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Summer camps and summer language schools abroad for foreign students

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Summer camps and summer language schools abroad for foreign students

Leading summer camps abroad for foreign students

At the time of summer and any other vacation, every teenager, without exception, will be scared by the thought of learning. However, mentioning about studying at a summer camp abroad, a foreign student will certainly want to go there with the aim of improving language skills and getting new bright and positive emotions. When deciding to send your child to prestigious summer language schools in Europe, you are guaranteed effective classes in a foreign language, from which your child will enjoy, expanding his worldview, making new friends who are representatives of different countries of the world, as well as receiving the brightest emotions and impressions.

The key advantage of studying at prestigious summer camps abroad is due to complete immersion in the new language environment. For teaching, professional experienced teachers who are native speakers of the language are involved. Within the walls of elite children's foreign camps, a ban on the use of native speech is in effect, in connection with which, a foreign language becomes an effective means of communication.

Note that, as a rule, the cost of education in the leading summer language schools in Europe provides for a variety of educational excursions, as well as close acquaintance with natural attractions and cultural sites. Thus, a stay in a children's camp abroad will have a positive effect on getting to know the new country, its traditions, culture, and local mentality, which, in turn, helps broaden the horizons of the foreign student.

How is education organized in elite summer language schools in Europe?

Leading foreign children's camps widely open their doors to foreign students who have reached the age of 7, some boarding schools accept students over 3 years old. In addition, teenage camps are successfully functioning abroad, the target audience of which is students over 14 years old. As for youth camps abroad, the optimal age for education is reaching 17 years.

All foreign students are required to undergo a mandatory test, based on the results of which the level of knowledge of a foreign language is determined. Given the test results, experienced teachers determine the language group in which the foreign student will be studying. Please note that regardless of the level of knowledge of a foreign language, any child will be able to undergo education at the top language school in Europe.

The main difference between the educational programs of summer camps abroad is due to the fact that classes are conducted in a fascinating atmosphere, the game form of classes meets the interests of students of a certain age. The basis of teaching is the use of communicative techniques. The main objectives of the classes are the following, as the development of oral speech, listening, reading, writing, as well as the effective application of acquired knowledge in practice.

If we consider the basic language program, then it provides for approximately 20 lessons per week. It is worth noting that the vast majority of summer language camps abroad have developed intensive programs that are supposed to hold 30 lessons per week. According to experts, a stay in a summer camp abroad for three weeks contributes to a greater amount of learned information.

Accommodation and meals in the best language schools in Europe

Foreign students can choose one of the possible options for accommodation and meals, in particular this:

  • Full board;
  • In the territory of a comfortable camp residence;
  • Hostel;
  • Hotel;
  • Host family.

Regardless of the specific accommodation option, in each case, security and comfort of living are ensured. And, of course, every foreign student will be able to get excellent language practice.

Leisure program for leading summer camps abroad

Time planning in the best children's language schools in Europe is aimed at ensuring the full effectiveness of the stay of foreign students. So, foreign students are guaranteed a full saturation of educational and leisure programs. So, the organization of hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, yachting, canoeing, playing football and tennis. In addition, students take part in various contests and competitions. As leisure activities, it is worth highlighting rich excursion programs, within which you can get acquainted with the culture and history of the new country, classes in extreme and classic sports, discos, barbecue, beach parties are also held, live concerts of popular and famous artists are organized. However, there is free time for foreign students to go shopping and explore local dishes.

Advanced summer language camps abroad - which country to choose for study?

You are probably interested in the question regarding the geographical location of the summer camp abroad as part of the selection of your preferred educational institution. The choice of the country of study for the vacation period depends entirely on the individual preferences of the student and the financial capabilities of the parents. So, you can effectively learn English in the best summer camps located in the UK, Malta or the USA.

The specific features of the elite language camps in Switzerland are due to the possibility of learning English, German, French, and in some cases Italian. In case your child loves adventure, especially in the wildlife world, then you should choose the advanced language camp in Canada.

Special attention should be paid to the leisure and sports program of the elite summer camps in Germany, which is characterized by extreme diversity and intensity, at the same time, during the summer educational period, a significant improvement in the level of foreign language will occur.

Professional assistance in organizing studies abroad

When deciding to study at a children's camp abroad and to contact SMAPSE educational center, you are provided with:

  • SMAPSE  center has extensive experience in the successful organization of foreign language studies abroad
  • SMAPSE  have established close cooperation with the best language schools abroad
  • Foreign students are offered the widest selection of educational programs
  • Low cost of education 
  • Using an individual approach in organizing studies abroad.

Agree that these advantages of SMAPSE educational center will be appreciated by every teenager who has decided to study a foreign language in the country in which he is an official. SMAPSE educational center offers the services of leading summer camps to the attention of foreign students, which provide:

  • High level of quality educational services
  • Comfortable stay
  • Organization of an intensive entertainment and sightseeing program
  • Round-the-clock supervision of students.

SMAPSE experienced specialists will help you get education in the best summer language camps located in the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, as well as in Malta, Cyprus.

English language educational programs at Europe's top summer camps for foreign students:

The target audience is foreign students who care carefully about their physical fitness and health. Sport will not be left behind in the framework of teaching English in the walls of elite language schools in Europe. So, foreign students will be able to intensively engage in their favorite sports or to assess their capabilities in a new sport in the British leading summer camps.

In particular, excellent opportunities have been created for playing tennis, learning golf under the guidance of an experienced individual trainer. In many cases, language sports camps abroad invite sports stars directly to vacation educational programs for education. In addition, SMAPSE experts note as an interesting fact that old and British sports are horse riding, rowing, occupying a special place in modern English culture. Getting acquainted with the culture of Great Britain, foreign students will be able to closely get to know and explore a new country, immerse themselves in its mentality and traditions, at the same time, the student will be able to get an objective assessment of individual capabilities and abilities.

Special attention should be paid to the infrastructure equipment of the leading summer language camps abroad. So, the infrastructure includes the presence of several gyms and playgrounds for sports at a professional level. SMAPSE exprts list only some of the possible sports for classes, namely shooting, fencing, swimming, orienteering, chess, basketball, badminton, swimming, golf, hockey, rugby, etc.

It is worth noting that the attention of foreign students is offered a wide selection of educational programs, thereby providing an excellent opportunity to combine English classes with lessons in art studios. So, a foreign student will be able to write his own picture, inspired by the works of famous and sought-after artists, or perhaps the development of a new pirouette under the strict guidance of experienced and universally known choreographers. In addition, workshops are organized by summer European camps to which famous rock stars are invited.

Each foreign student will be able to choose the course of study that interests him, in particular, you can choose drawing, modeling, dancing, theater, cooking, fashion. And, of course, it is planned to conduct informative and exciting excursions, talent shows, attendance at premier shows, which positively affects the comprehensive and harmonious development of foreign students.

SMAPSE experts would like to mention the prestigious English boarding school Millfield, located at a distance of three hours from the British capital, and covering an area of about 50 hectares. The attention of foreign students is offered the widest list of effective language programs.

Duration of education starts from 2 weeks. As for the leading summer camps in Malta, the teaching is conducted on the Mediterranean coast, and if compare with the UK, the cost of education is half that, which does not affect the level of quality of educational services.

Learning Effectiveness in Advanced Summer Language Schools in Europe

Through complete immersion in a new language environment, there is a significant improvement in the level of knowledge of a foreign language due to the constant practice in the framework of everyday communication.

Once again, SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that through the passage of programs in English offered by the best language schools in Europe, there is significant progress in developing the correct pronunciation in English. So, in the framework of communication with a foreign student, the vocabulary is significantly replenished, professional vocabulary is remembered.

Countries to study foreign - quick reference

When deciding to study in a given country, be aware that you choose perspective and prestige. So, in England, the attention of foreign students is offered the most popular and popular English courses among all European countries. Despite the high cost of education, expenses are instantly reimbursed by excellent opportunities in building a successful and promising career. As part of the teaching, only the oldest methods are used, thus, a foreign student will be able to get a true British classical pronunciation, as well as establish useful contacts.

The leading German language schools are characterized by a rather low tuition fee. Note that after completing preparatory courses in Germany, foreign graduates can freely become students of the best German universities. Only experienced and professional teachers are involved in teaching effective German courses. The teachers are responsible for supervising the educational process of students, and students will be offered different options for continuing their education.

For prestigious French language schools, the use of strictly selected teachers is inherent, in connection with which, you can not doubt the high level of qualification of teachers. In the framework of teaching by teachers, additional materials are actively used in lectures.

Despite the low cost of education, foreign students are guaranteed a high level of quality educational services. Along with learning Spanish, a foreign student can have a great time. It is worth noting that Spanish diplomas are recognized and quoted in the whole world.

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