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Study in New York for foreign students: the cost, reviews

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Study in New York for foreign students: the cost, reviews

The capital of the world, the most prestigious and popular city of the USA New York is considered the most densely populated metropolis in the north-east of the country. The city is located on the Atlantic coast and is one of the most important financial and cultural centers not only of the country, but of the whole world. New York consists of 5  main areas, among which Manhattan is especially popular. It is a city of diversity, the doors of which are open to any person coming here.

Advantages, the main features of the educational system in New York

  • Cultural center of the world. Education here can be combined with an acquaintance with the legendary museums and galleries;
  • New York hospitality. This city is called the capital of the world, it has its own special friendly and open atmosphere;
  • A city convenient for students. The city has a developed transport network, the metro runs around the clock, and students can easily reach anywhere in the city;
  • Prestigiousness of education. Diplomas and certificates of New York schools are highly regarded all over the world;
  • Comfortable living conditions. As a rule, student residences are located in the old part of the city, where there are many green areas;
  • High quality of educational programs. In order to remain competitive, schools and universities are constantly improving their programs, striving to make the most relevant and relevant to the demands of the labor market.

The US education system, the features of teaching

The American system of education differs from Western European traditions in education on a number of factors that have developed historically. The federal government practically does not interfere in educational standards, passing the function of education to local or state governments. For a successful career and a happy life, education plays an important role - prestigious education largely determines the level of income and attitudes towards a particular social class. All educational institutions are divided into 2 main types: public and private.

Preschool education



3-6 years old

Secondary (school) education in the USA

Elementary School

5-11 years old

1-5 class

Middle School

11-14 years old

6-8 form

High School

14-18 years old

9-12 class

Advanced Placement


Grade 13

Higher education

Two-year college



University (College), Bachelor's degree

18-23 years old


University (College), Master's degree


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (university, college)


Preschool, or pre-school education, is not mandatory. Secondary education is compulsory and is divided into 3 main stages: primary school, secondary and higher education. After graduation, students receive a diploma, High School Diploma.

Higher education is distinguished by the availability of a variety of academic programs, disciplines and directions and fulfills economic, social and ideological functions. A student can spend 2 years in a university. 4 years will take a bachelor's degree, the most popular form of study in the university of America.

As for educational institutions, there are about 400 of them. The higher educational institutions of New York differ from each other with their traditions and characteristics, successes in various fields. For example, New York University became famous for its outstanding students, famous stars of cinema: Angelina Jolie, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and many others studied here. Not less prestigious Columbia University is famous for its Pulitzer Prize. The best business education you need is at Berkeley College.

In order to become a student at a college or university in New York, as a rule, entrance exams are not required - the results of tests, a certificate and a motivation letter play a decisive role. Education here is exclusively paid. One of the principles of universities is equality, so foreign students have such rights and opportunities as local ones.

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School is an ultramodern American school, established as a quality educational institution, graduates of which achieve outstanding success.
  • Kings Concordia College offers preparatory courses for foreign students that will allow them to adapt to the conditions of study in a foreign country, improve their English skills and tighten school subjects.
  • Adelphi University is a prestigious educational institution, inviting students from all over the world to quality bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.

Opportunities for foreign students

  • Scholarships and grants for foreign students. Regardless of citizenship, all students can qualify for scholarship programs. There is a separate program for needy students - for example, you can receive material assistance, the amount of which is calculated individually. On average, a student can get around 26,000 $ + in each institution there is a wide selection of scholarship programs.
  • Work while studying. Students can find work, but they can work no more than 20 hours a week (on holidays they can work full time), but you need to get a special permit at the university
  • Confirmation of the certificate. In addition to the usual procedure, involving a notarization of a certificate and a transcript, usually nothing else is required


What are the programs for foreign students: types of education and language requirements



Language Requirements

Average cost per year

Language courses in the summer camp



1,000 $ per week

Language school


650 $ per week

High school



30,000 $

Preparation before entering the university


25,000 $

Bachelor's program


Above average

30,000 $

Master's Courses


25,000 $

Doctoral studies




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