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Best American and British schools and universities to study architecture for international students

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Best American and British schools and universities to study architecture for international students

Both local citizens and foreign students can enter programs in architecture at the universities of the United Kingdom and the United States. Firstly, foreign students study for 1-2 years at the university preparatory program, and then apply for admission to the first, second or third year of undergraduate, depending on the program. You can continue your education both at the current university and at another university in the chosen specialization.

TOP-10 tips on how to become an architect abroad?

Option 1: Start studying one of the schools in the UK or finish senior classes in the USA that are related to art. 

Option 2: Undertake preparatory architecture programs at universities in the United Kingdom and the United States. To enter the specialty "Architecture" you can in the following educational institutions:

Architectural Schools in the United States and Great Britain:

The USA:

At the same time, you must submit a full report card with the grades and the list of subjects studied: your points will be transferred to educational credits (credit units), and the selection committee will decide , Is your knowledge sufficient for admission to an institution of higher education.

The direction "Architecture" has several specialized specializations - for example, landscape design, urban design and others. Mostly they are studied on the programs of the magistracy, which follows the baccalaureate. At the magistracy, students study 1-2-3 years (if they did with a diploma of another or related specialty), if the bachelor's degree was also obtained in architecture, then the Master's degree will take only one year.

The work of an architect requires an official work permit, and the document must be obtained in the country where you plan to work. In order to obtain an architect's license in the USA, the following steps must be taken:

  • Undertake a three-year paid internship at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
  • Pass the professional exam Architect Registration Exam (ARE).

Trainees can work and earn valuable experience under the guidance of a licensed professional: draw drawings and models, develop and improve projects, work on the specification of objects. In order to confirm the issued license, the architect must constantly participate in professional lectures, conferences and seminars - if you want, you can have licenses for work in two or more countries (for this you need to contact the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards). If your license is received in the USA, but you plan to work in another country, you can conduct labor and project activities there, but your plans and drawings must be signed by a specialist who has received permission in this particular state. As for wages, architects can receive up to 75000$ - 85000$ after receiving a diploma and a license.

If you want to study at the University of the USA and get a Bachelor's degree in architecture, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Full report from your previous place of studying (including a list of studied disciplines and earned points, the name of the university and faculty) + application for the form of an American university
  • Reference letters from teachers, potential customers and customers, employers and colleagues
  • SAT testing results - most universities require scores on this exam. SAT will be most important if you are enrolling in the first course, but if you participate in the transfer program, SAT will matter, but more attention will be paid to the results of your completed training, studied programs and earned points
  • Portfolio of works: design and architectural projects, paintings, sketches, photographs, examples of developed design (interior, urban, landscape), etc. Show admission committee that you are really talented!
  • An introductory essay, where you tell about your strengths and advantages, argue your desire to study in the US in a particular university and it is on this specialty
  • International language test for English proficiency - TOEFL or IELTS (American universities more often accept IELTS).

You can try to apply for a scholarship: it is difficult to obtain it, especially for foreign citizens, but still there is such a possibility - the scholarship will save you a substantial amount of money on education. For such a request, there are special sections in the official application of the university: justify your desire to receive a scholarship, back it up with financial documents, evidence of your achievements and success. Remember that scholarships are given to the most talented, promising and gifted students - show that you are one of them.

Remember that translation and entry into of foreign HEIs is always associated with some risk. We recommend applying at once to several universities (up to 10), so that in case of failure of one or two you could not lose time and still enter the chosen year. Below we have compiled for you a list of the best US universities in the direction of "Architecture" according to international and national rankings:

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