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TOP-40 schools, colleges and universities in Los Angeles, California where international students can get advanced secondary and higher education

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Los Angeles is one of the most developed and famous metropolises in the USA, the legendary "City of Angels". Studying in Los Angeles is just as bright, varied and qualitative: here you can choose a language school for studying English, a summer camp, a seasonal programme, a college or a university with Bachelor's and Master's programs.

The warm climate and a large number of sunny days per year increases the popularity of summer and seasonal camps for studying in the city. Students, in addition to academic studies, can get a large number of sports, leisure and excursions - in this city there is exactly what to see! Annually, thousands of people go to Beverly Hills, to the Walk of Fame and Hollywood, visiting legendary film companies with excursion groups. As a rule, the cost of excursions is already included in the basic cost of programs and courses.

Education in Los Angeles can also be obtained in the specialized fields of filmmaking and acting: thanks to the neighborhood with the legendary "dream factory", students get the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and work with specialists in various fields. Of course, prices for such education can be quite high, but studying in Los Angeles can serve as a pass to the world of big cinema, stars and world fame.

Due to the list of TOP-40 schools, colleges and universities in Los Angeles, California, you can find the most appropriate option. SMAPSE specialists are always ready to help you with choosing an educational institution and programme - if you have any questions, please contact us!

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Advantages of studying at leading colleges and schools in Los Angeles for international students

TOP universities, colleges and elite language schools in California offer a wide range of academic programs for foreign students - vacational language courses, primary and secondary education, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Education in Los Angeles can also be obtained in such rare specialized areas as cinema and acting: thanks to the proximity to the legendary “dream factory”, students get the opportunity to practice effectively, gain invaluable experience and work with professional specialists in various fields. Of course, the prices for such an education can be quite high, but studying in Los Angeles can serve as a pass to the world of great cinema, stars and world fame.

Education in the USA for foreign students is a huge prospect and an opportunity to do what they love, without being distracted by “boring subjects”. The flexibility of the US curriculum is a real gift for students who have decided on their future profession. The ability to choose subjects and disciplines from the list allows students of prestigious schools to independently create a schedule, which not only teaches responsibility and independence, but also makes it possible to study favourite disciplines at a high level.

The main advantages of studying in Los Angeles include:

  • Kudos. Most educational institutions in America occupy the first lines of world rankings.
  • Modern equipment and developed infrastructure.
  • The latest teaching methods that meet international standards.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Practice. In most universities in America, practice is quite essential, which allows graduates to become sought-after specialists after receiving a diploma.
  • Scholarships and grants for students with achievements in the field of sports, science or creativity.
  • Large selection of extracurricular activities and sightseeing trips.
  • Studying in English.

Courses and programs in Los Angeles schools, universities and summer camps

California offers a huge number of courses, so everyone can find an interesting option. 

  • Vacational

Language camps for children and adults that are open during summer, autumn, winter or spring holidays. Their feature is an opportunity for children with any level of English proficiency to study in the language camp. Interesting events and excursions allow students to get acquainted with the country. For students who dream of a stage or sports career, language schools in Los Angeles conduct a huge number of specialized courses (for example, "Summer English + Film Academy").

  • Thematic

Thematic courses are suitable for students of all ages. They imply studying of a particular branch of law, economics, culture, etc. at a high level under the guidance of world-class specialists.

No less popular are year-round courses, which include all stages of primary, secondary and higher education. For many years, their prestige on the world stage has attracted applicants from all over the world who want to become highly qualified specialists after receiving a diploma.

Studying in America is very interesting for students who dream of entering famous colleges and universities around the world. Of particular importance to foreign students are the senior classes, which are aimed at preparing for admission. During studying, students increase their knowledge of English, get used to the requirements and standards of education, and learn responsibility and independence.

Tuition fees for studying in Los Angeles

Tuition fees in Los Angelesdepend on the chosen program and its duration, the prestige of the institution. The average cost of education is:

  • Vacation programs - $ 2500-$ 3500 (for 2 weeks)
  • School - $ 50,000-$ 6,000 (per year)
  • University - $ 25,000 -35,000 $ (per year).

As a rule, the basic cost already includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Nutrition
  • Educational materials
  • Certificate
  • Sightseeing and leisure activities.

Additional expense items traditionally are:

  • Flights and transfer
  • Visa processing, including consular fee
  • Bank charges
  • Tuition / place deposit
  • Medical insurance
  • Additional activities and activities
  • Examination boards
  • Pocket expenses.

More accurate information should be checked on the page of the selected institution. SMAPSE specialists are always ready to help you with the choice of educational institution and program - in case of questions, contact us!

General statistics on education in Los Angeles

General information about Los Angeles

Country United States
Region California 
Region 2 Los Angeles County 
Population 3,792,621
Visitors 5,552,000/year
Time Zone America/Los_Angeles


Cost of living in Los Angeles

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 685 935
Food 268 494
Transportation 80 191
Communications and utilities 96 109
Clothing 21 77
Sports and leisure 27 99
Total 1,177 1,906


Accommodation options in Los Angeles

Shared room outside of centre 692
Shared room in city centre 945
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 1,104
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,473


Coordinates of Los Angeles

Time Zone America/Los_Angeles
GMT -8
DST -7
Latitude 34.052230000
Longitude -118.243680000
Elevation 89 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 96 m.


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