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2018-07-30 11:57:09

Summer camps in the world, children's summer camps abroad for children and teenagers

Summer camps in the world, children's summer camps abroad for children and teenagers

This article provides detailed information on the best camps around the world, on the developed educational programs. Making a decision to send their child, a teenager will receive high-quality language training and will be able to have a great rest!

Forward to the advanced summer camps around the world!

Visiting the leading language camps abroad is a truly unique academic experience that harmoniously combines not only a full immersion in the language and cultural environment of a new country, but also an effective study of a foreign language and the improvement of language skills. As part of the training of elite language children's camps abroad, the latest method of teaching foreign languages is used, which has already proved its effectiveness. In connection with which, foreign teenagers successfully master the teaching material, and they immediately begin to apply the acquired skills in communicating with peers who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, as well as participating in a variety of fascinating leisure activities.

Our educational center offers a wide range of language programs. It should be noted that some elite language camps abroad have developed and are offering academic programs to the attention of children and adolescents, whose target audience is the novice conquerors of the language. We draw your attention to the fact that in the walls of the best foreign language camps, classes are conducted by experienced and highly qualified teachers using the latest teaching methods.

When there are no classes, a variety of leisure activities are organized specifically for students, within which you can have a great rest, and establish useful contacts and acquire new and loyal friends.

The best themed language camps in the world

Making a decision to visit prestigious children's language boarding schools, a teenager has an excellent opportunity to combine intensive improvement of language skills with hobby classes. For example, in various countries of the world, there are diverse language boarding schools, in particular in Great Britain there are leading language camps, in California there are successfully functioning prestigious language camps providing surfing courses, as well as for the attention of foreign children and teenagers are offered language camps for water sports located in Malta.

In case of preferences of cultural events, our experts advise to enter the elite language camps, which provide for conducting classes in the direction of fashion and design and which are located in the heart of the British capital. In addition, in the walls of the rating Oxford, foreign language adolescents are offered language boarding schools that emphasize the teaching of theatrical art. The choice of foreigners also includes language camps with a dance club located in Torquay, or as an alternative, you can study at the leading language children's boarding schools, whose curriculum includes pop music courses in Brighton.

Adults also have an excellent opportunity to attend the best summer language camps around the world (this is not only the privilege of children!), Within which you can effectively prepare for the passing of international language exams, in addition, you can take business English courses. Agree that during the holiday you can effectively improve your skills in a foreign language, you not only have a great rest, but also spend time with great benefit!

If you want to spend a vacation excitingly and cognitively, then you just need to pay attention to the prestigious international language camps, whose target audience is foreign children and adolescents aged 5 to 21 years. It is worth noting the fact that a child at a younger age shows greater receptivity to learning and absorbing a foreign language. So, when deciding to visit an elite foreign children's camp in which a multinational environment reigns, a  teenager will receive, in addition to effectively passing the language courses, thereby improving the level of fluency in foreign languages, and also having a terrific and exciting vacation. After his trip a teenager will significantly increase the number of new and faithful friends who are representatives of different countries of the world, in particular, Great Britain, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, etc. Staying in an elite foreign language camp, your child will simply be forced to communicate on a regular basis in a foreign language, both within the classroom and simply among peers, thereby practicing the acquired skills. In addition, the improvement of the level of knowledge of a foreign language will occur within the framework of various leisure activities, excursions and parties.

As for rating youth language camps abroad, there is a certain degree of mixing of foreign teenagers with local children in their walls. Within the framework of the training, a skill is developed to interact and conduct a dialogue between friends, successfully overcoming the communication barrier and accepting cultural differences, while at the same time acquiring highly useful skills that will be useful in the future, both in training and in employment.

You will be given an extremely high assessment of the quality of teaching, in which an interactive method is applied to foreign adolescents within the walls of the best language camps around the world. Immediately at the time of arrival of an alien in a prestigious language school-boarding abroad, a test is provided, based on the results of which the groups of pupils are made in the context of the level of knowledge of a foreign language. It should be noted that the main tool in teaching a foreign language to schoolchildren is in the majority of cases the game approach.

By contacting our educational center, you will be able to choose an acceptable language camp abroad, particularly in the UK, Spain, Andorra, Ireland, Canada and the US, based on your own financial resources, individual goals and preferences of the child. Note that the cost of training is largely determined by the time of the year (in the summer there is an increased demand), the option of accommodation abroad, as well as the number of additional leisure activities. Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that elite language camps can be found in almost any country in the world, namely:

  • Located on the coast, in particular, is Malta, Spain, the United States, South Africa
  • Located in the highlands - Andorra, Switzerland
  • Elite language camps located on the mainland.

Studying on the continent or on the islands in the immediate vicinity of the sea or the ocean, your child will be satisfied and will be delighted with exciting and informative vacations that will be filled with fun and bright emotions, from staying in the top language school-boarding house abroad. At the same time, language skills will develop, as well as cultural exchanges through constant communication with representatives from all over the world.

The best foreign language camps provide an excellent opportunity to study English, Spanish, Italian, German, and also French, while the specific choice is determined by the goals and preferences of each child or adolescent.

Choosing the best summer camp in different countries of the world

Each parent seeks to select a top language language boarding school for his or her child, while the TOP-100 summer camps are not rated, which could be used to choose a prestigious educational institution for the holidays. Thus, it will take time to search for a prestigious language camp for children that is appropriate to your child's interests and interests.

It is worth noting that each overseas school-boarding house has its own advantages and disadvantages, developed truly unique educational programs, and each has its own unique atmosphere within the walls of each school. Thus, in the selection of a leading language camp abroad, it is worthwhile to be guided by the proposed programs of rest and education, which correspond to the interests and preferences of your child. Understanding your child's goals will make it possible to make the right choice of the country, the training program and, of course, the cost.

In most cases, sending your child abroad, a paramount role for parents is a guarantee of control and safe conditions of stay for students. At the same time, many parameters are singled out, which are no less important in the process of selecting an advanced language boarding school abroad. In the case of a sufficiently large age of a teenager, it will be interesting and useful for him to familiarize himself with everyday life, traditions and culture of peers - representatives of different countries of the world, as well as qualitative studies abroad. In addition, before entering a foreign rating university in a prestigious language school-boarding house, an opportunity is provided for an objective assessment of its capabilities, including academic ones, and awareness of new perspectives. If the child has not reached another 14 years, then he has a great opportunity for a significant improvement in language skills.

Below is a table showing the variation of the summer language camp in different countries of the world in terms of the goal of summer recreation, as we have already noted, all children have different preferences.

Type of summer camp

Purpose of rest

International Camp

Safe and comfortable living conditions, great opportunities for recreation

Sports camps

Intensive exercise

International or thematic camps

All conditions are created that distinguish comfort and a high level of security for the choice of classes that meet the interests and preferences of the child

Ecological camps

Schoolchildren get an understanding of the definition of ecology, it shows the beauty of nature

Holidays on the farm

Children have an excellent opportunity to get to know the life of the farmer, teenagers after the training have an idea of cooking bread, butter, cheese

Thematic camps

Provides an opportunity to explore certain areas of creativity or conquer new sports

Language schools-boarding houses and language courses providing for accommodation with a teacher

Significant improvement of language skills, it is possible to pass an international language exam

Thematic camps and courses providing accommodation in host local families

Full immersion in the language environment, close acquaintance with the traditions, culture and customs of various countries of the world

Camps that provide training for skills such as leadership skills, also created mountaineering camps, tourist and sports camps

Within the walls of such educational institutions, it is possible to correct the difficulties that arise in connection with the transitional age, help the adolescent to overcome them successfully, and also prepare for adulthood

Summer camps providing for the teaching of academic disciplines

A great opportunity is provided to fill gaps in the subjects of the school curriculum, and to pass effective preparation for admission to an elite foreign university

Summer schools-boarding houses for youth, camps created on the basis of colleges and universities

Effective academic and language training is carried out for successful enrollment in a top university abroad

As you can see, each prestigious language camp has its own specific characteristics and characteristics that distinguish them from each other. Within the framework of the developed educational programs, as a rule, emphasis is placed on a certain area, in particular, it can be sports, art or preparation for the passing of an international language exam.

In the case of the choice of the format of the prestigious language school-boarding house, the task now is to select the country on the territory of which the rating institution is located. Around the world, a large number of countries can be found that create numerous advanced summer language camps that have developed various educational programs from which the teenager chooses and whose teaching is allowed only by experienced and professional teachers who show sincere friendliness and participation in Best foreign language schools are located in countries such as Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Australia, New Zealand ndiya, as well as China. The elite language camps located in these countries guarantee the highest level of safety and comfort for foreign teenagers. Below is a table in which you can find countries in relation to language schools, which plays the most important role for you.

Key characteristics of the language camp for children


High level of comfort, excellent climate, safety

Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, USA

A huge selection of educational programs

Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, USA

Effective teaching of English

USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland

Effective teaching of French

France, Canada, Switzerland

Effective teaching of German

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Effective teaching of Spanish

Spain, Switzerland

Effective Teaching Chinese

China, Switzerland

Excursion and intensive cultural program

Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, USA

Intensive Sports Program

Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, USA


Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France

Preparation for successful enrollment in an elite school-boarding house

Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, USA

Pre-university preparation

USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland

We draw your attention to the fact that the enumeration of countries is proceeding in descending order, that is, the first countries have a greater variety of summer language and educational programs that are aimed at foreign teenagers and children.

TOP-10 of the best language camps in the world - a choice of science, art and sports

After the last school bell and on the eve of the summer holidays, the process of raising children and adolescents does not stop even for a minute, as they go to prestigious language camps abroad. Below is a list of the 10 best and most specific camps in the world, a stay in which will give your child unforgettable and brightest impressions and emotions.

If we consider the history of the development of language boarding schools, the end of the 19th century in the US was marked by the opening of the first children's camps. The target audience for the visit were boys who were from wealthy families. As for the location, these educational institutions were practically in the forests, which created an obstacle to obtaining all the advantages of urban living, thereby distracting young adolescents from the wrong trend regarding the feminization of society. For many decades, the popularity of children's recreation abroad, which is combined with teaching, is growing. Thus, at the same time, the availability of children to stay in prestigious language boarding schools has grown, not only the elite but also the middle class can now afford summer education for their child abroad.

The most interesting for the most curious

In Europe, the status of the best camp of the Swiss camp network AltitudeInternationalSummerCamps is universally assigned. Foreign children and adolescents have a wide choice of educational programs, within the framework of which the teaching of literature, English, and music is envisaged. In addition, the elite language schools-boarding schools in Switzerland are expected to intensively develop schoolchildren's sports skills, in particular, children acquire the skills of playing golf, squash, tennis, etc. Your child will be delighted and extremely impressed by the picturesqueness of natural landscapes and beautiful Alps. The cost of training in the rating campus of Switzerland, located among the mountains, for two weeks will be 4800 Swiss francs.

Red carpet for the future stars of the film industry

The most popular and popular among adolescents, who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, use rating language camps that recruit students with good abilities in such creative fields as singing, drawing, and theatrical skill. It is in the United States that the largest number of such creative and elite language boarding schools are concentrated. Special attention is deserved by an elite language camp called LongLakeCampfortheArt, which is located in New York in the immediate vicinity of the Hudson coast. We draw attention to the fact that this educational institution is characterized by a fairly high price of training for three weeks, which is about 6 thousand dollars. Upon admission to this elite language school-boarding house, parents are guaranteed that their child will acquire the necessary skills to become in the near future a Hollywood actor or a popular singer. Thus, teenagers are taught basic skills in acting. Adrian Brody, who is an Oscar recipient, was invited as an honorary guest for the classes. Thus, the passage of fascinating training will contribute to the formation in schoolchildren of the future demanded personalities of theater and cinema.

If your child wants to become more closely acquainted with the art of great European artists, then it is necessary to go to the popular top language camp in Italy called ArtealSole. Thus, as part of the training, students will have skills in sketching the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, the idea of the beautiful architecture of Florence and the sculpture of Rome. Parents are given the opportunity to choose the direction of study, thereby determining the geographic direction of the tourist and academic trip. It should be noted that teaching in the educational program is conducted in English, while guaranteeing a full immersion in the culture of Europe. And all the and foreign teenagers get extremely useful skills. As for the cost of training, a two-week stay in picturesque Italy will be on average 400 euros, not including the purchase of air tickets and additional costs.

Young athletes will be delighted!

Agree that there are few boys who are ready to spend a quiet summer vacation in a quiet North American forest. Each teenager dreams of a fascinating and interesting vacation, which is determined by the degree of saturation of the proposed educational program. That the young man could be fully realized, it is necessary to choose a prestigious foreign language school-boarding house, in which attention is paid to active sports activities. So, in the different countries of the world the best language sports camps are created, which bring up future famous football players, tennis players, snowboarders, yachtsmen. In addition to training, foreign children and adolescents receive excellent physical fitness. On the territory of America among foreigners, extreme camps are extremely popular and in demand, on the contrary, in the advanced boarding schools of Europe, future professional athletes are trained, which are aimed at obtaining gold medals, participating in the Olympic Games.

If your child dreams of attending football lessons, then our highly qualified specialists advise you to pay attention to the most powerful language football boarding schools that are located in Catalonia and are created on the basis of FC Barcelona club FCBarcelonaCamp. In the walls of this prestigious camp, the schoolchildren master the technique of scoring goals, like Messi, the defense of the gate by the method of Gerard Piquet. In addition, teenagers acquire such personal qualities as mutual assistance and a sense of team spirit. Note that not everyone can afford to rest in the elite boarding school in Barcelona because of the high cost, which is 3000 euros per stay for a week. However, the effectiveness of training and sports activities is confirmed in practice, thus, the costs very quickly recoup themselves.

If the parents do not experience too much anxiety for their child, then it is worth paying attention to the prestigious specialized camp called CampMotorsport, which is located on the territory of Richmond, which belongs to the US state of Virginia. Just imagine, the teaching of the art of driving, in particular the extreme one, is envisaged. Target audience is foreign teenagers aged 9 to 17 years. As for the price of training, it will vary from 1000 to 2000 dollars, which is determined by the period of stay and the type of educational program. At the same time, this cost does not include transportation and additional costs.

Another extreme holiday is possible in Greece, in the immediate vicinity of Athens, in a beautiful valley on the famous Peloponnese peninsula, which will amaze with its magnificent landscapes. Does your child like to watch Western movies? Then for him, the elite language camp TheRanch is simply created, a stay in which will allow you to sit confidently in the saddle, take part in the rodeo. In addition, there is an opportunity for farming. Thus, when deciding to visit a prestigious camp, your child will be able to fully immerse himself in the life and lifestyle of these cowboys. Note that the territory of the camp resembles externally the village where the Indians live, at the same time there is a farm with wild boars and deer. A stable with 6 ponies and 25 horses is also constructed. To fully immerse themselves in the life of the past period of time, a mill, a butter mill, and a shoemaking workshop are open to foreign teenagers.

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