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Brown University (BU)

Address: Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA

Description Brown University (BU)

Brown University (BU) is an institution of higher education in the United States of America with state ownership and excellent rating indicators. At the same time, Brown University is one of the most respected universities in North America with a classical form of education. Urban campus is located within the city of Providence (Rhode Island). The rich history of the university and its famous traditions have allowed BU to enter several prestigious academic groups, such as the Ivy League.

The history of the creation of Brown University begins in 1764. Three respected residents of Newport (who belonged to the state of Rhode Island) decided to organize an institution of higher education for the youth of the surrounding places. To this end, a petition was drafted to the General Assembly of the colonial authorities. The school was supposed to teach mathematics, geography, history and various languages. The authorities supported the idea and, since September of the mentioned year, the first students came to study at the College of Rhode Island. It is worth noting that this was the seventh institution of higher education in the United States, created under the colonial authorities. This college at that time was the only place of higher education in the British colony in North America, where students were accepted without focusing on their religious views. At the same time, the first president of this educational institution was the pastor of the Baptist Church D. Manning.

As for the modern name of the university, it arose in connection with the charitable actions of N. Brown. This millionaire constantly donated large sums to college development. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was decided to assign a school to its name. In the following decades, the heirs of the patron also supported the financially ward institution. Brown University is the first among all members of the Ivy League to develop a program to educate qualified engineers. Since 1847, the most talented engineers of the country began to leave the walls of this university.

Through the efforts of the student community, in 1969 there was a reform of the entire education system BU. If earlier teachers listed dry facts without proper commenting, then a modern university is focused on the development of a student’s analytical thinking and the ability to think creatively in the learning process. Now the student has become the central figure of the educational process. There was a complete abolition of all basic courses and the student was able to compile the course he needed.

Modernity has put BU in a leading position in higher education. For example, the National Academic Rating allows Brown University to occupy 25th place among the most prestigious educational institutions of the United States of America. At the same time, an international assessment enables Brown University to be located at the 48 level of the world ranking of the best universities of the world.

We should also note the whole constellation of graduates that the university is rightly proud of. We list the most famous of them:

  • The creator of the system of secondary school education is H. Mann.
  • United States Secretary of State D. Hay.
  • Chief Justice C. Hughes.
  • Financier and philanthropist D. Rockefeller.
  • Millionaire and media tycoon, founder of CNN T. Turner.
  • Actress E. Watson.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Brown University (BU)

Program name

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Specify information on the program on the official site of an educational institution.

Accommodation, housing and food

Most of the campus is occupied by a residential quarter of 49 hostels. In terms of architecture, these are old and modern buildings. 8,000 students can live in dormitories. Be sure to make an application for accommodation to 15. 06. Based on the submitted questionnaires will be formed the composition of the room in the hostel. At the same time, race, religion and sexual orientation are completely ignored. But only people of the same sex can live in the room. Students with disabilities are provided with special rooms.


Brown University campus and dorm accommodation

All buildings are picturesquely located on the hills in the eastern region of Providence. The area occupied by the university is 600 000 m2. Over the centuries, 235 buildings with different types of architecture have grown here. Students can attend 7 academic libraries, museums and cafeterias.

Each student dormitory has the necessary set of furniture for living and learning. Bathroom and bath are in each room. The territory of the hostel is strictly prohibited to smoke. The cost of living is $ 8,800 per academic year. You can eat in the dining room three times a day. It will cost about $ 5,300 per year.

Curious facts

  • The university is proud of the unique Van Vikl Gate, which serves only for certain student ceremonies.
  • The former Women's College of Pembroke joined the university in 1972.
  • Last year, Brown University enrolled students from 83 countries.
  • The library stores letters from Columbus.
  • The first university rector, S. Hopkins, was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence.

Scientific achievements of the university

  • A sensory program for verifying the authenticity of banknotes has been developed. Processing speed is 45 bills per second. There are almost no errors.
  • The university has developed a magnetic microscope that can evaluate the power of electromagnetic fields.
  • Scientists at Brown University have identified a gene responsible for the birth of albinos.


As mentioned above, this university has excellent teaching quality and excellent rating indicators. But besides these criteria, there are a number of additional reasons, on the basis of which applicants are trying to enroll in exactly Brown University:

  • This educational institution is one of the oldest and most respected in the North American continent. Therefore, the traditions of learning allow you to get a real American education, leading to the realization of the "American dream".
  • The most prestigious faculties are technological, biological, mathematical and physical. The main part of research is carried out in these areas.
  • High ranking indicators in the academic field have the following areas:
  • With regard to the quality of teaching, Brown University constantly occupies a leading position on this criterion in the world rankings of universities.
  • University graduates come out of its walls by educated specialists. Therefore, employers in the United States and around the world offer them high-paying jobs immediately after graduation.
  • The entire period of study, students can engage in various sports. These aspirations are actively supported by the administration. The Ivy League, first of all, is aimed at the sporting achievements of university students. The most common BU sports are rowing, baseball competitions, European football and sailing races.
  • The student fraternity of the university for centuries of the existence of the university developed a clear tradition. These include:
  • The graduation ceremony itself consists of a symbolic passage through the main gate of the university, invitations of famous personalities and a long party. For example, former South African President N. Mandella and popular actor M. Freeman once visited graduates.
  • Beginning in the mid-20th century, Brown University became the center for the World Spring Weekend music festival. Such an event attracts world celebrities from the world of music.
  • The annual original mass parties of students have long become one of the most remarkable traditions.
  • the medicine;
  • complex study of natural and human sciences;
  • education of specialists in the field of social sciences;
  • management;
  • information Technology;
  • learning the basics of economics and business.
  • joining the ranks of freshmen;
  • various dance competitions taking place in the university;
  • graduation ceremony for about a week.
  • many festivals, contests and competitions.

Scholarships Brown University (BU)

In BU, as in the entire US higher education system, it is possible to receive financial assistance from the university administration or third-party funds. According to statistics, about 40 percent of all students use these programs. The average scholarship is about $ 48,000 per year per student of the university. We emphasize that foreign students also have the right to apply for a scholarship (the main condition: this must be done before 01.11 or 01.02). If a student does not submit an application on time, he will not receive monetary support, despite his financial condition.

Separately, at Brown University there are scholarship programs designed to compensate for educational services. But to apply for the provision of such assistance is possible only in the second year of university. The main goal of all scholarships and grants is to motivate students to achieve high results in their studies or scientific activities. It is worth paying attention to the programs developed by the state and focused on supporting promising students.

Free study at Brown University

The amount provided to the student to cover the costs of education at Brown University is directly dependent on the financial possibilities of the student. This size should be documented at the stage of applying for admission. If the student’s family has an annual income of less than $ 60,000, then the applicant can claim to be reimbursed for all costs associated with obtaining an education. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the family’s financial assets are also taken into account. That is, the amount in bank accounts and deposits should not be greater than $ 100,000. A definite advantage is the provision of financial assistance to students, regardless of their grades or participation in public life: the administration of the university helps students who prove their low incomes.

List of faculties Brown University

Based on its long history, BU was able to become a respectable educational institution with a complex organizational structure. It includes schools, institutes and the main College of Brown University. At the same time, college is the main core of the whole educational institution. Only in it 6,400 students are enrolled in seventy-five programs. Consider the main structural units of such a famous university.

  • Alpert School of Medicine. One of the best places to get a medical degree. Only 500 students get education here. In recent decades, state authorities have been able to invest huge sums in the development of this school. The goal is to create a world center for educated specialists in the field of medicine and biotechnology. Therefore, the school is now equipped with the most advanced equipment and laboratories. This allows you to conduct research directly within the walls of the faculty.
  • Highly qualified personnel is educated by the School of Engineers at Brown University. Preparation takes place at all educational levels. You can get a bachelor's degree or become a doctor of science.
  • Watson’s Institute is in great demand among students. Being engaged in international and public relations, the structural unit prepares specialists of the corresponding direction. Particular emphasis is placed on the countries of South America, the Asian region and the Middle East.
  • The Pembroke Center has long been a unique faculty. It examines issues related exclusively to women. These are mainly gender studies: history, as well as legal aspects and political realities of women's existence in society. The work is carried out on the basis of the former women's college.
  • Archaeological Institute. Zhukovsky is focused on the ancient world and its mysteries. Archaeological specialization concerns the ancient Mediterranean countries, the Egyptian kingdom and the Middle Eastern empires. This faculty not only teaches students, but also conducts ongoing research.
  • Laboratory complex of marine biology. This is a structural unit of Brown University, which educates specialists in narrow areas of master's and doctoral programs. It is worth to highlight graduates who receive a diploma in:
  • astrobiology;
  • biological and experimental physics;
  • cytobiology;
  • climate dynamics;
  • ecology and evolutionary biology;
  • psychogenetics;
  • immunology;
  • psychology.

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