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Schools with the study of English in Ireland

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Schools with the study of English in Ireland

Smapse offers you the opportunity to learn English in Ireland! Studying English at language courses in Ireland will allow you and your child to significantly improve their English proficiency by providing a unique opportunity for speaking with Irish, native speakers of English, and also to touch the unique culture and traditions of Ireland.

To date, schools with the study of English in Ireland are gaining increasing popularity among those who want to learn English at language courses from around the world. In a modern dynamic world, a successful career and real success in life is almost impossible without teaching English, which is most effective in Ireland. One may ask: "Why Ireland?", Because in the world there are a large number of countries offering a variety of ways and methods of teaching English, but the most effective option is, of course, learning English in English-speaking countries, in particular in schools with studying English in Ireland . Learning English in Ireland's language schools is becoming more popular every year. Every year, tens of thousands of students in secondary and high schools, universities, as well as simply wanting to learn English, come to Ireland. The main reason for this popularity is that schools with the study of English in Ireland offer an effective and attractive combination of the highest standards of education and a rich cultural program that deepens the experience of living in a developed European country.

In Ireland, as in the UK , there are age-old educational traditions, but the English language was not taught directly to foreign listeners more than 30 years ago. And yet for this short time in Ireland, their unique methods of teaching English have developed, which have used the richest experience of providing educational services to foreign students in the UK. The Irish people say: "Language schools are the same as in the UK, but better." In addition to a large number of Irish language schools offering English courses, there are also branches of some international language centers.

English language courses in Ireland for foreign students are offered by almost all educational institutions of various levels: universities, colleges, secondary schools, etc. In addition, in Ireland, specialized language schools with English studies are very popular, which also offer a variety of short-term and long-term language courses for every taste. The main types of educational programs offered in Ireland will be covered further, however, anyone can choose their own language course in Ireland, the most suitable for him.

Features of teaching English in language schools in Ireland

One of the main advantages of language schools with the study of English in Ireland is the academic orientation of education. Unlike English language courses in the UK, Ireland's educational programs imply a greater emphasis directly on maximizing the acquisition of new knowledge of English, and only then are activities carried out in the remaining time. This does not mean, however, that studying English in Ireland is sad or tiring - on the contrary, teaching English at courses in Ireland also includes leisure activities organized by the language schools themselves. It should be noted that the leisure program of language courses makes the most of one of the unique features of Ireland: picturesque nature and incredible landscapes. As a result, the entertainment program includes many outdoor activities, including excursions, including sports activities such as trekking, rock climbing, various water sports, as well as usual leisurely walks around the city and its environs. In addition, opportunities are given to learn how to play golf, cricket, or visit creative clubs, dance sections, where you can learn how to dance the legendary Irish jig!

Equipped with modern technology, spacious and comfortable classrooms with a wealth of experience and high qualification, teachers, the use of advanced modern technologies in the field of education, as well as a wide range of educational programs to choose from - all this allows the language schools with the study of English in Ireland to occupy a leading place among similar training institutions in the world. Learning English in Ireland will allow your child not only to learn English in a qualitative way, but also to get acquainted with interesting and unique Irish culture, history, music and art, traditions, as well as visit various world-famous museums and attractions. In addition, the Irish - a cheerful and benevolent people - with them you do not get bored!

As for language schools, the largest number of language schools with the study of English in Ireland are in the capital, Dublin . However, in other cities there are many decent schools, which are also popular among foreign students: for example, in the cities of Galway , Cork or Limerick. Your child can also learn English in courses in small towns and quiet and quiet regions. It is worth noting the unique opportunity to learn English in Ireland in specialized language centers located right in the Irish castles!

To study at any of the many language schools with the study of English in Ireland, applicants from all over the world do not need to pass any introductory tests, because before the beginning of the classes on the language course of English teachers conduct a special test to determine the entrance level of English (sometimes such a test It is offered to future students of English courses even before their direct arrival to Ireland via the Internet. In most cases, such testing is conducted on the first, introductory, lesson. However, there is also a sufficient number of long-term educational programs that provide English language training for several months, semesters or even a whole year! Of course, it is already necessary to take entrance exams on such language courses, since such courses require a certain level of English language proficiency. Similar requirements for students are also shown in English courses that operate at any higher educational institution or college in Ireland. Finally, the specialized annual preparation programs for entering universities in the UK or Ireland (or any other English-speaking country) also require an adequate entry level of English.

It is necessary to dwell on the English language itself in Ireland . There is a stereotypical view that the study of English in Ireland is useful only for those students who subsequently wish to enroll in an educational institution in Ireland, due to the specific pronunciation of local native speakers. However, it should be understood that English language courses in Ireland involve the study of classical English. The teaching staff of any language school will teach exactly classical, international, pronunciation (however, if you live for a while in the Irish outback, you can actually learn the Irish pronunciation). Thus, even in the case of long-term English language courses in Ireland, the chance of being misunderstood is almost the same as the chance of being misunderstood in the UK. For your information: but the Scottish accent is so specific (you can see this by searching the Internet for information on the query "Scottish accent") that Irish people have a lot of jokes and anecdotes about it.

In those language schools that do not require entrance examinations, the foreign student must, in the vast majority of cases, fill out the application, provide personal data to the employees of the educational institution, pay the mandatory registration fee of the language school, and also the educational program itself. It is worth remembering that a student visa is required to travel to Ireland.

Benefits of teaching English at schools in Ireland

Among the main advantages of studying English in Ireland's language schools are the following aspects:

  • Relatively less expensive English language courses than in the UK: on average, prices of educational programs are lower by 25%;
  • A relatively lower price level in general than in the UK, which will save a little on food and accommodation;
  • At the same time, the quality of English language courses in Ireland is at the highest level and in no way inferior to the UK's educational programs;
  • A unique opportunity to learn the classical, international, English version, while saving on the prestige of the UK;
  • The ability to quickly overcome the language barrier and adapt quickly enough in a new language, academic and cultural environment, since the Irish are very friendly and hospitable, they are very sociable and gladly go in contact with foreign students;
  • It is quite simple and clear process of registration of a student visa - one way or another, our specialists will provide you with all the necessary support;
  • During training on long-term educational programs there is a possibility of sub-work;
  • Finally, Ireland is a country with beautiful nature, picturesque meadows, lakes and rivers, green parks and clean air. Here there is a unique atmosphere. At the same time, it should be noted that the climate here is quite capricious: a sunny warm day can cause a cold downpour.


Types of language courses in schools with the study of English in Ireland


In most language schools with the study of English in Ireland, teachers use teaching methods of their own design, but common to all educational programs is their complexity, universality. In other words, especially in the case of short-term language courses in English, the teacher emphasizes various aspects of the English language, and especially much time is devoted to language practice. In general, it is possible to present the main types of English language courses in the form of the following list:

  • General English course (basic course);
  • English language courses in Ireland for children (including in the form of a camp).
  • Course of preparation for the international language exam , for admission to the university;
  • Course of specialized business English;
  • Programs that combine learning English and rest;
  • Annual academic language course;

One of the most popular areas of preparation is preparing for the passing of any international language exam to the level of English (for example, IELTS or TOEFL, but also many others). As a rule, students of similar English language courses are future students who would like to enroll in one of the universities of Ireland or any other English-speaking country.

Another popular type of English language courses is the language courses of business English. They can be general (that is, basic, where students are introduced to the specialized vocabulary of business, economics, etc.) or specialized: for example, language courses for lawyers, doctors, stockbrokers, hotel workers, etc. In addition, some language schools offer individual business English classes, while the schedule and intensity of the entire course is maximally adjusted to the schedule of the listener's day (in the role of which, as a rule, an experienced professional who needs to learn the English language).

Finally, language education programs specifically for children in Ireland offer an excellent combination of unobtrusive and effective learning of English and a fun and non-trivial vacation. In the English language courses held in the form of a summer children's camp , a child will be able either to begin learning English from scratch, or to pick up new knowledge in addition to those already available. Please note that your child will not only learn English (and for him it will not look at all like classes), but also participate in numerous cultural events, go on fascinating excursions, and take part in sports and creative games and competitions. Such a cheerful educational journey to Ireland will forever remain the brightest childhood memory for your child. The choice of language schools provides a different list of the programs included in the program and the cost of extra-curricular activities, the selection process is very flexible, so you can choose a language course in a children's English camp in Ireland for your child.

There are also English language courses in Ireland for adults , divided into two types depending on the length of stay in Ireland:

  • In the case of training for a total of less than 90 days, an entrance test for the level of English is not required;
  • In the case of training for a total of more than 90 days, you must pass the entrance test and show the result no less than "Pre-Intermediate".

As for the daily routine during the English language courses in Ireland, or the intensity of the classes, the following schemes are common:

  • English language training in the part-time school day (Part Time Studies): similar educational programs in Ireland involves the study of English in the classroom with the teachers during the first (or second) half of the day, and in the remaining time, students are free to do what they want. This is a great opportunity to combine an in-depth study of the English language with a close acquaintance with Ireland, its rich history and culture, to travel around the country, enjoying the picturesque landscapes of the local nature. At the same time, the opportunity to practice English in everyday communication with native speakers remains (along with the practice of language in classrooms).

  • Teaching English for the full day of study (Full Time Studies): these curricula, in the first place, involve academic studies. The goal of the educational program in this case is to give the material to the students as much as possible, which, as a rule, want to improve the level of English in a short time. Of course, there will also be time to get acquainted with Ireland, but such intensive educational programs allow you to overcome the language barrier in a relatively short time and speak English fluently.
  • Combining English language teaching and work (Study and work ): similar educational programs are designed for adult learners over 18 years old and allow you to combine English language learning in language courses for 8 months and part-time work. As many as 8 months you become a temporary full-time citizen of Ireland with a work permit during these eight months. As for the educational process, it is structured as follows: 6 months of English language instruction in language courses, during which the student has the right to work up to 20 hours a week, and then 2 months of vacation, during which one can either travel or work full-time a week (for 40 hours), or combine. It should be specially emphasized that the listeners must find work places on their own.


Learning English in Ireland for children aged 11 to 17 years.

Educational programs for teaching English in Ireland for children are conducted mainly in the form of a summer children's language camp . When writing for language courses, there are no requirements for a minimum level of English proficiency. Below are three types of educational programs for your child:

  • Standard English language training program: conducted throughout the summer, from June to the end of August and beginning of September. The intensity of training is up to 15 academic hours per week, from Monday to Friday. A leisure and cultural program is held daily after classes in English and also throughout the whole of Saturday, which is taken for excursions to other cities in Ireland. On Sunday, children can do whatever they want, walk, explore the campsite and the city, and communicate with new friends. Living in the house of the host Irish family will be able to get acquainted with the culture and life of the Irish, as well as in addition to practice in English.
  • Intensive English language course for children in Ireland: lasts about a month, also in the summer, includes up to 20 academic hours a week, Monday to Friday, while the duration of the lessons is increased compared to the standard educational program. A leisure and cultural program is also held daily after classes, on Saturday the guys go on guided tours and visit sights, and on Sunday - a free day, when children are free to do what they want.
  • The combined educational program involves teaching English in Ireland in combination with attending any sports section: football, tennis, horse riding, etc. In the first half of the day the children are engaged in English, and in the second - they attend sports classes. In addition, students are offered two trips each week: either an excursion, or some other cultural event. This program is suitable for active sports lovers.

Either way, all students in English language courses in Ireland attend English classes in an organized manner, and after that they are divided into groups depending on the sport chosen. In addition, for all language programs, it is common that the cost of the educational program is included by default:

  • Conducting tests at the entrance level of English before the beginning of classes, registration and administrative fees;
  • At the end of the course, each student who successfully completes the language course is given a Certificate of Completion of the educational program and a detailed report on the work done during the training.
  • Directly the educational program itself: it is from 15 to 20 academic hours of English a week;
  • All the textbooks, books and materials necessary for teaching English;
  • A rich cultural program, including various events, excursions, sightseeing, etc. (a specific list of included activities should be specified);
  • Mandatory sightseeing tour around Dublin or the city of learning;
  • A professional Irish guide accompanying the child at all cultural events and excursions;
  • Unlimited ticket for bus or metro for trips to the center of Dublin;
  • Comfortable accommodation in host Irish families, hostels in walking distance from the language school;


Accommodation while studying English at schools in Ireland

While teaching English in schools with English in Ireland, students are offered a choice of several options: a hotel / hotel / hostel, a student residence or the home of an Irish host family, or renting an apartment or room.

The most expensive options are accommodation in a hotel or hotel, as well as renting an apartment or a room. These options are suitable for those who do not want to save on expenses and want to get maximum comfort, as well as those who came to Ireland to study with their family or friends.

The children who chose accommodation in the host family's home will be able to immerse themselves in the language and cultural environment and will have a unique opportunity to get to know the culture and life of the Irish people. This type of accommodation is considered the most effective and comfortable, especially for young children. The Irish are pleased to provide foreign students with English language language courses for a moderate fee, and the child will live in comfort. In addition, families organize a two-time (as a rule) food for the child.

In the event that the child is already at a relatively independent age, he will prefer to stay in the student hostel, where he will be able to make new acquaintances with peers from around the world. Students are accommodated in common spacious bedrooms, designed for 2-3 people and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and studying. In each hostel there is a common kitchen and rest rooms.

By the way, in the case of education in long-term English language courses, a child can combine accommodation options: for example, live in the home of the host family for a couple of weeks or months, and then move to a student residence, etc. Below, for reference, a table with the estimated prices of each of the accommodation options considered during the English language training in English courses in Ireland is provided:

Accommodation option


Number of people in the room

Cost per week, Euro

In family

Full board (three meals a day)


175 - 240

Student hostel

Not included in the price


175 - 245

Detached apartment or room

Not included in the price


130 - 450

Hotel / hotel / hostel



50 - 150 per night

Features of choosing a language course in English in Ireland

The choice of English language courses in Ireland's schools is extensive and can be confusing. There are various short-term language courses (from two weeks to a month and a half), there are also long-term English courses, which have a duration of several months to 1 year.

So, you have already finally decided that your child wants to go to Ireland to learn English - the first and most important step is made, the matter is left for a small one. Let's try to figure out what issues need to be addressed to choose an effective English language course in Ireland; course, which will be useful, and will bring pleasure from the trip.

First, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the educational journey to Ireland. From a specific goal will depend on the most important choice directly to the language course of English. For example, if your child already has a certain level of proficiency in English, then the task may be an active language practice to overcome the language barrier, enriching existing knowledge, broadening the horizon, or, finally, traveling. In this case, the basic courses of general English, that is, without emphasis on this or that aspect of the English language, are most suitable. At the same time, the words "basic" and "general" do not mean that these language courses are easy and mediocre. The structure of similar English language courses in Ireland assumes the distribution of students by language groups depending on the entrance level of English. Before the beginning of the classes, teachers conduct testing to determine the level of ownership. As a rule, the intensity of the general English language education program is no more than 20 lessons per week, from Monday to Friday. At the same time, classes begin on every Monday, so it turns out that the teacher begins to teach English to some students, and a month later the composition of the group changes (if, say, all students studied for three or four weeks, and in their place came to others). Please note that the cost of general English language courses is generally cheaper than other educational programs.

For those who do not seek to save the budget, the best choice will be language courses in the form of tutoring, that is, individual lessons of the child with the teacher. The effectiveness of such educational programs is at the highest level, because the program of the language course will be built by the teacher based on the knowledge and skills of the child. There is an even more effective option - individual lessons are added to the residence of the teacher's family, which will allow him to communicate with him not only in class, but also in free hours. Such training is quite expensive, but this will allow you to get the maximum benefit from an educational journey. Of course, classes in groups are much more accessible. In addition, in group English courses in Ireland, you can get new acquaintances with peers from around the world.

There is also a variant of the English language language courses in Ireland for those who would like to achieve the greatest results in a relatively short time - intensive educational programs that provide for up to 25-30 academic hours of English per week. To the standard occupations is added an active practice of the English language: discussion of news, any topics, etc.

For active students, language schools with English studies in Ireland offer programs like "English plus", which in addition to normal activities involve sports, acquaintance with the history of Ireland, with its culture, including dance and music.

As a rule, schools with the study of English in Ireland accept for the training of students at the age of 18 years, but there are several language centers that accept children in both 16 and 17 years. As for children's summer language camps , they can go to children aged 12 years.

English Language Courses in Ireland: Cost

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the total cost of the language course of English language education in Ireland depends on a variety of pricing factors: the specificity of the language course itself, the duration of the educational program, the intensity of English classes, the type of accommodation, and the included in the cultural program of the English excursion course and activities .

Specific cost should be specified for each institution. On our site you will find all the necessary information for each of the parameters of the English language course in Ireland.

Thus, the study of English in Ireland is a high quality of the given material, a friendly and warm atmosphere, as well as more affordable prices for English language courses. In addition, in the winter, many language schools in Ireland offer educational programs at a reduced cost, as well as special offers. An educational trip to Ireland for English language courses allows not only to improve the level of English, but also to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of the European country, as well as enjoy the picturesque nature of Ireland.

On our site you can find all the necessary information, as well as feedback from students who have already traveled to Ireland to study English. In addition, the professional specialists of our agency have a rich long-term experience in organizing English language teaching abroad, particularly in Ireland. You can always leave a request for a free consultation in any way suitable for you (at the agency's office, by Skype or by phone) at the bottom of this page, and our experts will contact you at any time convenient for you. Smapse specialists will help you in any question interesting you, provide all the necessary information for making the right decision.

Learning English in Ireland is a great way to learn English at a high level!

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