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TOP-15 prestigious universities in Austria where international students can get high-quality higer education

Education information

Nowadays, studying in Austrian universities is a great opportunity to get high-quality education in one of European countries at an attractive price. Education in one of the most interesting countries in Europe has a number of advantages:

  • Getting an international diploma in an internationally recognized center of education - Austria.
  • A wide range of specialties. The greatest recognition at the world level was obtained by graduates of medical and economic specialties - that is why among foreign students universities of these directions are very popular
  • Low cost of education. Due to the high ratings of many universities in Austria, a stereotype is widely spread about the high cost of education in this country, but the average cost of studying for one semester for foreign students is about 750 euros. At the same time, students receive a large number of privileges: free visits to a number of museums and theaters, travel privileges, etc.
  • Vienna is recognized throughout the world as one of the best student cities, ranked 16th in the QS rating
  • Possibility to get education in English or German
  • High level of security in the country
  • A rich history and interesting sightseeing and natural attractions can be one of the reasons to learn more about Austria
  • Studying in Austria provides an excellent opportunity to visit not only neighboring cities, but also other EU countries.

TOP-15 prestigious universities in Austria where international students can get high-quality higer education

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Main types of Austrian Universities

In Austria, there are three main groups of universities - public, private and universities of applied disciplines. If the definition of the notion of public (Universitäten) and private (Privatuniversitäten) universities does not create difficulties, then the notion of universities of applied disciplines (Fachhochschulen) remains questionable. Note that in Austria, state universities predominate, the share of private universities is small and getting education is expensive.

What are the universities of applied disciplines in Austria? These are unique educational institutions that involve a close interconnection of practical skills and theoretical disciplines. In these universities, students undergo a large number of internships in various companies, which allows students to gain invaluable practical experience. The most prestigious among universities of this type are:

  • Lauder Business School
  • Fachhochschule des bfi Vienna
  • Ferdinand Porsche Fern-Fachhochschule
  • Fachhochschule Technikum Vienna.

Many universities in Austria are in the world's prestigious ratings. So, a large number of Austrian universities are included in the ARWU rating and are in the TOP-500.

TOP-5 prestigious universities in Austria for international students

  • Vienna University

It is the oldest Austrian university. About 90 thousand students from all over the world study here. The most prestigious and authoritative disciplines are history and religious studies.

  • Innsbruck University

One of the best in the country. In many areas competes with the University of Vienna. Students of this university received recognition in the field of physics.

  • The Vienna Technical University

It is a modern technical university recognized at the world level. It can find relevant programs created by world-renowned experts, and gain invaluable practical experience. The most popular educational programs of the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Engineering.

  • The University of Graz

It is one of the largest universities in Austria with rich history. One of the most prestigious direction of education is engineering.

  • The Kepler University

It is a relatively new university, widely known for its programs in such specialties as mathematics and engineering.

How to enter one of TOP-15 universities in Austria?

Independent collection of the necessary package of documents for admission to a foreign university is a complex and painstaking process, requiring attention to detail and studying the specifics of the country's legislation. To enter an Austrian university for foreign students without the qualified assistance of specialists is a difficult task.

Note that the necessary documents, rules and terms of submission depend on the chosen university. Usually the following package of documents is needed:

  • Certificate of secondary education and its annexes
  • Filled out form (application) for the receipt (filing) of documents
  • Certificate of German/English proficiency at a sufficient level.

However, the university can introduce additional exams and requirements. It is also necessary to understand that the preparation of documents also includes the preparation of a visa.

The deadline for submitting documents depends on the university. Usually the filing dates are tied to the beginning of the summer and winter semester - in March and October.

It can be concluded that the requirements for admission to the Austrian university - this is an important issue when choosing a university.

Studying in Austria for foreign students is an excellent chance to take the first step in building your future. Qualified teachers and a high level of education in the country will make studying pleasant and interesting.

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