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Secondary education in Rome for international students

Secondary education in Rome for international students

Prestigious high schools in Rome for international students from 11 to 18 years old - education system

In Rome, like in a whole Italy, secondary school education is divided into 4 stages:

  • Day nursery

Admission is being made to teach children over 3 years old. A visit to the nursery in Rome is not mandatory. Within the framework of the stay, care for the children and their upbringing is provided, at the same time their development takes place.

  • Kindergarten

Children from 3 to 6 years old are accepted for education. In this case, the child’s parents independently decide on admission to the kindergarten of Rome. That is, education is not compulsory. The duration of studying is 3 years, teaching is conducted according to the developed educational program. In Rome, public, private, and educational institutions that were created by a religious organization successfully function.

  • First stage of education

The target audience for this stage is foreign students from 6 to 13 years. This educational level includes two levels that are required for passing, namely:

To pass to the second stage of education, it is not required to pass state exams.

  • Second stage of education

The target audience for education at this stage of education are foreign students aged 14 to 19 years. Upon completion of education, graduates are required to pass the state final exam. The results of this exam are required for admission to top universities abroad and in the future for prospective employment.

At the time of graduation, as part of the first cycle of education, the student is given the opportunity to choose a prestigious school, within the walls of which an emphasis is placed on studying a certain list of subjects. In particular, it can be an art school or technical school in Rome.

In the case of education at a leading lyceum in Rome, students are taught theoretical and abstract disciplines. Pupils of Italian technical schools study academic disciplines that are associated with practical professional activity. Entering a prestigious vocational school in Rome, the student receives an intermediate qualification. At the same time, the duration of education is 3 years. At the end of education the final exam is provided.

Italian educational system - the process of organizing education

The duration of compulsory secondary education in Italy is 10 years, that is, at first, primary school lasts for 5 years, after which students spend 3 years in secondary school, and teenagers receive a specialization in the second stage of education for another 2 years. Thus, foreign students from 6 to 16 years old are required to receive an elite secondary education in the best schools in Rome.

After passing the mandatory stage of secondary education, students are given the opportunity to obtain a diploma or professional qualification. Thus, when a teenager reaches 16 years old, he has several options for further education:

  • Take education at the second level high school

  • Take education in vocational education courses - the duration of education is at least 3 years

  • Get a job, while in the labor contract there should be a clause on the mandatory attendance of educational events.

Education in leading secondary schools in Rome - useful information for foreign students

The duration of the school year in the elite secondary schools of Rome is approximately 9 months, that is, the beginning falls in mid-September, and ends in mid-June. As for the Italian holidays, the students rest for 2 weeks at Christmas, and about one week at Easter.

The academic year in ranking high schools in Rome is divided into 2 semesters. So, directly in January and June, it is planned to conduct an assessment of the successes and achieved results of each student individually. The grades obtained are entered on the school timesheet, which is sent for review to parents.

In the case of unsatisfactory grades in 1-3 academic subjects, while, according to teachers, the student has every opportunity to make up for the program, he / she will be transferred to the next class. At the same time, this transfer is made subject to the rapid repayment of academic debt. Zeroing academic debt will occur if you attend additional courses and successfully pass the credit exam in a particular discipline during the next academic year.

Participating in various leisure activities at school, a foreign student receives additional advantages to educational loans. So, these educational loans received are summed up with the grade for the state exam, which affects the formation of the final result in the matriculation certificate.

Admission to Ranked High Schools in Rome

As part of admission to elite schools in Rome, it is required to prepare an application for enrollment, at the same time provide a student's passport, a report card with school marks for the last 2-3 years, as well as a medical certificate. It is worth noting that in relation to foreign student identical requirements are imposed, as for Italians. Only foreign students on an additional basis are required to take a test to determine their level of knowledge and language.

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