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TOP-10 private schools and colleges in New York for international students

Education information

Nowadays, studying at private schools in New York gives an opportunity to get decent and prestigious education. Actually, students who graduated from prestigious schools in New York have high chances to easily enter selected colleges and universities, build a successful career and become qualified specialists.

It's essential to follow 5 main rules to enter a NY school:

  • Deadline for applications

You should start collecting documents and submitting applications at least one year before the expected beginning of studies. Most prestigious private schools in New York are incredibly in demand, and the competition for each place is very high. On the other hand, public schools have the right to accept students from any district - therefore, they have an opportunity to accept the maximum number of students.

  • Necessary documents

In addition to the standard set of documents (ID card, application, ID photographs) you will need to show:

  1. Report card with grades from the previous place of study (data for the last 2-3 years )
  2. Letters of recommendation from teachers (mainly from teachers of English and mathematics)
  3. Recommendation from the class teacher
  4. All certificates, cups, medals, letters of gratitude

Actually, everything that highlights the student as a prospective entrant is useful. Remember that the most gifted and talented students can count on good scholarships and grants, which will save you the costs of studying.

  • Level of English proficiency

It's worth noting that in order to be a successful student at NY schools, you need to know the language almost at the level of native-speaker. Private schools in New York demand to present a certificate of language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL). Moreover, additional examinations and entrance tests are also arranged. If your level of knowledge is insufficient , it's possible to take language courses in advance. For example, at summer camp or for academic trimester.

  • Tuition fees

Private prestigious schools in New York are expected to be expensive: the cost of the academic year can reach $30000. Tuition fees depend on rankings and prestige of the chosen school, its reputation and location. Talented students can receive a scholarship or a grant - but before submitting an application and obtaining a visa you must confirm your financial solvency without additional support (statement of account, bank deposit, sponsorship letter, etc.).

  • Residence options

Most prestigious private schools in New York usually take care of comfort living conditions for students in advance. Students are provided with places in residences that are most often located in a separate building. It is also possible to arrange accommodation in a host family: you can be absolutely calm, as all members of the family are carefully selected and constantly checked by the school staff. It's a great opportunity for foreign students to be immersed into cultural and language environment of the country.

SMAPSE is ready to help you with the organization of all stages of admission. Our experts will find the most appropriate school and programme for you, calculate the cost, help you arrange accommodation, guardianship, flight and transfer. In addition, SMAPSE team will help you to collect documents and submit correctly filled out application, we will show you the specifics of issuing a study visa. SMAPSE is doing the best to make your studying abroad affordable and unforgettable!

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

TOP-10 private schools and colleges in New York for international students

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