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TOP-5 prestigious schools in Ireland where foreign students can get preparation courses for admission to university

Education information

Every year Ireland attracts many foreign students from all over the world. SMAPSE offers TOP-5 prestigious Irish schools  that provide high-quality preparation courses that will help enter prestigious universities in Ireland and in the world. Studying in one of 5 best schools in Ireland gives a great opportunity to get deep knowledge and open wide career prospects in the future.

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TOP-5 prestigious schools in Ireland where foreign students can get preparation courses for admission to university

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Actual information for foreign applicants to universities in Ireland

In order to enter the prestigious university in Ireland, it is necessary to take into account many nuances and begin preparation in advance. Universities in Ireland usually require high school diploma and, in some cases for foreign students, a certificate of studying  courses abroad. Competition in TOP universities in Ireland is too high, that is why international students must meet all the requirements that will enhance their chanced to enter. 

High academic requirements are put for students: at least half of the subjects must be passed perfectly in the certificate, the results of language exams must be at least 6.0 IELTS and 550 TOEFL points. You may need to take exams in academic subjects in English.

There are two ways to go enter a college in Ireland:


Preparation for the university in Ireland for international students

The peculiarity of the Irish system of education is the attachment of programs to age, therefore, each age period has its own high-quality educational program that meets British standards. It is worth noting that studying in schools in Ireland will make it possible to better prepare for university studies. British programs are recognized around the world and have long become the benchmark for effective learning.

  • So, after the 8th grade, a middle school program will be a good option for foreign students. The goal is not only to provide knowledge in basic school subjects, but also to ensure that students can figure out their own interests before high school and entering university.
  • Leaving Certificate is a special preparatory course for high school students 16-18 years old who are going to continue their studies at the University in Ireland. The unique program is aimed at preparation for the university - students study several specialized subjects at the university level, and the list of subjects is very wide. At the end of their studies, students pass difficult exams and receive a certificate that is highly valued by universities. With this preparation, students easily enter the best universities in the UK: admissions committees take into account the results of exams and passing entrance exams is not required.
  • International Baccalaureate is an international program that is largely an analogue of the British A-Level. At the end of the course, students will receive an international diploma that will open the doors to the best universities in the world.

Pre-university programs for foreign students: studying in Ireland after grade 11

Pre-university courses for foreign students usually last 3 semesters or a half academic years, the program includes an academic and language part. During this time, students significantly improve their language skills, master academic disciplines and adapt to the educational system of Ireland. Students are required to be independent. Students can choose disciplines: a fixed schedule does not exist, the entire learning process is structured so that students develop a sense of responsibility and self-organization.

The most popular course is the International Foundation Year. Such preparation for the University in Ireland provides two profiles: humanitarian and natural sciences. The cost of studying with food and accommodation is related to the prices at the average university for the academic year: about 15.000 pounds. You can study on the course at the university or in special educational institutions. Often, institutions have an agreement with universities: after courses, students can easily enter the 1st course.

List of documents for applying for the International Foundation Year program:

  • High School diploma with good academic performance, profile subjects are especially significant
  • Certificate of language exams, the requirements for courses are slightly lower.
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