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How to choose a school in England, USA, Switzerland

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How to choose a school in England, USA, Switzerland

Receiving secondary or higher education abroad today is popular among foreigners and Russian students. Diplomas of the European model and other foreign countries have long been recognized as a criterion of reliability, quality and prestige. Since abroad a wide variety of educational institutions for secondary education, parents and students need to understand how to understand such diversity. In the article we will tell you how to choose a school in Great Britain , America and Switzerland for children, schoolchildren and students. From the correct choice of a suitable institution depends on how useful and effective in the long term will be the education abroad.

Criteria for the selection of schools in England, USA, Switzerland

The process of transferring to a foreign educational institution consists of several stages: the choice of the country of instruction and a foreign language, the definition of an educational institution, the collection of documents at the time specified by the school, the preparation and passing of tests on language skills. This also includes a personal visit of a candidate to an educational institution, within the framework of which the entrant can immediately pass an interview with a representative of the admissions office of the school.

When you perform all the steps listed, there are some nuances, knowledge of which will save time and make everything right. Specialists of SMASS are ready to help you to understand all issues and give advice when selecting schools in Great Britain, America, Switzerland for free - we are not intermediaries, but partners of secondary and higher educational institutions abroad.

If parents and students already know the answer to the question in which country and city they want to study, it's time to choose a particular school in the specified location. The choice of options here is broad, and to reduce the impressive list of institutions to 5-6 options for a more thorough study will help several criteria:

  • Available training programs. Schools for foreigners and Russian students offer general training courses for high school students ( A-level , GCSE and others), preparation for university entrance ( IB) and not only
  • Age category. Many elite private boarding schools abroad specialize in programs for a certain age of students - primary, secondary or senior classes. In such institutions, the chamber's home environment, and the number of students does not exceed 100-200 people
  • Duration of training. Private schools conduct classes throughout the year: from September to June - the standard academic year, and July-August is devoted to the summer school. Depending on the language level of the foreign student, you can choose any of the options offered.

Regardless of which country you want to send your child to, begin preparing for a transfer from a domestic school to a foreign one in advance: the student will have to change one educational system for another, so it may be necessary to fill gaps in academic or linguistic terms. A long period of time also takes the preparation of a package of documents for a candidate's application.

List of documentation required for transfer to a foreign school:

  • Statement from parents
  • Copies of documents certifying the identity of parents and the child (passport, birth certificate)
  • Copy of the child's medical record
  • Extract from the child's personal file, including information about the progress in the previous school
  • International testing for language skills.

Many parents often wonder what age is most suitable for transferring a child to a foreign school. Each specific student will have a suitable moment (taking into account his personal qualities and academic knowledge). Most often this period is called studying in the middle classes: it is believed that students aged 11 to 14 years can easily change the situation and quickly adapt to the new environment.

Now you know the answers to the key questions related to choosing a school abroad and transferring to them. And if not, then you can always ask for help from the managers of SMAPS and get a free consultation on the problem that interests you!

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