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2021-11-16 22:53:50

TOP-7 largest zoos in the world

TOP-7 largest zoos in the world

Going to the zoo with children is a great story for a family weekend. Especially if it is a large institution where there are many animals and where you can spend hours watching the habits of our smaller brothers, studying their habits and watching for cute antics.

The zoo can be small - and to the limit stuffed with different breeds, or spacious, where each species is freely and spaciously placed in close to natural conditions.

We bring to your attention a selection of ten considered the largest zoos on the planet.

Toronto Zoo

The establishment in this Canadian city has become a new home for almost half a thousand species with a total total number of up to 5,000 animals, and the total area exceeds 285 hectares. The habitat conditions of most of them are as similar as possible to those in which animals live in the wild.

San Diego Zoo

This zoo in Southern California is much more compact, but the varieties of animals on 40 hectares managed to accommodate much more - and this despite the fact that there is a practice of demonstrating inhabitants without cages, on free grazing.

Specialists are engaged not only in serving the interests of the zoo, but also in maintaining the reproduction of rare and endangered species.

Bronx Zoo

The oldest institution of this type in the Big Apple. This zoo "starred" in "Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live": the main characters Newt Scamander and nemag Jacob Kowalski are engaged in catching escaped witchcraft animals, not paying attention to the fact that trouble also happened to the zoo.

Most of the enclosures, spread over 107 hectares and containing 4 thousand belonging to 652 species of animals, resemble the natural environment of animal life.

National Zoological Garden of South Africa

Often called Praetorian - after the city in which it is located. On 84 hectares live 7000 representatives of 707 species. It is interesting to note that the site is divided into two parts, roughly corresponding to the landscape of the mountains and plains of South Africa. Between them flows a picturesque river, over which an openwork bridge stretches.

London Zoo

The history of this place has more than 170 years - the zoo of the British capital was opened in 1847 with the support of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. The territory is slightly more than 45 hectares, animals belonging to 755 species, a lot - several tens of thousands.

Once upon a time, people were also kept in cages - in the image and likeness of the zoos of Belgium: indigenous African tribes were available for study on a par with their four-legged neighbors. And now this place is a bastion of humanity and common sense, known for hundreds of programs to save endangered species in the wild.

Moscow Zoo

The institution, which opened its doors to those wishing to inspect the wild animals from different countries contained in it, appeared in the ancient merchant capital of Russia in 1864, and rightfully bears the status of one of the oldest and most respected.

In the 90s it was in a very sad form, but then it was improved and expanded, and the living conditions of most animals radically improved. With a small territory, it has a colossal tailed-striped population - almost a thousand species.

Beijing Zoo

It is spread over a huge territory and has an almost record number of "guests". He opened his doors already in 1906, but in 1937-1947 for obvious reasons did not work: the Japanese, who occupied the country, devoured almost all the outlandish animals.

Most of the animals are inhabitants of various parts of the PRC.

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