in the Netherlands for pupils and students will vary significantly.

  • Education in the teacher’s family can cost from 700 € to 3000 € for a full week course. This price includes accommodation and 3 meals a day, and the price difference is due to the number of entertainment and study hours.
  • How much you will need to pay for courses under the summer programs of universities and study at year-round language centers depends on the length of study, living conditions and the procedure for receiving training materials. On average, the amount can vary from 700 € to 2500 €.

Write to us right now, and we can clarify for free the conditions and cost of language programs that are relevant to you.

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