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Higher education in Montreux. List of top 4 institutions, description, tuition fees, how to apply

Education information

For you, we have prepared a list of top 4 educational institutions offering higher education in Montreux, where international children, teenagers, adults and students can study. You can choose the course you like (pay attention to the cost, rating and reviews), our consultans are ready to help you to make the right choice. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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Studying at Hotel Institute Montreux HIM for international students

As for the location, the leading HIM university is located in the city of the same name Montreux, which has the status of "Pearls of Switzerland". So, the city is located in the French part of Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, directly at the foot of the Alps. Geneva is 30 km away. In addition, not far from Montreux is the ubiquitous Chillon Castle and the breathtaking cable car. It is on this cable car that you can climb to the mountain peaks of the Alps.

1984 was marked by the opening of the Hotel Institute Montreux, which has the status of the leading university in Switzerland in the field of hotel business. Thus, this highly-ranked university in Montreux has established partnerships with the best universities in the United States. Thus, in the framework of teaching, they are applied as traditional methods that are actively used in studying hotel business and tourism. 

In addition, in 2004, the HIM university was included in the Swiss educational group, combining the best schools that occupy top positions in the rankings in the field of hotel business in Switzerland. The main goal of the Swiss educational group is to guarantee quality studying conditions for building a promising career in the field of tourism, hotel management and business.

As for the mission of the elite Montreux University, it consists in the development of skills in foreign students, the presence of which is required to build a promising career as a manager. International students gain practical experience in the framework of internships organized at each stage of studying, while ensuring compliance with the theoretical material passed in the field of hotel management. The teaching is conducted in English, while it is envisaged that students study a second foreign language: French, Italian, German. 

It is worth noting that the prestigious University of Montreux received accreditations from international associations that bring together students, teachers, as well as experts in the field of tourism, hotel and restaurant business, in particular, these are:

  • ASEH - Association of Hotel Schools in Switzerland
  • AH&LA - American Hotel Association
  • AIEST - International Association of Tourism Experts.

Thus, obtaining accreditation indicates compliance with the established standards of associations, thereby guaranteeing a high level of educational services, as well as the recognized prestige of the HIM university by the international professional community.

Educational programs - get an elite higher education in Montreux

It is worth starting with the fact that the teaching of teaching material to foreign students is carried out in modern classrooms, which have all the necessary equipment for effective education. Classes are held in small groups, the number of students in which does not exceed 25 students. It is worth noting that the classrooms are equipped with audio and video equipment, computers, which are installed professional programs used in the work in companies in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Montreux Ranking University provides all students with educational materials and manuals, if it becomes necessary to obtain additional materials, the student can contact the library where the required resource will be found.

The educational programs offered to foreign students are listed below:

  • English preparatory program
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in the Hospitality Industry

Within the framework of this educational program, the passage of the first year of study is marked by students receiving a Swiss diploma in the specialty "Hotel Management". Directly in the second year, the student must choose a specialization, namely:

  • Finance
  • Personnel Management
  • Marketing and business management in the luxury goods industry.

At the end of the second year of study, students receive a Swiss Higher Diploma in the chosen direction. Graduates receive a Bachelor's degree in business administration with a specialization in conjunction with Northwood University.

  • Professional diploma in management in the hospitality industry - in case of successful completion of this education program, a graduate can enter the second year of the Master's program of the University of Montreux.
  • Master of International Business in Management in the Hospitality Industry with the following specialization to choose from, namely finance, personnel management, marketing and business management in the luxury goods industry.

The main specific feature of obtaining a leading higher education in Montreux is due to the passage of a mandatory paid internship as part of studying. Regardless of the choice of an educational program, the educational process is organized as follows, namely, for 6 months - studying, the next six months - a paid internship. In addition, the top university of Switzerland organizes job fairs twice a year. So, these events are attended by representatives of the largest and most famous hotel chains, in particular, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriot, CompassGroup, Mandarin Oriental.

It is also worth noting that at a close distance from the rating university there is a Career Center for graduates, whose specialists provide professional assistance in the employment of graduates. Separately, it is worth mentioning that during the internship, students are paid a salary of at least 2.172 Swiss francs, thereby allowing to compensate for the costs associated with accommodation and meals.

What are the admission requirements to the best Montreux university for foreign applicants?

When entering a Bachelor's program, a foreign applicant must:

In the case of admission to the postgraduate program, the following requirements are met:

  • Bachelor's degree or work experience for at least three years in any sector of the economy
  • Passing an international language exam, namely TOEFL IBT 55, IELTS 5.5
  • The target audience is foreign students who have reached the age of 21.

Upon admission to the Master's program, similar requirements are presented to foreign applicants, as in the case of the postgraduate program. In case of admission to the second year of the master's program of the selection committee, it is necessary to present a diploma of professional education of any prestigious education that is part of the SEG association, or a Bachelor's degree in hospitality or related areas, work experience of at least 4 months, as well as international language certificates TOEFL IBT 55, IELTS 5.5.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare a motivation letter and recommendations from teachers or employers.

Starting dates

  • 2019 - January 7, April 8, July 8, October 7
  • 2020 - January 6, April 6, July 6, October 5.

Accommodation facilities for foreign students

Education and accommodation are organized in the former buildings of three five-star hotels, namely the Europa Hotel, which was built in the 19th century, Miramont, as well as Lehman. The specific characteristic of living in the walls of the elite HIM university is due to guaranteeing the conditions that are required for comfortable learning, living, and also relaxing. So, earlier, the re-equipment of buildings was carried out in order to provide comfortable and modern conditions for living and studying for foreign students.

As for the location of the Europa Hotel, it is located in the center of Montreux, a five-minute walk from the central promenade and the main streets of the city. In addition, there are two restaurants on the ground floor of the building, the purpose of which is multifaceted - namely, this is a student canteen, a classroom, a hall for university events and evenings.

In addition, in the French restaurant ONE5, one part of the students acquires useful skills, while other students practice the role of clients, thereby honing the skill of table etiquette. The second cafe is called Lakeside Cafe, which has a buffet that includes dishes of various nations.

In addition, not only students, but also visitors can visit the cozy CoffeeBeans coffee house. The student building also has a modern gym, a computer room, and a 24-hour laundry room.

As for senior students, they are studying at the Miramonte Hotel, located a 10-minute walk from the Europa Hotel. For a comfortable and cozy stay built rooms equipped with the latest technology, a restaurant, cafe, spa. And for sports there are volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a gym.

Three meals a day are organized for students, and room cleaning and linen change are also provided on a weekly basis.

As for accommodation issues, a choice of foreign students offers single or double hotel rooms. The following types of rooms are listed:

  • Single and double super deluxe - a furnished room is provided, the windows of which offer stunning views of Lake Geneva, there is a private bathroom, TV and DVD stereo system, Internet access is provided.
  • Single double deluxe room - a furnished room is provided, from the windows of which a picturesque view of Lake Geneva opens, a bathroom, and a foreign student can also use the Internet access.
  • Single Standard Double Room - Provides a furnished room with shared bathroom facilities.

Tuition fees for getting higher education at Hotel Institute Montreux

  • To begin with, the cost of studying the preparatory program in English for a week is 850 Swiss francs. Please note that the duration of the course is at least 4 weeks.
  • The cost of studying a Bachelor's program in administration and hotel management varies on average about 141,660 Swiss francs, the period of higher education in Montreux is 3 years.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Business Management, which lasts 1 year, will require near 45,060 Swiss francs.
  • The cost of Master of International Business in Hospitality Management program for 2 years is 91,600 Swiss francs.

It is worth noting that tuition fees include:

  • Studying 
  • Hotel accommodation in a standard double room
  • Meals - full board conditions are provided in the restaurants "Europe" and "Meramont".

On an additional basis, payment for the following services is provided, as

  • Medical insurance
  • Registration Documents
  • Applying for a residence permit in Switzerland
  • Student Visa
  • Acquisition of school uniforms and teaching materials
  • Participation in excursions and events
  • Participation in the international career forum SEG, etc.

Learning programs-summary information

Name Meaning Equivalent Min. age Duration, 
Next stage Cost
GCSE General certificate of secondary education secondary education (non-accomplished) 14 1–2 A-Levels 15,000 USD+
A-Levels Advanced level secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 15,000 USD+
BTEC Business and Technology Education Board secondary special education 14 2–3 University/ work 15,000 USD+
Oxbridge Preparation Preparing for Oxford and Cambridge secondary education (accomplished) 17 1 University 15,000 USD+
International Baccalaureate International baccalaureate secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 18,000 USD+
Foundation/ Pathway Year Preparatory year admission to the 1st year of university 17 1 University 14,000 USD+
NCUK The Northern consortium 2 year university 17,5 1 2 year University of NCUK 13,000 USD+
Special Preparation (Medics/Math/Business) Specialized training - 14 optional optional 4,000 USD+
Academic English Academic English Language school 8 + 6–12 months School or University 8,000 USD+

Top 50 universities in the USA

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 Stanford University
3 Harvard University
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5 University of Chicago
6 Princeton University
7 Cornell University
8 University of Pennsylvania
9 Yale University
10 Columbia University
11 Johns Hopkins University
12 Duke University
13 Northwestern University
14 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
15 New York University
16 Carnegie Mellon University
17 University of Wisconsin-Madison
18 Brown University
19 University of Washington
20 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
21 Rice University
22 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
23 Boston University
24 University of California, Davis
25 Washington University in St. Louis
26 Purdue University
27 University of Southern California
28 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
29 University of Maryland, College Park
30 University of Pittsburgh
31 Michigan State University
32 Emory University
33 University of Minnesota
34 University of Florida
35 University of Rochester
36 Case Western Reserve University
37 Texas A&M University
38 University of Virginia
39 Vanderbilt University
40 University of Colorado Boulder
41 Dartmouth College
42 University of Notre Dame
43 Arizona State University
44 University of California, Irvine
45 Georgetown University
46 Tufts University
47    University of Miami
48 North Carolina State University
49 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


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