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4 best private boarding schools in Prague, Czech Republic to study quality courses for foreign students

Education information

Today, the Czech Republic is considered to be the most colourful and hospitable European country. SMAPSE draws your attention to 3 best Czech private schools available for foreign students. The Czech Republic provides an opportunity to get quality European education that will increase chances to build successful career in Europe.

Private schools in the Czech Republic are very popular because they are very well equipped, meet high educational standards and provide rich choice of balanced, effective studying programs. At the Czech private school it is possible to improve command of language: studies can be conducted in both Czech and English. In addition, students can improve profile skills (for example, business English), prepare for international tests.

International private schools and colleges in the Czech Republic with accommodation at the hostel accept students after grade 8, 9, 10, 11. Students can take IB (International Baccalaureate) programme, for example, at very popular Carlsbad International School.

It worth noting that the cost of education in the Czech Republic is lower than in many European countries. Moreover, accomodation and food are also quite inexpensive and affordable for students.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

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Best private schools in Czech Republic for international students

The Czech Republic has the status of one of the most friendly, hospitable countries in Europe. If you've decided to study at a prestigious school in the Czech Republic, you'll get high-quality educational services that meet high European standards. With a certificate of Czech secondary education, a graduate can successfully find a job in a large international corporation and build a successful career.

The Czech Republic attracts a great deal of foreign students with excellent and modern equipment, high international standards. In addition, you can choose from a large number of educational programs thst have been developed in leading Czech private schools that are distinguished by effective and balanced programs. Studying at an elite private school in the Czech Republic, allows to improve the foreign language proficiency, expand professional vocabulary, as well as undergo high-quality preparation for international exams. Its high results allow to enter one of the most leading universities.

Elite international private schools and colleges in the Czech Republic, providing accommodation for foreign students in the school residence, accept students for full-board conditions at the end of 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades for completing the international baccalaureate program. In particular, you can get it at Carlsbad International.

In the Czech Republic the cost of studying is much lower than in Europe, while the quality is equal and even higher. Also, a lower price concerns living conditions. In the Czech Republic students get high standards of living, developed infrastructure and the widest options for an exciting vacation, low cost of housing and food.

Thus, making the decision to receive secondary education at leading Czech private schools and colleges, foreign students will be able to get a high-quality education, and upon graduation, a graduate will receive a valuable certificate, quoted in all countries of the world.

4 advantages of studying at best private schools in Czech Republic

Admission process at Czech private schools

So, for a foreign student it's necessary to provide a certificate from 9th grade, as well as to confirm a good level of foreign language proficiency.

SMAPSE experts advise you to make a choice regarding the language of studying. If you are not interested in receiving further free higher education in the Czech Republic, then you should make a choice regarding the English language. However, get ready for higher tuition fees. In addition, as part of the admission, it may be necessary to pass an exam in academic subjects on the basis of the chosen specialization.

TOP-10 private schools in Prague for international students

The ranking is based on the results of the general state final exam.

TOP-10 best gymnasiums in the Czech Republic where graduates demonstrate the highest exam scores:

  • Elite private gymnasium PORG 
  • Gymnázium jana nerudy
  • Arcibiskupské gymnázium
  • Gymnázium nad alejí
  • Cyrilometodějské gymnázium a SOŠ Pg
  • Gymnázium palackého
  • Gymnázium dašická
  • Gymnázium nad kavalírkou
  • Gymnázium jana keplera
  • Biskupské gymnázium JN Neumanna a Církevní

Below there is a list of TOP gymnasiums in Prague, which was compiled by employees of the Department of Secondary and Secondary Special Education of the Municipality of Prague:

  • Gymnázium Voděradská
  • Gymnázium Jana Keplera, Parléřova
  • Gymnázium na zatlánce
  • Gymnázium Elišky Krásnohorské
  • Gymnázium nad štolou
  • Gymnázium Oty Pavla
  • Akademické gymnázium Štěpánská
  • Gymnázium prof. Jana Patočky.

TOP-5 gymnasiums in Czech Republic for foreign students

  • Grammar school of international and public relations

Here students get full secondary education, specializing in international relations. Foreign students can choose studying “Diplomacy”, “Media and PR”, “Public Administration”, as well as “Law and Management”.

  • Prestigious Banking Academy in Prague

This gymnasium is characterized by the prestige and status of a secondary educational institution, which is focused on economic profile. This gymnasium successfully operates at the Institute of Finance and Management, which, in turn, is the largest private economic university in the Czech Republic. The following programs are offered to foreign students, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Media and Marketing.

  • Michael School of Advertising and Art

Students can choose from the following academic areas “Cinema”, “Interior Design”, “Photography”, “Graphic Design”, “Management and Production”. Graduates freely become students of the Czech Republic's creative universities.

  • Elite Gymnasium KŠPA

Here foreign students can get a profile quality education in the field of economics, while teaching emphasizes entrepreneurship, information technology, tourism, as well as graphic design.

  • Troy gymnasium

Within the walls of the advanced Czech secondary school, effective preparations are being made for the successful passing of state final exams and entrance examinations to TOP universities in the Czech Republic and other countries. It is worth noting that the individual approach to each student is practiced by all teachers.

Advantages and disadvantages of English schools

Advantages Disadvantages
The opportunity to enter the best universities in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, the world Expensive
High quality of education and academic standards Strong workload
Perfect English after graduation The need to change the social environment; it takes time to adapt
Useful contacts The difficulty of choosing the most suitable school for the child, requires a qualified specialist
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