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TOP-20 French private boarding schools and colleges in France for international students

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Nowadays, TOP-20 French private boarding schools and colleges are very popular among students from all over the world. SMAPSE offers you 20 best French schools and colleges available for foreign students. Prestigious European education, high academic standards and interesting history and culture of France attract great deal of international sudents every year. It's worth noting that studies can be conducted both in English (under the programme International Baccaluaureate, as well as in England ) and French (French Baccalaureate, for example as at private schools in Switzerland).

Actually, foreign students have an opportunity to enter secondary private schools, gymnasiums and public schools in France. Actually, French public schools are really popular among international students as they provide cheaper accommodation.

In addition, there are French colleges that begin to accept students from 14 years. In general, students study two foreign languages - French and English. At the same time, students can choose additional ones, for example, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc. Local schools in France are small, chamber and cozy. That's why, there is friendly, warm, family atmosphere. Often they are located in a picturesque countryside. Moreover, small territory of France allows to freely travel around the close places during your free time.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

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Tuition fees for studying at 20 best private French schools? What documents are required to apply?

The price for secondary education in France at prestigious private schools with full board varies from 26,000 to 40,000 euros per year.

In order to enter a private French boarding school, following documents are required:

  • A copy of the student's passport or ID card
  • School scores for the last 2 academic years + quarterly / trimester grades for the current academic year
  • Language certificates (preferably as new as possible)
  • Recommendation letters from teachers of English and mathematics
  • Motivation letter (not always)
  • Registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interview with the student or a personal visit to an educational institution

In addition to the above list, it's also required to pass internal tests of the school in mathematics and English. Such tests determine the level of preparation to enter a private school.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

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