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TOP-7 unique Master's courses, which have no analogues in the world

TOP-7 unique Master's courses, which have no analogues in the world

In this article, we will introduce you to the most unusual programs and courses that can be taken in various foreign higher education institutions at the master's level.

Ethical Hacking Program, Abertay University, UK

This course is innovative, where you will get acquainted with computer science and study cybersecurity. After receiving education, the graduate will be able to think like a hacker, and will also learn to assess the security of the system, simulating hacker attacks. You will certainly become a sought-after specialist and will be able not only to hack computer systems, but also to ensure their full protection.

  • Requirements for applicants: bachelor's degree in computer science, knowledge of English.
  • The training lasts one year, its cost for foreign students is £ 13,250, the beginning of training is in September.
  • The university provides an opportunity to receive a scholarship.

Theory of Sexuality Program, California State University, San Francisco, USA

The focus of the program is strictly academic. Students will be able to learn what human sexuality is, what components it consists of and how to properly evaluate it in society. A lot of time in the course is devoted to the history of sexuality, from antiquity to modernity.

  • Requirements for applicants: successful completion of the GRE test, knowledge of English and bachelor's degree.
  • Tuition lasts two years, the cost per semester for foreign students is $ 3,000, documents can be submitted until March 1.
  • The university has a program for which you can receive a scholarship.

School of Packaging Program, University of Michigan, USA

A master's degree in packaging is not the case anywhere else. At the university, you can also become a bachelor or a candidate of science. During the training, you will figure out how to properly pack items and goods of various categories and types, be sure to undergo the necessary practice.

  • Requirements for applicants: the presence of a certificate of completion of one-year courses in chemistry, physics and mathematics, knowledge of English.
  • The training lasts two years, the cost of it for foreign students is $ 1372.50 on the credit system. In order to enroll in September, documents must be sent before January 15.
  • It is possible to receive a scholarship as material assistance.

Brewing and Distillation Programme, Heriot-Watt University, UK

After completing this course, you will become a real professional in the field of not only brewing, but also in the fields of moonshine brewing and distilling. In addition to this narrow specialization, you will learn the nuances of effective management in the enterprise.

  • Requirements for applicants: bachelor's degree (engineering or natural sciences) and knowledge of English.
  • The training lasts two years, its cost for foreign students is £ 17,220, documents can be provided until the start of the course in the autumn.
  • During the training, students can receive a scholarship.

The Beatles, Pop and Society Programme, Liverpool Hope University, UK

It is safe to say that you will not find analogues of this course anywhere else. As the name implies, the main subject of study is the history of The Beatles. At the same time, you will study a lot of interesting things related to popular musical directions and their impact on the public.

  • Requirements for applicants: the presence of a red bachelor's degree is welcomed, a certificate of knowledge of English is required.
  • The training lasts one or two years, its cost for foreign students is £ 10,800, the deadline for submitting documents for admission to the course in the autumn is until the end of January.
  • For foreign students, there are several types of scholarship programs.

Christian Leadership Program, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA

If you are a Christian and dream of creating your own team, if you are interested in forming a spiritual community or an association of clergymen, then the Christian leadership program is exactly for you. It is here that you will learn about the unique practice of so-called "leadership service" and learn leadership skills.

  • Requirements for applicants: knowledge of English, recommendation from a mentor, the presence of leadership qualities.
  • Tuition lasts two or three years, its cost for foreign students is $ 1935 per course, documents can be submitted at any time, but not earlier than 1 year before the start of the course.
  • During the course, students can receive a scholarship.

Humor Program, Humber College, Canada

Having mastered this program, you will joke with the knowledge of the matter! In addition, you will be able to write scripts yourself and learn to improvise, and your diploma at the end of the course will indicate that you are a master of comedy.

  • Requirements for applicants: knowledge of English and readiness for a creative exam.
  • Training lasts two years, its cost for foreign students is $ 14,200 per year, the beginning of training is in September, the application must be submitted before February 1.
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