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Best American and British educational institutions to study cinema and acting for foreign students

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Best American and British educational institutions to study cinema and acting for foreign students

Studying cinematography and acting in the UK and the USA reveals limitless career opportunities for truly motivated students, as well as talented professionals. England and America - one of the most prestigious and developed countries in the field of teaching the film industry, directing, acting and other related specialties.

This article presents such educational institutions as:

  • Introduction to the film industry and acting

Kings College Los Angeles - perhaps one of the first places to go for an introduction to the film industry. In the College there is a program English + cinema for 4 or 12 weeks. 

  • The cost of the program (price per week) is $ 480
  • The cost of the residence for 2 people (price per week) - $ 361

Idyllwild Arts Academy - Academy of Arts Idlweide Arts is a specialized academy where the following areas are studied in depth:

  • Fine arts
  • Cinema
  • Interactive art
  • Theater
  • Dance

It offers both long-term education  and short-term summer courses.

  • Cinema in the UK, high school and pre-university programs

The following educational institutions can be considered for international students:

Abby College London - Suitable for children who are now 14-16 years old. In college, there is an opportunity to study Mass media production on the BTEC program (2 years before the university), which includes a general practical course, which includes shooting, journalism, newspaper publications, film production, work with the most up-to-date video processing programs. College is the most modern college in central London, the road after which lead to the very best universities in the world in the field of Cinema.

  • CSVPA - Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts - You will be introduced to the world of digital production of short films and 3D animation. Many use this program as a stepping stone to advertising, producing feature films, television or cameraman art and directing work. Group work is the main form of training because of the joint nature of the work on the project, but for the final project, you will work independently of each other.

An example of the skills obtained: pixelization, green screen, SFX with Adobe After Effects, Motion Tracking, Drawn animation and Drawn, video editing and DV authoring, Rotoscoping.

The course prepares for further studies at universities in the following programs: Media and communications, animation, graphic design, film practice, visual effects, 3D game design, computer animation and visualization, film and television production, digital cinema production, Interactive Media Design.

  • Cinema and Acting at UK Universities - studying in the most ranked schools and universities

  • University of Hertfordshire /
  1. Requirements: it is necessary to send a portfolio of works for evaluation. Before it's needed to pass IELTS on 6.0
  2. Bachelor's Program in Film and Television (Production) with Additional Employment Opportunity / Study Abroad
  3. Cost: £ 11,950 - the year
  4. Accommodation:

  • University of Sussex - provide a foundation program in the field of motion picture arts, after successful passage of which the student can continue his studies at the undergraduate program in the following areas: Film Studies, Media and Communications, Media and Cultural Studies, Media Practice, Sociology and Media Studies.


Conducts to enter undergraduate programs at the University of Gloucestershire:


  • University of Lincoln - receive students for the foundation program, after which it is possible to study in the undergraduate program in Film and Television and Media Production.

Image result for University of Lincoln

Cinema, Acting and Theater Craftsmanship, Music and Dancing in the best US schools

  • Idyllwild Arts Academy - offers both short summer programs and high-grade secondary education. It is one of the best educational institutions in its class.

Cinema and Acting Mastery at US Universities

  • NYFA The New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts - has the main buildings in New York and Los Angeles. The branches are located in Miami and around the world. The New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts was founded on the basis of the cinema center of the famous actor Robert de Niro in 1992 and since then has been accepting students from all over the world for studying.

In Los Angeles, students have an opportunity to practice at Universal Studios.

There are programs that last for a week / a few weeks, as well as one-year programs / three-year programs (Bachelor's).

The list of specializations at the New York Academy of Cinematography is available on the Academy page.

There are many arts programs at the university (short-term, summer, long-term higher education, magistracy). Here you can explore such areas as

  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Videography + special effects
  • Movies

Popular is the faculty of media communications (in English) about-us / news-events / news / 2016 / march / media-the-filter- of-communications

Description of the program (in English) academics / communications- media-technologies / undergraduate

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