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TOP-100 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in China where international students can get high-quality higer education

Education information

Today, China is the leading country among best destinations for educational tourism according to foreign students. China attracts international students with high-quality educational services, a wide range of schools and colleges, exciting cultural programs and unique culture. SMAPSE offers TOP-100 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in China where international students can get high-quality and balanced higher education that will open wide career opportunitites. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-100 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in China where international students can get high-quality higer education

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Higher Education Rating in China

The desire to be called a country with a leading world economy inevitably affects the national system of organization of academic education: the more ambitious the goals of the state, the more powerful and competitive in the international market should become universities and higher education in China. The rapid development of the high-tech industry needs a huge number of specialists who have received fundamental, high-quality academic education. And if we talk about a country that wants to get the status of No. 1 economy in the world, it becomes obvious that it is more reliable and cheaper to cultivate highly skilled specialists at home in China.

In order to increase the rating of the entire system of national university education, the Chinese authorities launched a course on the reorganization of education at universities. The country is making efforts to ensure that student life in China is leaping closer to recognized international standards for the quality of education in universities. Among the important changes are:

  • opportunity to study in English
  • admission of students to a paid form of study
  • creation of elite universities that fully comply with international requirements
  • focus on the comprehensive development of the individual, especially on the health and athletic shape of students.

Innovations are bearing fruit: in 2018, according to the Shanghai ARWU ranking of universities, among the 500 best educational institutions in the world, the Chinese managed to occupy 46 positions! 2 Chinese universities have entered the top 100 universities in the world.

Tuition fees in ranking universities in China

Speaking about the prices for studying in China, it is important to note that students with different budgets will be able to find a suitable university. Higher education in China for foreigners can cost from 3 thousand dollars and up to 99 thousand in the most prestigious rating universities. Such a significant difference in the pricing of institutions is explained by the quality of teaching, as well as the infrastructure and housing conditions that the university offers.

Consider the comparative prices for training (undergraduate) in the top 3 universities in China:

The name of the university

Program; language of instruction

Cost per year

INTO Dongbei

Undergraduate English

from $ 95,000

INTO Nankai University

Undergraduate English

from $ 99,000

What affects the cost of education in China? In addition to the highest quality of teaching and the fact that yesterday’s students of these universities do not remain without work, we can name:

  • own research research centers
  • the presence of student clinics
  • accommodation in comfortable modern apartments, apartments or double rooms
  • huge variety of sports sections
  • all kinds of scientific, artistic, theatrical communities
  • international student exchange programs.

How to become a student abroad?

Higher education in China provides applicants with a wide selection of forms and degrees. The dream of living and studying in China can be realized through international student exchange, summer schools, specialized linguistic programs for studying the Chinese language, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Well-known is the fact that for Russian schoolchildren there is an opportunity to enter Chinese universities immediately after school at the age of 17. If you still have thoughts about getting an education in China, then you need to understand the approximate sequence of steps along this path.

1. First you need to choose a specialty. Many students see their main goal in learning Chinese, popular areas are also considered:

  • management
  • engineering
  • banking
  • building
  • pedagogy.

It is wonderful if an idea is formed in which country there is a desire to find a job in the future. Indeed, for example, if managers are more likely to be able to find a job in China itself, then, say, becoming a teacher of the Japanese language in China itself will be extremely difficult.

2. Having decided on specialization, you can choose a university. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to pay attention not only to the cost of training, but also to feedback and success in finding jobs for current and yesterday’s students. The fact that the university managed to occupy a brilliant ranking position in the top of Chinese universities or independent external lists of the best educational institutions in the world also plays an important role.

3. When the desired university is selected, it is up to the practical steps. It is necessary to submit documents online, it is possible (but not necessary), additionally undergo a medical examination, confirm the absence of a criminal record and the presence of a certain amount in the bank.

4. Next, the university sends an invitation to study - and you can go on the road!

Each university has its own characteristics, requirements and many nuances that cannot be described on a common basis. If you feel that the idea of getting a higher education in China is relevant for you, then without further doubt contact us for a free consultation! We will be able to answer any questions and clarify each stage of your future actions on the road of foreign students.

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