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FAQ: Pros and cons of education in Canada for foreign students

FAQ: Pros and cons of education in Canada for foreign students

The Canadian education system meets high international standards, so diplomas obtained in Canadian universities are highly valued at the international level.

But at the stage of choosing a country for education, a foreign applicant should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of education in Canada.


Advantages of education in Canada

Quality of education

University programs of education in Canada are mostly under state control. This fact is due to the high level of academic base and level of teaching. The Canadian education system is inextricably linked with practice - already during their studies, students are given the opportunity to undergo an internship with real employers. In such companies, it is subsequently absolutely possible to get a permanent position with a good salary.

Loyal admission conditions

To enroll in a course at a college or university, the applicant must provide a certificate or diploma of higher education in his native country + the results of language tests. If at the time of admission the level of English or French is insufficient (Canada is a bilingual country), educational institutions offer programs with less academic load and the possibility of additional language classes.

High-quality technical equipment and infrastructure

Universities in Canada are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows students to conduct complex research, laboratory, information or telecommunication projects in practice. Access to libraries, scientific funds, research bases allows you to fundamentally delve into the subject of study.

Demand for professions

Canadian colleges, in partnership with employers, develop curricula depending on the most relevant professions in the labor market. This is facilitated by social research, which makes real forecasts for the next 5-10 years. To date, the most popular destinations are tourism, marketing, IT-specialties and restaurant business.   

No age restrictions

Most education programs in Canada are available for people over 17 years of age. There is a practice for foreign parents - when teaching full-time at least one of them, his child can attend school for free.

Migration benefits

Students who have graduated from a college or university in Canada can stay in the country for another 1-2 years. This makes it possible to apply for a residence permit. Having received this permit, a foreign citizen can also return up to 50% of the payment for the completed education.

Scholarships and grants

Initiative and literate students with successful studies, universities in Canada provide grants, scholarships and discounts that can save up to 50-70% of payment. It should be noted that these privileges apply not only to the scientific sphere, but also to various humanitarian programs, the field of art, engineering projects and the field of natural sciences.

Disadvantages of education in Canada

High cost

Undergraduate programs in Canada cost 9,000-20,000 $CAD per year, and can cost up to 38,000 $CAD per year. It is also worth taking into account expensive air travel and daily expenses.

Inability to retake exams

The educational system in Canada does not provide for retaking a subject if a student receives an unsatisfactory grade. This threatens to re-listen to the course, which will affect the total cost of education and time.


In Canada, quite severe climatic conditions, the January air temperature can drop to -26 degrees. 

Rental housing and educational materials

Additional costs for foreign students is rental housing, about 1000 $CAD per year will be required for textbooks, methodological materials.

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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