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TOP-10 schools, colleges and universities in Dubai, the UAE where international students can get secondary and higher education

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Today, a great deal of international students choose studying in Dubai as it's a great opportunity to get high-quality and prestigious modern education. Moreover, it's a great opportunity to significantly improve command of foreign languages. SMAPSE offers 10 best schools, colleges and universities located in Dubai, the UAE where international students can get advanced secondary and higher education. It's possible to choose from a wide range of different schools, colleges and universities. Due to descriprions of schools, tuition fees and students' reviews, you will find the most appropriate option. 

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Advantages of getting education in Dubai for international students

Dubai is one of the most popular and modern cities in the world: it is a large financial, commercial and cultural center of the the UAE, it houses branches of major international companies and TOP universities. This city is in TOP-50 most visited places in the world.

There are following features of studying in the UAE:

  • Language environment 

English is widely spread here that greatly simplifies the stay for visitors. But the city has all the conditions in order to learn not only English, but also other languages due to the intercultural environment.

  • Level of education

Education is one of the priority areas and the state spends about 25% of the budget to its developing. Former President of the Emirates Zayd ibn Sultan Al-Nahayan especially emphasized the importance of financing this sphere, saying that the best use of wealth is to educate literate and educated people.

  • Comfort / safety

According to statistics, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. He deservedly received a flattering comparison of the “Gulf Paris”: the beauty around, amazing sights and a high standard of living make finding in Dubai as comfortable as possible. Tourists quickly get used to the ideal roads, the ubiquitous air conditioning, which are even at bus stops, and the Ferrari police.

  • Culture and entertainment

It hosts numerous music festivals, art galleries and exhibitions. TOP sights include: the highest observation deck (148 floors), the artificial island "Palm Jumeirah" and the indoor ski resort SKI DUBAI.

  • The influence of laws

The Arab countries are known for their strict laws, but many of them are bloated or completely abolished in the modern emirates. But there are some local rules that tourists follow: don’t wear very open clothes, you can’t drink alcohol outside restaurants, during the month of Ramadan it is forbidden to eat food before sunset.

Best Dubai schools for foreign students, secondary education for international students

For the UAE citizens, secondary education is free. For foreign students studying in Dubai at a public school is paid, and programs are conducted only in Arabic. Therefore, foreign students mainly go to private boarding schools in Dubai, there are currently about 200.

Features of Dubai's private boarding schools:

  • Studying process

Children study in English and, in accordance with international standards, undergo compulsory and optional disciplines + compulsorily study Arabic.

  • Academic Programs

A wide range of programs for foreign students includes directions from leading countries in the field of education - Swiss Federal Maturite (Switzerland), General Certificate of Secondary Education, A-level (Great Britain), International Baccalaureate (international course), Advanced Placement (USA), as well as Indian programs , France, Germany, Canada, Iran, etc. The most popular are British, American and Indian destinations.

  • Accommodation

The peculiarity of local private schools is that not many educational institutions require placement on campus - often students live with their parents. In the leading schools of Dubai, students live in ultra-modern residences with developed infrastructure and educational buildings near shopping, entertainment and tourist centers. Also on campuses there is a large sports infrastructure - rugby, football, squash, cricket, basketball, gymnasium, swimming pool, horse riding schools, etc. Boarding meals are organized in spacious dining rooms: a variety of dishes of European, British and Arabian cuisine await students.

Higher Education in Dubai: Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the UAE

Higher education in Dubai also has its own nuances:

  • Quotas are established for foreign students wishing to study at state universities
  • Private universities in Dubai are in great demand - branches of leading British, American, German, Spanish and French universities are located in the city, there are small campuses - Knowledge Village and Academic City
  • There are 3 public universities in the whole country, and 130 private ones
  • Admission conditions may vary, but one thing remains constant - necessity to confirm the highest English proficiency
  • Lectures and seminars are given by professors in English from leading universities
  • Educational system is based on the British educational module with all the consequences: for 3-4 years of study, students receive a Bachelor's degree, the duration of the Master's courses is from 1-3 years
  • The result of study is a prestigious international diploma. So, the diplomas of the branches in Dubai are absolutely identical to the documents on higher education of the leading universities in Britain, the USA and other countries
  • Required specialties: hotel business, restaurant management, tourism and hospitality, gas and oil industry
  • About the prospects - students of local universities can take an internship in a large company and, if successful, stay in the country: the UAE is a rapidly developing country that needs highly qualified personnel.

Studying in Dubai Language Schools for international students

Language courses in Dubai is a popular destination for students from other countries. Many come here to study the eastern country and the Arabic language, English courses are no less popular - the possibility of constant practice, a wide selection of programs, as well as qualified teachers make Dubai as attractive as the UK, Switzerland and other European countries.

Advantages of studying language programs for foreign students:

  • A variety of language schools and courses
  • All studying conditions for learning several languages are provided 
  • The ability to constantly practice the language
  • Teaching methods correspond to British and American modules
  • Combination of studying with unforgettable holidays.

Name of the course




The classic version of English courses. Students are focused on speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension. Students study in small groups up to 8 people. At the beginning of classes they are tested to determine the level of knowledge and, according to results, groups are formed. 

Beginner - suitable for students with any level of language  proficiency.

From 140$ a week.

Accommodation in the residence.



If you need to significantly improve your knowledge for a certain deadline, then this course is for you. However, it is necessary to break a sweat - the level of complexity, the degree of intensity is very high.

Business goals

Here you can improve your English and learn communication skills in a business environment: full your vocabulary with relevant terminology, learn about etiquette and learn how to express your opinion reasonably.

From 140$ a week


Requirements: Intermediate English proficiency 

IELTS / TOEFL Preparation

Pre-examination courses are usually designed for 10-12 weeks and provide for an active, very rich preparation for future tests.

Conversation skills

The emphasis is put on learning spoken English, focused on practice.

Beginner level 


From 140$ a week

English + outdoor activities

The ability to combine business with pleasure - high-quality academic + rich entertainment programs.

Studying the language at Teacher's home 

This is a unique program that has gained popularity around the world. It implies a student's stay in a teacher’s family. The student learns the language individually directly in the family, at the same time comprehending the features and traditions of Arab society.

From 1745$ a week

Academic English

The objectives of the course are to prepare for admission to the university, to help adapt to the new language environment.

From 140$ a week


General statistics on education in Dubai

General information about Dubai

Country United Arab Emirates
Region Dubai 
Population 1,137,347
Visitors 14,200,000/year
Time Zone Asia/Dubai

Cost of living in Dubai

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 758 1,086
Food 185 347
Transportation 52 101
Communications and utilities 146 151
Clothing 27 102
Sports and leisure 46 151
Total 1,214 1,938

Accommodation in Dubai

Shared room outside of centre 766
Shared room in city centre 1,097
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 1,132
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,662

Coordinates of Dubai

Time Zone Asia/Dubai
GMT +4
DST +4
Latitude 25.065700000
Longitude 55.171280000
Elevation (STRM3) 3 m.


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