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TOP-10 schools, colleges and universities in Miami, Florida, secondary and higher education in Miami for international students

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Education in Miami - a real gift for fans of beach rest and entertainment, for sociable and active students! Annually, schools, colleges and universities in Miami receive thousands of students - both from the USA and other countries. Language schools offer high-quality education (most often general and academic English), have developed infrastructure, perfectly equipped campus areas.

Actually, students in Miami often choose combined courses: students are offered a large number of excursions and recreational activities in addition to academic activities, there is a time for sports and beach recreation. A large number of sunny days a year, a warm climate and golden gentle beaches are the best option for a wonderful summer holiday, which is now so easy to combine with studying in Miami!

You can choose the best option, focusing on the description of institutions, the cost and content of the programs - or you can contact SMAPSE specialists who will provide best schools and attractive prices. Due to the list of 10 best schools, colleges and universities in Miami you can find the most appropriate option. 

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Studying in Miami, Florida for international students

Different types of educational institutions in Miami and Florida are open to foreign students from all over the world: private schools, boarding schools, universities, language schools

  • Elementary school

Students of 6 to 10 years old (grades 2-5) get primary education in accordance with the American general education system. In primary school, a stable knowledge base is formed in the main subjects: language, literature, grammar, mathematics, generalized disciplines in the natural and human sciences. The teaching methods developed by leading teachers include interactivity, individual work, and creative assignments. Children of this age group are accommodated in full-board families.

Cost - $ 16,000 / semester.

  • Middle school

Students of 11-14 years study at Middle school. New subjects are added, there is a division into compulsory disciplines and additional ones. The educational system in Florida is aimed at developing the skills of independent work, searching and analyzing information, and developing several ways to solve one problem. Family accommodation is provided.

Cost - 16000-225 00 $ per semester.

  • High school

Students of 15-18 years study in High school. The number of subjects, their complexity is increasing. Various forms of studying (research, design work, writing, oral presentations) are aimed at developing cognitive skills, the ability to work individually and in a team, find information, organize the learning process. Accommodation - family, residence.

Cost - $ 12500-45000 / year.

Holiday camps for international students in Florida

There are a lot of offers to spent holidays in Florida for froeign students:

  • winter and summer language courses
  • English + acting / directing courses
  • tennis camp with language courses

All options include a studying and an entertainment part - excursions, trips, theme parties, sporting events.

1. Summer English for foreign students in Miami, Florida

Miami invites foreign students 5-17 years old to spend vacations in the sunny region of the USA and study in the best language schools in Miami. Classes include academic English hours and lessons in the chosen specialization:

  • mathematics
  • technology
  • natural sciences
  • art
  • architecture
  • fashion
  • sports
  • leadership
  • the marine world
  • creative specialties
  • futurology
  • space and much more.

There are classes of varying degrees of intensity.

School teachers are qualified specialists who own the leading methods of teaching the subject, native speakers. Theoretical lessons are complemented by practical experience on trips and excursions.

  • Accommodation: family, hotel, apartment, residence.
  • Price - from 220 $ / week.

2. Summer English courses + film academy

Children's camps in Florida accept students 10-17 years old with a spoken level of English proficiency who want to become actors and directors. The program develops speaking skills, expands the vocabulary, and promotes development of communicative competencies and public speaking skills. Children are under 24-hour supervision. In addition to language practice and an interesting profession, participants will see national parks, beaches, and entertainment centers.

  • Price - from $ 1140 per week.

3. Summer English courses + tennis 

English and tennis (for students 8-18 years old) is an intensive program that includes language classes, tennis practice, general physical classes, an entertainment unit. Possible accommodation options: residence + full board and day stay.


  • full board - $ 1790 / week;
  • daily form - $ 1,500 / week.

4. Winter English courses 

Winter vacational programs in Florida invite students 13-18 years old to learn the language, combined with leisure and sightseeing programs. The program includes a set of 10 academic hours of language, 10 lessons in a chosen direction (Florida ecosystem, leadership, design, art and culture of Miami). Experienced teachers alternate individual and group classes. Children can enjoy rich rest options: visiting popular city attractions, unique natural areas and beaches.

Accommodation - hotel near the South Beach. Rooms for 6/8 people with bathroom.


  • 2 weeks - $ 1550 / week.
  • 3-4 weeks - $ 1525 / week.

5. University preparation

Miami schools offer high school students, who plan to enter the best universities abroad, to prepare for entrance exams. The general preparatory course includes an effective language improvement, studying main academic disciplines, preparation for international tests (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge - FCE / CAE).

Those wishing to enter the medical / legal / engineering faculties are offered a complex of language lessons, specialized disciplines.

  • Cost - from 300 $ / week. up to $ 45,000 / year.

6. Languages for academic purposes

The academic English program in Miami, Florida offers an intensive linguistic load (up to 4 hours / day).  Attention is paid to vocabulary, grammar, communication, speech understanding, reading, writing. Students from 16 years old are accepted, the minimum duration is 3-4 weeks. Classes start year-round. Accommodation: hotel, family, apartment.

  • Cost - from $ 240 for 1 week.

7. Preparation for language tests

Prestigious schools conduct special courses to prepare for language tests in Florida: leading teachers and proven methods will help  foreign students to prepare for the test assignments. Accommodation - residence, hotel, family.

Successful passing of linguistic tests in the USA opens the door to prestigious universities, to TOP career positions. Miami schools most often prepare students for the following tests:

  • Intensive course for passing TOEFL - one of the most popular international tests. TOEFL certificate is recognized by the most rated, prestigious universities in the USA, Canada. Price - from $ 560 / week.
  • Preparation for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) will help to pass the language test to bachelors who are planning to enter a Master's / doctoral program in universities of the USA, Canada. Price - from $ 2375/12 week.
  • Preparatory classes for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) - testing for those planning to enter Master's program / MBA in the USA. Cost - from $ 2375/12 weeks.
  • Preparation for CAE (certificate of advanced knowledge of the English language) is in demand for employment in foreign, multinational companies, it gives the right to conduct individual research. Price - $ 4650 for 12 weeks.
  • A special training course for FCE (First Certificate in English) in Miami will help you feel confident when passing Cambridge exams and international language tests. Cost - from $ 485 / week.

Higher Education in Miami, Florida

Today, higher education in Miami, Florida is represented by undergraduate and graduate programs. Students study at prestigious US universities, have an opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful corners of the country.

  • Bachelor's program

The 1st stage of higher education in the United States is aimed at creating a professional capable of independent practical work in the following areas: logistics, finance, HR, management, tourism, acting, directing. 

Price per semester - 12796 $ -15198 $.

  • Master's program

It is appropriate to foreign students aged 20-21 for programs in the areas of: logistics, finance, HR, management, tourism, acting and directing. Duration is two years.

The cost for 1 semester is $ 12045 -16286 $.

Language courses in Miami for international students

Florida offers a wide range of language classes for adults: general and academic English, tests, “Child and Parent” courses, individual tuition.

  • “Child and parent” - a course for family holidays. The parent chooses classes in accordance with educational needs, the child studies a special program. Accommodation - hotel / apartment.

Individual courses include 10 lessons with a leading teacher. This is a very intense productive form. The student independently determines the direction of classes: basic knowledge, business language, expansion of the lexical stock, development of communication skills, preparation for tests / exams. Accommodation - residence, family.

Cost - from 210 $ / week.

  • Business courses

Business courses accept students from 16 years old with a minimum level of language proficiency, aimed at developing skills for conducting interviews, negotiations, presentations of services, products. Possession of a business speech is mandatory when working in an international company. A significant part of the lessons is devoted to language practice. Accommodation - in a residence, an apartment.

Cost - from $ 485 / week.

Cultural program for international students in Miami, Florida

Wonderful climate and developed entertainment infrastructure provide a wide range of activities and leisure options. Children who are interested in sports can enjoy football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, open water and pool swimming, water sports, canoeing, boating, beach and regular volleyball, golf, rock climbing and trekking, fitness and athletics, karate. Fans can watch numerous sporting events. Miami has a lot of dance, ballet, theater studios, chess clubs and playgrounds for board games. For fans of art, film shows of various subjects, theatrical performances, museum displays and exhibition centers operate. Poetic evenings are held. Discos, karaoke, night parties are open. Amusement parks work + schoolchildren and students are given a choice of an extensive excursion program with visits to city cultural centers and natural monuments of Florida (Everglades National Park, Caverns State Park, Falling Waters State Park).

General statistics on education in Miami

General information about Miami

Country United States
Region Florida 
Region 2 Miami-Dade County 
Population 399,457
Visitors 7,604,000/year
Time Zone America/New_York


Cost of living in Miami

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 578 861
Food 286 529
Transportation 90 211
Communications and utilities 101 111
Clothing 20 72
Sports and leisure 26 89
Total 1,099 1,874


Accommodation options in Miami

Shared room outside of centre 583
Shared room in city centre 869
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 1,005
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,382


Coordinates of Miami

Time Zone America/New_York
GMT -5
DST -4
Latitude 25.774270000
Longitude -80.193660000
Elevation 2 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 25 m.


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