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TOP-60 winter schools and camps for international students abroad, studying during winter in Europe, the USA, China, Canada, etc.

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You can choose the best educational institution for studying abroad during winter due to this list of schools and camps abroad. SMAPSE experts have compiled for you detailed and complete descriptions of institutions and programs in Europe, the USA, China, Canada, etc. In addition, they have noticed the cost of each of them, as well as posted reviews of other students - if you have any questions, please, contact SMAPSE experts. 

TOP-60 winter schools and camps for international students abroad, studying during winter in Europe, the USA, China, Canada, etc.

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4 advantages of studying in winter camps abroad

Studying foreign languages in a winter language camp has many advantages:

  • The winter season is not so popular for studying abroad as a summer, however in the cold months camps and training centers are filled with students from different countries. Thus, foreign students are immersed in the international environment, which is one of the most important conditions for the fruitful studying
  • Foreign students will be able to take part in celebrating New Year's events - for example, Catholic Christmas or New Year. European countries have very bright traditions of celebrating these holidays. Therefore, Christmas holidays abroad will surely be an amazing holiday for children, filled with pleasant memories
  • In some countries (for example, Canada or Switzerland), children can devote their spare time to winter sports - mountain skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and other physical activity
  • Winter language camps in Europe - a good option for students to try studying abroad in a test mode. If parents planned to send their child for secondary or higher education to a foreign educational institution, then such vacation programs will bring important experience.

Studying in winter camps abroad: main features

Language schools and camps offer programs for students of different ages - from 7 to 18 years old. Therefore, for each category a special programme is formed. It's worth noting that the institution's ranking and its place in the relevant lists should not influence the choice of the institution - it is important to focus on the comfort and educational needs of the child while searching for a suitable school.

On the day of arrival, each student undergoes mandatory testing for knowledge of the chosen foreign language (English, French, German, etc.). Based on the test results, the camp administration distributes the students into groups. Thus, one group is formed from students with a similar level of English.

In winter, as well as throughout the year, the real professionals work with students. Each of the teachers has a long experience of educational work with children, and also constantly improves their knowledge and skills. Actually, the teaching staff uses interactive teaching methods and an individual approach to each of the students.

Language classes take 15-20 hours a week (3-4 hours daily). Lessons in language schools abroad are held from Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are weekends. This time and the afternoon on weekdays students can devote to excursions, sports or creative activities that can be accessed on the school grounds: dancing, music and singing, fine arts, theater, cooking, needlework and so on.

Usually students in winter language camps can choose from a wide range of courses and programs:

  • The "Language + Leisure" course is a standard foreign programme for studying foreign languages, combining academic lessons and a sports and entertainment programme in your spare time
  • The course "Language + Sport" - the programme is similar to the standard academic part, but free time is for the most part reserved for a variety of physical activity - from several types of winter sports to popular games and competitions organized on indoor platforms
  • The "Teacher's Study" course is one of the most popular programs abroad. Here, a foreign student is in the family of his teacher by language during the entire period of his studies. This format best acquaints visitors with the life and culture of another country. On such an educational course, parents can accompany young students, and the question of studying the language remains open to them.

Tuition fees for studying in winter schools and camps in Europe, the USA, China, Canada, etc.

The cost of studying in the European language camps depends on the chosen country. One week in the British language camp or school will cost around 400-500 pounds sterling, in Switzerland - from 800 to 1500 Swiss francs, in Canada - 800-1000 Canadian dollars. And in America we get the widest price range - from 300 to 1200-1500 dollars for one week of studying in the language camp.

The specified price includes the passage of the educational programme, meals and accommodation on the campus of the school, as well as entertainment and cultural events - excursions, parties, theatrical performances and so on. Separately paid for the cost of visa, insurance and purchase of air tickets.

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