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TOP-30 prestigious European English schools and camps abroad where foreign students can study autumn English courses: the USA, England, France, Canada, Spain, etc.

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Due to the list of TOP-30 camps and schools abroad, you can choose the best school or college that provide high-quality autumn English courses for foreign students. SMAPSE experts have compiled for you detailed and complete descriptions of institutions and programs, indicated the cost of studying, and posted reviews of other students - if you have any questions, please contact our experts.

TOP-30 prestigious European English schools and camps abroad where foreign students can study autumn English courses: the USA, England, France, Canada, Spain, etc.

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5 advantages of studying in TOP-30 autumn schools and camps abroad

Nowadays, vacational language programs and courses are quite popular among students from all over the world. You can find high-quality and prestigious schools and camps located in Great Britain, America, Belgium, Germany, France, Czech Republic and so on. The choice of the place depends entirely on the knowledge available to the student and the financial capabilities of the parents.

Studying language programs abroad during autumn has certain advantages:

  • At this time of year in foreign countries, tourists come less than in the "high" season. So the chances of students to see everyday life of local residents will grow significantly
  • Foreign students will have an opportunity to see, how the autumn national holidays are celebrated, and join the celebration themselves - for example, during autumn school holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated
  • The autumn season is considered "low" for traveling abroad, so visa requests are reduced. In addition to this aspect, in non-tourist time it is always possible to purchase air tickets at a pleasant price
  • Autumn language camps in Europe - an excellent "test" departure, if parents seriously think about sending their children to a long-term school or college abroad
  • A beautiful time of year, when you can make a lot of great pictures on the background of unusual European landscapes! Abroad there are a lot of interesting and colorful sights, the visit of which must remain in memory as well as frames on the camera or smartphone.

What programs to choose in TOP-30 autumn schools abroad?

Language schools abroad accept students from 7 to 18 years. However, there is a nuance that must be taken into account before preparing the documentation for the educational trip: the terms of holidays in your school may not coincide with the vacation time in educational institutions of European countries. For this reason, many language camps offer foreign students accommodation not on the campus, but in the host family. This option has its advantages: the child will be constantly surrounded by native speakers, so you can practice the language not only in class. Foreign students can see family life and feel the national spirit of a new country.

In European countries during autumn holidays, you can learn not only English, but also French (for example, in Belgium and Switzerland). In addition, students can choose programs with additional activities:

  • The programme "language + rest" is a basic course, which includes academic lessons of English (or French) combined with a leisure-entertainment programme. Free time from classes students can devote to acquaintance and communication with fellow students in an informal atmosphere, and the interactive format of the proposed classes will help to consolidate the knowledge gained during classes
  • The programme "language + sport" - here the academic part is similar to the previous course: 15-20 hours of language learning in the morning every week. After lunch, students of the programme will devote time to the chosen sport. Usually schools invite professional coaches from different areas, sostudents will have a real chance to learn something new not only with respect to a foreign language. Additional activities are not only sport, but also creative activities: music, dance, theatrical art and so on.
  • The programme "Teaching in the Teacher's Family" is an educational course where the student will spend a week in the most real family circle of native-speakers. Here, students learn, eat (usually on a full board) and stay overnight (the guest will have a separate room). Such an educational programme is convenient because parents can also attend studies together with the child!

The cost of studying in autumn language camps abroad and in Europe

The cost of studying will depend on the school chosen by the student and parents, as well as the country where it is located. So, a visit to a language camp in Britain will require about 500-800 pounds sterling a week; in Belgium - from 1400 euros, in America - from 400 to 1200 dollars, in Malta - from 400 euros, in Switzerland - from 1,700 euros and so on. Please note that this price does not include financial costs for air tickets and visa processing.

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