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The best private schools abroad for foreign students - secondary education

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The best private schools abroad for foreign students - secondary education

The main advantages of schools abroad

The academic programs of the best private schools abroad for students ensure full compliance with the state curriculum. Thus, students pass exams, and upon graduation, they are awarded prestigious diplomas, the presence of which is necessary for successful admission to ranking foreign universities. Thus, receiving advanced secondary education abroad, foreign students are provided with a truly excellent opportunity for admission to top universities.

It should be noted that in boarding schools abroad, students are expected to study additional disciplines in addition to educational programs, as well as high-quality preparation for the successful passing of exams.

Schooling abroad is carried out in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 15-20 students, thereby guaranteeing a high level of quality of educational services, the effectiveness of instruction, as well as the application of an individual approach to each student.

When making a decision on obtaining advanced secondary education abroad, the harmonious development of useful skills, the development of an aesthetic feeling, and active work on oneself are underway. Within the walls of elite boarding schools, infrastructural equipment for conducting studies in science, art, as well as sports is extremely developed. In addition, the history of the development of most advanced boarding schools includes the formation of traditions, foreign students lead an active lifestyle, meeting and making new and true friends.

The best private schools abroad for foreign students - secondary education

The leading secondary education in the UK is characterized by the greatest fame and popularity among foreign students. The attractiveness of the best private boarding schools in England is due to the highest level and uniqueness of the quality of teaching. So, the attention of foreign students is offered not only a joint educational format, but also a separate one, that is, elite boarding schools for boys and separately for girls in the UK are successfully functioning. Also note that in the leading English boarding schools, teaching is carried out as part of the following educational programs, like GCSE and A-level. In case of successful completion of the A-level program, the graduate has a truly unique opportunity to continue his studies at top British universities.

Leading Boarding Schools in the USA

In accordance with US law, each state conducts independent educational policy planning and school curriculum development. However, there is a minimum list of requirements for America’s leading boarding schools. So, they envisage teaching for 3 years the natural sciences, mathematics, for 4 years, students study literature, 2-4 years - there is a study of social sciences, physical education takes from 1 to 2 years. As a rule, foreign students make a choice in relation to the educational program, which provides for high-quality preparation for passing the Advanced Placement or IB exams. If the exam is successfully written by ranking American universities, the results are counted as a completed initial course in a particular discipline. In addition, the walls of advanced US boarding schools provide for the passing of the National Test, which takes into account not only successes in school disciplines, but also sports achievements, high results in art, as well as the presence of developed leadership qualities. This exam also plays an important role in admission to America’s top universities.

Secondary education in Switzerland

A key characteristic of the Swiss curriculum is due to the fact that a unified state language is not adopted in Switzerland, and therefore, the standard Matura secondary education program can be in the French, German, and Italian language formats. Elite Swiss secondary education is inherently diverse.

Education in the best boarding schools in Switzerland is possible as part of the following educational programs, such as:

  • 5 types of the Swiss educational program Matura, which provides for the teaching of 13-15 disciplines, and the students learn 3 foreign languages;
  • The German Abitur education program has three varieties, namely the humanities, natural sciences, and technical specialization;
  • French Baccalaureate Education Program;
  • Italian education program Maturita;
  • High School American High School Education Program;
  • British A-level Education Program;
  • International educational program International Baccalaureate IB.

The educational process in top private boarding schools abroad

Upon reaching the age of seven, foreign students are given the opportunity to receive an elite foreign secondary education. As a rule, parents decide to send their child to study abroad at an older age. As practice shows, the age range varies from 12 to 15 years.

The main reasons for getting advanced secondary education abroad are listed below:

  • Top level teaching
  • Rooted traditions that took shape over the centuries
  • Classrooms, laboratories, libraries, gyms and creative studios have only modern equipment and new equipment
  • Excellent conditions for talent development and implementation in any direction
  • Qualitative preparation for successful admission to ranking universities around the world
  • Prestige diploma
  • Guaranteed safe stay for the period of study of foreign students
  • Comfortable study and living conditions
  • Close acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the new country
  • A truly unique opportunity for the qualitative improvement of the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

However, this list is incomplete, one can still give quite a lot of advantages of obtaining foreign leading secondary education. SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that top-class boarding schools are independently developing their own educational programs that take state programs as a basis, thus, a foreign student can choose the optimal educational program for him, taking into account all his needs and goals.

It is worth noting that private boarding schools abroad have established quotas for the admission of foreign students. Typically, the quota is 10% of the total number of students. In addition, it is practiced both as a joint educational format and as a separate one, namely, schools have been created only for girls or boys. A system of grants is applied directly to talented and gifted children, which allows talented foreign students to study free of charge in advanced private boarding schools abroad.

In addition to teaching in foreign advanced boarding schools, a rich leisure program is organized. So, on weekends, educational excursions are held, foreign students take an active part in sports competitions. In addition, visits to the theater as well as a cinema are provided.

As for accommodation issues for the period of study, foreign students live on a full board basis in a comfortable school residence or in a teacher's family. A prerequisite is the registration of a guardian who is a resident of the country of study.

How is the choice of a foreign elite boarding school held by foreign students?

The greatest prestige of obtaining secondary education abroad is inherent in boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland, which naturally affects the high cost of education, if compared with other countries of the world. Boarding schools in America also hold high positions in international rankings, while the cost of education is slightly lower. The advantage of studying in the USA is due to the large number of American boarding schools that foreign students are actively taking.

The popularity among foreign students of Great Britain, as the country for advanced secondary education, is associated with the best practiced teaching traditions. Switzerland is known for applying the latest technology in the international education system. Upon admission to top US boarding schools, foreign students are guaranteed the use of an integrated approach aimed at the comprehensive development of the child’s personality. At the end of classes, time is allocated to intensive sports.

The highest level of material equipment and qualifications, experience of teachers of leading private boarding schools abroad deserve special attention. When making a decision about getting an education abroad, a foreign student has an excellent opportunity to enter the top foreign universities.

Passing the American High School educational program will allow graduates to freely enter elite US universities like Princeton, Harvard, Yale. Successful study in the framework of the British A-level program will provide an opportunity for successful entry into ranking universities in the UK, such as Oxford and Cambridge. By completing the two above programs, there is an opportunity for admission to prestigious universities in Switzerland. In addition, a foreign student can choose an IB international undergraduate program.

A prerequisite for successful admission to foreign private boarding schools is a high level of knowledge of a foreign language. At the same time, SMAPSE experts advise to study in advance at prestigious language children's schools abroad in advance of education. In addition, as a recommendation, it is worth considering the possibility of taking vacation courses at the school in which education is planned next year.

It is worth noting that the stay of foreign students in the international environment contributes to a significant expansion of thinking, horizons, and also it is easier to adapt to the new cultural and linguistic environment. Completely immersed in a new language environment and constantly communicating with peers from all over the world, a foreign student acquires extremely useful multilingual communication experience, acquiring personal qualities such as tolerance, wisdom, sociability.

Specialization from a very young age

Leading European schools do not provide students with a large number of common subjects for study. So, from the beginning of education, a student is given several major disciplines, on the basis of which the educational process is further formed. In particular, in advanced British colleges, specialization begins when a student reaches the age of 14. It is at this age that a foreign student selects several disciplines that correspond to his goals and abilities. The final stage of school education is the passage of the A-level educational program, which provides for the study of 3-4 academic areas that are required for successful entry into a ranking university.

In addition to the required subjects for study by prestigious foreign boarding schools abroad, a list of optional disciplines is offered to the attention of foreign students, thereby contributing to the comprehensive development and unleashing of the creative potential of students. You can also engage in music, art, horse riding and the most diverse sports. In particular, sports such as mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, swimming are especially popular among foreign students in top Swiss private boarding schools.

Tuition fees in leading boarding schools abroad

The type of school chosen abroad determines the cost of studying and living in secondary schools for foreign students. So, the cost in British schools over the course of 1 year varies from about 14,000 $ in public schools and up to 60,000 $ in private schools. In Switzerland, the cost varies from 10,000 $ to 70,000 $. The price in European and American schools will average 10,000  $ - 40,000 $.

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