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TOP-10 schools and colleges in New Zealand where foreign students can get preparation courses that will help to enter prestigious universities in New Zealand and abroad

Education information

Nowadays, New Zealand is chosen by many foreign students due to amazing nature and a wide range of high-quality educational services. SMAPSE offers 10 best schools and colleges in New Zealand where foreign students can get preparation courses that will help to enter prestigious universities in New Zealand and abroad. Due to the list of TOP-10 schools and colleges, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 schools and colleges in New Zealand where foreign students can get preparation courses that will help to enter prestigious universities in New Zealand and abroad

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New Zealand University Admission Terms

The educational system of New Zealand is under the strict control of the Ministry of Education. The state requires adhering to the British educational system, monitors all changes and innovations in the curriculum. Every year, the government arranges scheduled and unscheduled inspections, conducting a thorough analysis of compliance with academic, hygienic and sanitary standards. This applies to public and private higher education institutions of the country. Strict control doesn't allow concessions for applicants upon admission, the rules are the same for everyone.

What is necessary for successful enrollment? Here are the basic requirements:

  • A certificate of secondary 13-year education. Foreign students can take 1-2 year preparatory courses in New Zealand. Learn more about visiting the Foundation later in this review.
  • Command of English that meets international standards. The university management prioritizes the IELTS standard - a minimum passing score of 6-6.5. Some institutions also accept TOEFL. To confirm your language proficiency, a certificate of successful passing the tests must be attached to the package of documents. The test results are valid for 2 years, after the expiration of the term you will have to take the exam again. But some universities in New Zealand require that the exam must be passed no later than 18 months before applying for admission. This requirement is usually indicated in an electronic or paper memo issued by the educational institution.
  • Not always, but a letter of recommendation from the university administration may be required, where the candidate studied for 1 year
  • Motivation letter - the applicant indicates personal reasons for entering the chosen university: fast emigration, desire to make a career, etc.
  • A package of documents should be provided no later than 3-4 months before admission (it is necessary to specify the exact date from the managers of the university).

Preparatory language and academic courses in New Zealand

So, if a foreign applicant have to study one more year in order to enter a university in New Zealand, it's necessary to study Foundation program in New Zealand.

What is included in university preparation:

  • written and spoken English (advanced)
  • in-depth study of narrow specialties (optional, depending on the faculty).

The main requirement for admission to preparatory education is the availability of the international language certificate IELTS (TOEFL). If English is lame, you will have to pre-pass language courses with subsequent testing and the issuance of a supporting document. After completing the preparatory courses, students pass an exam confirming the qualification - it is a guarantee of admission to the university. Below there is a table with a list of institutions where you can take Foundation program, as well as language preparation:


Where to go

Academic Standart Foundation Program

training duration - 35-40 weeks

Intensive training - 30-31 weeks

Preparation for Foundation, followed by enrollment there - 58-60 weeks

High School Centers


High schools

Exam Preparation TOEFL, IELTS

Private language schools in New Zealand

University language schools

Linguistic international centers.

How to enter University in New Zealand without preparatory courses?

In addition to the possibility of admission after the 1st year of a native university, there is another option.

Foreign students in New Zealand, unlike many other countries, are allowed to work - the minimum rate is 9 € / hour with a limit of 20 working hours per week. Foundation program doesn't give the applicant the right to work part-time; therefore, it is quite difficult for many future students to pay for preparatory courses and bear everyday household expenses (housing, clothing, food, etc.). A good alternative to the Foundation is to enter a technological institute. What does the student get?

  • After passing the first stage and receiving a diploma, a student can continue his studies at the university
  • If he is a foreigner, he doen't lose the opportunity to work part time during study semesters and on vacation
  • Gets a ready-made "strong" specialty - industrial or technological. If you wish, after graduation, you may not enter university, but immediately start working
  • The ability to combine work with study at the institute: for example, the main work + correspondence courses or the main study in person + part-time job.
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