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Year of study in Nice: information for foreign students

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Year of study in Nice: information for foreign students

More and more priority for foreign students is studying in French cities. A year of study in Nice will allow you to get acquainted with this city not as one of the main resorts in Europe, but as a research center, a venue for various international events, including political summits. Studying here belongs to the elite category, because the cost of studying in schools and universities of Nice for foreign students in some ways is quite high.

Of course, speaking of Nice, it is impossible not to mention the excellent climatic conditions, the charm and elegance of the resort, the luxury of architecture and culture in general. Life in the city is seething, day and night, world-famous jazz festivals and the legendary “Flower War” are held here. This is a fairly safe city, and thanks to this, many students from abroad stop at it.

The French educational system is based on fairly strict rules and traditions - students will be meticulously studied and memorized large volumes of information by heart. Teachers of schools and universities expect high performance and outstanding abilities from students, an active public position and initiative will be required. As for the financial component, when analyzing prices, it should be borne in mind that the cost of programs offered for foreign students depends on the ranking and location of a school or university. Of course, in private institutions, prices will be much higher. Next, SMAPSE experts will talk more about the main programs for students and adults.

Year of study in Nice for foreign students: Bachelor and Master

The country has about 80 universities, among which the University of Sorbonne, Pierre and Marie Curie, Strasbourg and the University of Orleans are particularly famous. Higher education in France is positioned as almost free, and thanks to the policy of equality between foreign students and French, students from abroad can count on the same conditions in state higher education institutions. One of the main expenses of students at the University of Nice will be a registration fee, paid annually - 250 + annual social insurance in the amount of 250 . It is noteworthy that equality is manifested here in everything - foreign students will receive the same benefits and all in full: accommodation in a dormitory or money to pay for housing, meals in the dining room, benefits for travel and a movie theater.

Nice has the best universities in France - for example, the University of Nice Sophia is in the TOP-30 universities in France. Universities of Nice have a powerful material, technical and scientific base, about 20,000 foreign students study in them. In private universities, the cost of study can reach 8,000 - 12,000  per year in French-language programs. If education is expected in English, then study will be somewhat more expensive.

The cost of schooling in Nice for international students

The high quality of French educational institutions is recognized throughout the world: the state seeks to maintain educational centers at the proper level and provides comprehensive support and stable material support. In schools in France, complete equality between foreign students and local reigns. All educational levels are well developed here: preschool education, secondary and higher education.

The French elementary school program will cost about 13,000  per year - it is noteworthy that Nice's private schools have the right to partially change the academic component at will. The organizers of many private boarding schools in Nice use this opportunity to speed up and facilitate the process of adaptation of foreign students - in private boarding schools in France, as a rule, special language courses for students with poor knowledge of the language are developed.

Middle classes in a private boarding school can be taken on the programs of the British educational model A-Level, GCSE and the international International Baccalaureate (from 9,000  per term).

One of the most popular options for learning a language for students is considered to be summer holidays in France in a language camp. Here foreign students are immersed in the language environment and achieve impressive success. Classes are held both in groups and individually, the progress of children is carefully monitored. In addition to students, exciting events and acquaintance with France await. The cost of such courses starts from 2,000 .

Year of study in English / German in Nice for foreign students

Nice language courses are in great demand by foreign students of different ages and for different purposes. Someone enjoys learning a language, acquaintance with French culture and immersion in a foreign environment - for them, teachers choose balanced linguistic programs, a variety of material and familiarize themselves with the culture and customs of the French. Others come to Nice in order to prepare for admission to a university in France and Europe or to get a job - in this case, teachers of linguistic schools will offer to study the structure of upcoming international exams, fill in the gaps and pay attention to difficult moments. Training in language courses in France (price - from 1,000 per week) will allow you to achieve academic progress as soon as possible and help you feel more confident in a foreign language environment.

Studying after grades 9,10,11 in Nice: opportunities and prices

In educational institutions of Nice there are popular and well-established pre-university courses for students preparing to enter the university of France or Europe. One of the most sought after is the Foundation. Within 1-2 semesters, students will be able to improve their knowledge of French, learn terminology in the chosen direction and listen to introductory courses in specialized subjects. Beginning of studies falls on September and January (from 5,000  per semester).

Examples of one-year programs for foreign students in Nice

At the Azurlingua School - language school, a number of French language study programs are developed to choose from + any additional activity: preparation for the international exam, for work, summer vacation. Courses cost from 200 per week.

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