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TOP-10 cities that almost do not see the sun

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TOP-10 cities that almost do not see the sun

There are places on the planet where every ray of the sun is their weight in gold. Who are they, the inhabitants of eternal twilight?


Murmansk, Russia

The Russian port city of Murmansk is the world's largest among cities beyond the Arctic Circle. The polar night here lasts 40 days, during which the sun does not appear from behind the horizon. Day is no different from night, and to withstand the twilight onslaught, you need to have a habit or a prepared psyche.

The number of sunny days does not exceed 71 per year.

Kiruna, Sweden

150 kilometers from the Arctic Circle is the city of Kiruna - the northernmost in Sweden. White nights here are twice a year, and the polar night lasts a little less than a month. The average number of sunny days per year is 70.

Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Russia

The village on the island of Kunashir - Yuzhno-Kurilsk belongs to the regions of the Far North. Residents can count on 69 days of sunshine a year. Interestingly, in October in Yuzhno-Kurilsk it is warmer than in June - such are the metamorphoses of nature.

Juneau, USA

The city in Alaska - Juneau is 99% covered with impenetrable forests without signs of life, a continuous taiga around. Sunlight here is an infrequent guest: on average, the sun shines no more than 64 days a year.

Cologne, Germany

German Cologne is informally called the "Metropolis on the Rhine". The city played one of the main roles in the life of Europe, which was not prevented by the lack of sun - only 62 days a year.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

England, especially London, is famous for its fog and rainy weather. Maintains this reputation is the city of Birmingham - the second largest in the country. Sunlight pleases citizens only 56 days a year.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

The port city on the island of Cayenne is located among the mountains at the mouth of the Skina River. Both picturesque and foggy, Prince Rupert does not spoil the inhabitants with sunny weather. There are about 50 sunny days ayear.

Nikolskoye, Russia

The village of Nikolskoye in Kamchatka Krai is the only settlement of the Aleutian District on Bering Island. Villagers are accustomed to cloudy weather and each of the 41 sunny days is accepted as a gift.

Tórshavn, Denmark

The cloudiest city in the world is Tórshavn in Denmark. This does not bother the locals, who are accustomed to the fact that more than two hours a day, the sun does not appear (a total of 36 days a year).

Jan Mayen, Norway

The Norwegian island of Jan Mayen in the Atlantic Ocean wins the palm. The indigenous population in this foggy place did not take root, only a few workers servicing meteorological and navigation stations. Sunlight breaks through the fog only 34 days a year.

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