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Trinity College: the oldest and most prestigious University in Ireland

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Trinity College: the oldest and most prestigious University in Ireland

Dublin is one of the most famous cities in Ireland, where many important historical, cultural and academic sites are located: Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Prison, Phoenix Park. Among them is Trinity College, modeled after Oxford and Cambridge. For many centuries, the educational institution is considered the leading in the country and the world, occupies high positions in authoritative academic rankings. The college deserves special attention not only due to the high level of education of graduates, but also due to its architectural features. You should definitely visit this place while in Dublin!

College History

Trinity College was founded in 1592 by order of Queen Elizabeth by a group of citizens. The question of the building for the educational institution was quickly resolved: the choice fell on an abandoned monastery located in the suburbs (today this outskirts has turned into the central part of Dublin). The number of students, teachers, and buildings was gradually growing. A significant part of the most famous politicians, titled and ruling persons, heirs of dynasties were graduates of this educational institution. Trinity College was one of the first institutions of higher learning to enroll women as students in 1904. Today it is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution not only in Dublin, but also in Ireland as a whole. According to experts, the most popular academic areas of the college are:

  • History
  • Engineering Specialties
  • Computer techologies
  • Art and design
  • Biotechnology
  • Law.

Students from all over the world come here to receive education from famous professors, to feel the spirit of antiquity, to live in Dublin - a city that is included in the ranking of the best for living in the world.

Campus today

Trinity College covers an area of 220,000 square meters. Despite its location in the city center and a large flow of tourists, the place managed to maintain a special backstage atmosphere, which was facilitated by the small number of entrances and architectural features - the buildings "look" inside the campus. On the territory of the college there are many buildings of the 17-18 centuries that are of historical value, and modern, built in the 21st century. Forbes recognized this campus as the most beautiful in the world.

On the territory are located:

  • Libraries
  • Parking for students and teachers
  • Educational buildings
  • Cafe
  • Dormitories
  • Museums

Trinity College is very similar to a parkland where you want to walk, breathe fresh air, relax and be inspired - something that students do not neglect, often doing sitting on the grass.


Interesting Facts

  • Full name - Queen Elizabeth College of the Holy and Inseparable Trinity near Dublin
  • The educational institution was the first in Europe to admit a woman to the ranks of students; the first female professor came to work in 1958.

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