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Study in the USA for international students

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Study in the USA for international students

Advanced studying in the USA for foreign students

The prestige and high status of leading education in the USA among all countries of the world are universally recognized. Statistics show that an average of 250 world leaders, accounting for 12%, were students of America’s top universities.

Each year, America takes an increasingly high position in the international arena in the field of higher education abroad. Thus, the largest share of foreign students deciding to get a higher education abroad prevails in the best universities in the USA. Over 1 million students from all over the world are sent to America on an annual basis in order to receive a prestigious high school diploma or diploma from a leading university.

Main reasons for studying in the USA for foreign students

  • Studying in English creates excellent employment prospects due to the fact that English has the status of the main language of business and entrepreneurship.
  • America's highest image and prestige in education. So, many elite American schools and research centers have a long history, which, in turn, guarantees the widespread recognition of the American diploma.

As already noted, high positions in international rankings belong to leading US educational institutions. Foreign students can be trained in such educational programs as, for example, language courses, studies at an American high school, elite universities, and business schools. In addition, a variety of diploma confirmation programs were developed specifically for foreign students, in particular, they can be legal and medical diplomas in order to obtain a license to work in America.

Over 4,700 universities are successfully operating in the United States, with an average of 21 million students studying at the same time. So, every year leading colleges and universities in America accept over 991 thousand foreign applicants for study. At the same time, the number of foreign students is 4900 students. Passing education in the United States allows students to obtain useful and valuable knowledge, as well as practical skills within the chosen specialization, which creates excellent opportunities for successful and promising employment. So, having a high level of English, a graduate of a ranking American university will be able to get a prestigious position with a high level of income. In addition, the invested funds for obtaining a prestigious American education will be offset by the received highly paid position.

Reasons for studying in the USA for foreign students

  • Excellent prospects for a successful and rapid career development in large international corporations
  • The invaluable experience of independent living in the USA, and at the same time the harmonious development of personal qualities
  • Establishing business contacts, acquiring new friends and acquaintances
  • Obtaining knowledge and practical skills within the framework of the specialization of interest.

Study options in America for foreign students

Among all countries in the world, it is the United States that has the largest educational system. So, in the framework of the American educational system, foreign students, based on their individual preferences, age, goals, can be trained at various levels of academic preparation.

The following are the steps into which the US education system is divided:

Elite High School Education in America

In the United States, 88% of schools have the status of state, 12% of educational institutions are divided, in turn, into private boarding schools and religious schools. Note that the leading private schools in America get the status of elite educational institutions that provide high international standards in the field of education.

Upon reaching 5 years, the child begins the stage of education in the United States and ends at the age of 18 years. Education in America includes primary education, which is divided into preschool education and primary school. In addition, students go through the middle school stage, that is, in grade 8, after which teenagers study in American high school from grades 9 to 12.

Let's take a closer look at the high school stage in America. So, foreign students aged 14 to 18 years old independently choose from a wide list of academic subjects and elective courses based on individual preferences, goals. Thus, international students will be able to study in future depth the future specialization and subjects of interest in order to successfully enter advanced US universities.

To become a holder of a certificate, it is required to ensure compliance with the following requirements, namely:

  • To study for three years the natural sciences, namely chemistry, biology, physics - 1 year is devoted to the study of each discipline
  • The study of mathematics over 3 years, which also includes an introduction to analysis and mathematical analysis, and geometry
  • 4 years of study of English language and literature
  • 4 years are devoted to the study of social sciences
  • 1-2 years are devoted to physical education classes.

To successfully enter the TOP US universities, you need to go through an educational school program, as well as study a foreign language for 2-4 years (this can be Spanish, French, German, etc.).

To increase the chances of successful admission to the ranking American universities by foreign students, disciplines are chosen to study taking into account future goals and preferences. In particular, it can be business, design, computer science, art, sociology, etc. So, in the framework of admission to elite US universities, members of the selection commissions evaluate the results of the applicant for the SAT I or ACT exams, which are tests to test knowledge in the main disciplines. In addition, as part of the admission of elite universities in America by the admission commissions, the results of applicants achieved in the field of sports, art, as well as public work are taken into account.

The structure of education and studying in America - useful information for foreign students

Education stage

Educational program

Student age



From 3 to 5 years

Primary School

Elementary school

6 to 13 years old

Secondary school

Middle school

From 14 to 17 years

Old school

High school

From 17 to 18 years

College or university

College or university

From 18 years

Prestigious Higher Education in America - A Little About the Main

On the territory of America there are a large number of advanced universities. The main difference between American universities is the presence or absence of research programs, as well as graduate programs. That is, in US colleges there are no opportunities for scientific activity.

  • Advanced College in America

The goal of American colleges is due to student learning, not academic research. The duration of education is 4 years. As a rule, colleges are small, in addition, these educational institutions are private.

They are divided into private and public. Private universities have the greatest prestige. Self-management is a hallmark of private universities in America. It is this characteristic that leads to a higher cost of education. So, it is worth highlighting the following top universities in America, included in the legendary Ivy League, namely Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartsmouth College, Cornell University of Pennsylvania.

  • Prestigious two-year college in America

High school graduates are being admitted, and at the same time, after graduation, graduates are awarded the Associate's Degree degree. In America, among foreign applicants and Americans, educational programs that relate to the humanitarian and technical specialties, and areas in the field of law, healthcare, and business are especially popular. As a rule, it is envisaged to transfer graduates of the American leading college to the elite universities of America in order to obtain a bachelor's degree after two years of study.

  • Elite Professional School of America

Effective teaching is conducted in such specializations as art, music, engineering, business. It should be noted that some professional schools were created on the basis of ranking universities in the USA, while others independently carry out activities.

  • Institute of Technology in America

The walls of this university provide for the teaching of science and technology for four years. In addition, master's programs are offered to the attention of foreign applicants, and at the same time short-term educational courses are developed.

  • US Advanced Institute

Teaching is being conducted in areas such as medical technology and industrial engineering. Despite the quality of preparation for the successful construction of a future career, a diploma from an American technical institute does not provide equivalence to college and university diplomas. Thus, the most ranked colleges and universities in the United States do not take into account student loans that were studied at American technical institutes and who intend to make the transition to other universities in America.

Listed below are diplomas and graduate degrees at top US universities:

Educational program

Studying duration

Assigned Degree


2 years



From 4 to 5 years



1-2 years



From 3 to 6 years



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