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Upper Canada Village: go back 150 years

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Upper Canada Village: go back 150 years

A unique place is located in the Canadian province of Ontario - Upper Canada Village: here you will see residential buildings, public buildings and other buildings of the mid-19th century. But the main "trick" is that the locals here are engaged in long-obsolete professions, go in clothes that were fashioned 150 years ago, treat guests with dishes whose recipes have been preserved since the 18th century. There are very few such places on Earth, and one of them is in Canada: be sure to visit it while traveling in this country!

Upper Canada Village History

In 1860, a new sea route was being laid in Canada, which led to flooding of several villages. Houses with architectural monuments were moved to Ontario . Almost 100 years later, in 1958, it was decided to create an open-air park demonstrating the culture of the mid-19th century communities: several more buildings from abandoned villages were moved to this place. In 1961 the park was opened to the public, after which it gained popularity and became famous all over the world.

Features Upper Canada Village

The main goal of creating the park was 100% fulfilled: the preservation and reproduction of the culture of Canada in the countryside 150 years ago was organized well. The park has about 40 buildings filled with a special atmosphere and color, among which tourists will see:

  • Bakery
  • Meal
  • Sawmill
  • Wool spinning mill
  • Forge
  • Pig farm
  • Steam engine mill
  • Sawmill
  • Christian church built in 1837
  • Signal tower
  • Chapel
  • Newspaper editorial
  • House of the doctor.

The luxurious Chrysler Hall mansion with stained glass windows deserves special attention. There is a Memorial for 1813 Chrysler Farm battle in the park, which occurred during the war of 1812. Also, the organizers of the park preserved the flora and fauna without touching a single tree: all this allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity. The park has a family-style entertainment center where children can play games from the 1860s.

Visitors of the park will see all the features of agriculture and animal husbandry of that time. On the territory of the houses there are flowerbeds with flowers reminiscent of the Victorian era. Workshops are opened near the shops, where guests will see weavers, spinners, dressmakers. Employees of the park dressed in costumes of the 19th century will conduct a series of excursions and tell fascinating stories.


A hotel is open in the village. Guests can stay here for several days by taking part in thematic events. Tourists can choose several excursions, among which:

  • Mooring on a boat to the dock
  • A walk in the wool factory
  • Mini train ride
  • Walk on an old horse-drawn carriage.

Depending on the chosen route, the tour lasts an hour, two or more. Entrance fees for adults - 22 CAD $, for children under 12 years old - 13 CAD $. Participation in events is paid extra: during participation you can wear old outfits to immerse yourself even better at that time and take unique photos.

Tourists can buy bread baked in a bakery with a brick oven, cheddar cheese, created at a cheese factory. Souvenirs made by the masters of the park, spices, tea, marinades, jams are also offered - there is always something to buy connected with this place!

Interesting Facts

  • In 1973, the film "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" was shot in the park.
  • Upper Canada Village is a branch of the CHIN virtual museum of Canada.

The object belongs to natural museums.

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