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52 best summer camps for children in Germany

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52 best kids language camps in Germany during summer holidays for international children, teenagers, students. A combination of language learning in the best schools and most enjoyable activities and trips! For your convenience we have detailed descriptions of the programs with prices. You can check students testimonials. Our managers are always happy to help you to make the right choice. We offer FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited, discounts are available on the official prices, please check for special offers.
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Best summer language camps in Germany for children

Children's language camps in Germany are very popular all over the world. A great deal of high-quality programs for schoolchildren are open in the country. At German camps children are immersed in a new language environment and intercultural environment. Summer holidays in German camps provide severaladvantages:

  • Balanced progams
  • Effective classes led by experienced educators
  • A wide selection of extracurricular activities
  • Rich excursion program
  • An exciting camp entertainment program
  • Guaranteed security.

Best summer language camps in Germany for children: advantages and features of studying

The best children's summer camps in Germany with special care develop vacation programs for foreign students, take into account their needs, interests, age characteristics and level of knowledge. Teachers create a special atmosphere in which every child can quickly adapt and learn a lot. For children with insufficient knowledge, special programs have been developed where the basic level is studied: all the vocabulary necessary for everyday communication, the basics of grammar, statement of pronunciation and training of listening skills. For these purposes, programs in Dusseldorf at Humboldt Institut summer camp are suitable.

For older students, the question of socialization, preparation for entering a university and passing international language exams is very relevant. For these purposes, in Germany there are dozens of programs of high and medium intensity. You can choose a special preparation course of study of selected subjects from cooking to robotics, or stop at a combined course of increased intensity. For example, Louisenlund Summer Camp invites teenagers 13-16 years old to the German + Sports / Science programs.

In language camps, children not only study, but also have a great time practicing a foreign language in a game. An interactive form of studying, project work in groups, theatrical performances in English and creative works allow you to spend time completely immersed in the academic process. The children study English / German during the morning hours, and then a variety of sporting and recreational activities await them. The Deutsch-Institut Berlin-Mitte summer language camp invites you to standard intensive courses with a rich entertainment program.

Germany's leading summer language schools have vast territories and impressive infrastructure:

  • Cozy residences
  • Libraries
  • Dance studios
  • Music schools
  • Computer centers
  • Educational buildings
  • Sports grounds
  • Pools
  • Own park areas.

Thanks to the excellent conditions, the children will be able to enjoy all the delights of a summer vacation. The cultural and entertainment program is an important part in the organization of children's leisure:

  • Half day and full day excursions
  • Talent show
  • B-B-Q
  • Sports
  • Creative circles
  • Cooking school
  • Karaoke evenings
  • Trips to cities and lands (regions) of Germany
  • Dancing
  • Discos
  • Fitness
  • Tennis
  • Horseback riding and more.

Top 10 best camps and summer schools in Germany 2021

1 OISE Heidelberg
2 Humboldt-Institut Munich
3 Humboldt Institut Freiburg
4 Humboldt-Institut Munich
5 Louisenlund Summer Camp

Salem International Summer School Spetzgart

7 Schule Schloss Salem
8 GLS Munich Intensive
9 Humboldt Institut Kempten
10 GLS Berlin Westend

Top 35 best UK camps and summer schools 2021

1 Abbey DLD College London
2 Cambridge University Summer
3 Oxford University Summer School
4 Tottenham Football Camp
5 Chelsea Independent College
6 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
7 Brighton College Summer
8 Cambridge University IT Camp
9 Eton College Summer
10 Regent Stowe School
11 Rugby School Summer Camp
12 Royal Holloway Summer
13 Oxford Royal Academy St. Peter's College
14 Charterhouse School Summer
15 Harrow Summer School
16 Royal Hospital School
17 Pilgrims Harrow School Summer
18 Oundle School Summer Camp
19 Nike Football Camp
20 Rossall School
21 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
22 Stonyhurst College Summer
23 d'Overbroeck's College
24 OISE Newbury Hall
25 Bradfield College Summer Camp Pilgrims
26 Imperial College London Summer
27 Downside School
28 Caterham School Our World English Schools
29       Wycombe Abbey School Our World English Schools
30 Dulwich College Summer School
31 Bell Wellington College Summer
32 Imperial College Summer
33 ACS Cobham Summer
34 EC Cambridge
35 Brunel University Summer

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Cost of living in Germany

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 263 357
Food 181 362
Transportation 62 197
Communications and utilities 90 137
Clothing 26 97
Sports and leisure 22 93
Total 644 1,243
Accommodation in Germany USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 266  
Shared room in city centre 361  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 412  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 571  

Statistics of English courses in Germany

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General German 15-20 8-10 Starter €240+
Intensive German Course 28-30 5-15 Starter €250+
Crash Course 35-40 5-15 Starter €490+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 8-15 Upper Intermediate €270+
German for Work 20-25 7-10 Intermediate €270+
Study & Live in your Teacher's Home 20-30 1 Starter €1,450+
German + University 25-30 8-12 Beginner €295+
Part-Time Courses 4-15 8-10 Starter-Beginner €60+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Starter €60+ (1 lesson)

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., € Average €
Consular fee of the embassy €35 €60
Flight (Moscow - Berlin - Moscow) €221 €250
Medical insurance €20/week €35/week
Study material €10 €20
Delivery of invitations by express mail €50 €70
Transfer/Escort €50 €75
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season €25 €35
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season €25 €40
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