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2019-08-14 16:54:58

Best language camps in Austria for international students

Best language camps in Austria for international students

The best language camps in Austria for foreign students - useful information

The main goal of the summer vacation is to give the child a lot of vivid emotions and unforgettable experiences. According to foreign students, the holidays were a “success" if it turned out to make an exciting trip, give yourself a lot of positive and memorable experiences, make new friends, and just have a great rest and learn new things. So, education in prestigious camps in Austria will be a great option for spending summer vacations.

Education in the best summer schools in Austria is organized on a full board basis. On campus, classrooms, a conference room, libraries, comfortable dormitories for foreign students, and dining areas were created. And of course, modern zones and venues for sports classes were built. Thus, on the territory of top language schools in Austria there are all the necessary conditions for effective and exciting learning and stay of foreign students.

The leading language camps in Austria receive foreign students aged 10 to 19 years. The purpose of studying in Austria by a foreign  teenager is due to improving the level of knowledge of the German language, however, Austrian ranking children's camps have developed educational programs that include teaching in English. It is worth noting that classes are held in small language groups. When forming language groups, two parameters are taken into account, namely the same level of knowledge of a foreign language and the same age of students. In the framework of teaching, emphasis is placed on such aspects of a foreign language, namely vocabulary, grammar, correct pronunciation. At the same time, the format of the lessons is gaming, which ensures the effectiveness of education and ease of assimilation of educational material.

It is worth noting that the predominant majority of the leading language camps in Austria have developed effective German language courses. At the same time, centers are successfully operating in Austria, within the walls of which two foreign languages are taught at once, namely English and German. Village Camps is an example of such a linguistic center. It is an international camp with over 45 years of experience working with foreign students. To teach in English, Village Camps has been accredited by the British Council.

How do prestigious language camps in Austria work?

Elite language camps in Austria usually open their doors to foreign students during the summer holidays, namely from June to August. It is worth noting that the ranking of the Austrian language centers work within the framework of the program, providing for round-the-clock work of the camps. As practice shows, the conduct of classes and accommodation of foreign students takes place on the same campus or in the same building. At the same time, in the prestigious ActiLingua camp, an educational program has been developed that focuses on older teenagers and provides for students to live in a separate dormitory, thereby allowing students to get to school on their own. In addition, older students make their own decisions about what time to return to the hostel in the evening. With the exception of this case, the student can independently leave the school territory only after receiving the written consent of the parents, or alternatively, under the close supervision of the camp counselors.

As for the intensity of classes, its degree is independently chosen by a foreign student, focusing on their own goals and preferences. So, the intensity of classes varies from 20 to 35 hours during the week, as noted above. Within the walls of such elite language camps in Austria as the Humboldt-Institut and Village Camps, only intensive language programs have been developed, providing 30 hours of lessons per week for 45 minutes.

Leisure program in the best language camps in Austria for foreign students

In addition to a high-quality study of English or German, the advanced Austrian language camps are developing intensive leisure programs that provide for the organization of exciting trips, educational excursions, cultural events, as well as useful rest. In particular, students studying at the prestigious Village Camps summer camp, located a short distance from Salzburg, are given the opportunity to learn horse riding and film skills. The prestigious language camp ActiLingua is located in the very center of Vienna, thus, all the main attractions of Austria are concentrated within walking distance. Thus, foreign students will be able to get to know them closely.

It is also worth noting that the territories of all the leading language camps in Austria are equipped with modern sports fields and gyms, creating excellent opportunities for playing volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton. In the case of the location of an elite children's camp in Austria in the countryside, the list of available sports activities also includes windsurfing, climbing, swimming, etc.

Brief information about Austria - interesting facts

Speaking about Austria, the first associations are connected with Vienna, apple strudel, schnitzel, Viennese waltz. Creative personalities will immediately recall the Vienna Ball, Mozart, Brahms, the majestic and beautiful palaces and castles, as well as cozy and lovely coffee houses. Young athletes are delighted with the most modern Austrian ski resorts. Thus, you could notice the versatility of Austria, so staying in it will give the brightest and most vivid emotions and impression.

As for the location of Austria, it is located in the center of Europe, having borders with Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that 70% of the Austrian territory is occupied by the Alps, so Austria can be safely called a mountainous country.

Vienna is the capital of Austria, representing a modern city in which cultural life is in full swing. So, Vienna is assigned the status of an open-air museum, being a real masterpiece of world art. Vienna has a rich history, amazing architecture, magnificent castles, palaces, cathedrals are located on its territory, and the collection of exhibitions, galleries and museums deserves careful study and viewing.

As for Salzburg, it is the city of Mozart, where a music festival is held annually. Among the Austrian cities, Salzburg is ranked fourth in size, and this city is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. On the territory of Salzburg there are 5 lakes, in which clear and clean water flows. In addition, the main attractions of Salzburg deserve special mention, namely Leopoldskron and Helbrunn castles, ice caves, Salzwelten salt mines, a zoo, an old city church. So, the shooting of the film “Sounds of Music” was also held in Salzburg.

Now a little information about Obertauern, representing an Austrian ski resort, aimed at lovers of difficult trails. The specific feature of this resort is due to the presence of a circular ski area. A large number of cafes, hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment complexes are concentrated on the territory of Obertauern, which perfectly combine with breathtaking picturesque mountain landscapes. For beginners created several schools for snowboarding and skiing.

The cost of education in the best camps in Austria

So, the price of education in the framework of effective language programs is determined by such parameters as:

  • Number of lessons per week
  • Language program duration
  • Accommodation option for the period of study.

In particular, the cost of education for two weeks under the program of 20 hours of classes per week, providing for accommodation in the territory of the school residence, in the prestigious language school DID Deutsch-Institut will average 1,400 . The same program at the Humboldt-Institut costs 1,840 , at ActiLingua it will be 1,524 , Goethe-Institut - 1,750 . As for the VillageCamps ranking camp, located in Zell am See, education for two weeks under the program, which provides 30 hours of classes per week, will cost 2,600 .

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