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2018-07-30 11:56:38

How to apply correctly to US universities

How to apply correctly to US universities

When submitting documents to educational institutions of America , all decisions are taken by the admission office, which is located in each institution. Accept applications not later than a certain deadline, but if an applicant does not have time for the deadline, then there is a possibility of prolonging it. For doctoral and master's studies, the deadline for the submission is November / December, to start studies from next year.

Complete set of documents

When enrolls in US institutions , a basic package is required.

1. Application form, which can be submitted both electronically and on paper. Today, many universities offer to fill this form online.

2. To the standard package you need an application fee - a paid check for the examination of documents. The payment is about $ 50, so some universities of foreign students from this payment are released to attract them for training in their university.

3.Transcripts - an extract of all the final grades that contains the application form. School transcripts should be translated into English and be certified by the issuing institution. The translation must also be certified by a licensed organization.

Data are provided from all educational institutions in which the applicant has ever studied, be it a school, college or college. If the prospective applicant arrives in advance and has not yet received an extract of the final grades, then in this case it is necessary to submit grades for a semester.

4. Financial guarantees, which are of two types: commitment and confirmation of these funds. The first option indicates the amount that the future student is willing to pay for the study period. The whole period that is included in the training program is marked, otherwise it may be thought that the applicant will be on training for only one year. The second is to ensure that the specified amount is in the bank account for an extended period of time, not the last week.

5.Personal Statement (essay). Samples of written works are recommended to provide in any case, even if they are not required. It can be different samples, and they depend on the discipline on which the applicant intended to enter, for example samples of architectural or technical design or a portfolio in the field of art.

6.Recommendation letters, which are required 2-3. The letters should contain the contact information of the teacher who wrote them, so that the admissions office staff can contact him and clarify some details.

7. Certificates, certificates, copies of articles should be attached too, to show the student in perspective.

Pre-arrival Preparation Calendar

Usually, American enrollments can take from 12 months to 1.5 years, so start the process better as early as possible. The search for an educational institution needs to begin one and a half years before the beginning of education.

From April to August, you can write a list of schools that are most appropriate, and download from their sites a questionnaire that will be carefully researched.

From September to December, you need to pass the tests. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary documents and before January 1, send them to the selected university or college.

From April to May of the next year, schools will notify the applicant of the results.

The sequence of steps for admission

At the nearest educational center, a consultation should be held, where the applicant will be asked questions such as: "Do you know the English language well?" Or "What specialty have you chosen for your future?" At the educational center, you need to ask for samples of documents and recommendations for applicants to the US educational institutions, and Also additional literature describing different aspects of the process of admission.

With the help of the received literature or electronic databases, which are in every information and educational center, it is necessary to choose an educational institution that teaches in the chosen specialty and internship program. When choosing universities or colleges, one should pay attention to those institutions that provide financial assistance to foreign students. The decision on whether to provide assistance to a student is taken at the beginning of the year (January-February), but enlisted for training in March. After sending requests, the answers usually come in 3 or 4 weeks.

In the same period, it is desirable to select the required data and prepare for passing the tests and passing the exams. American universities all foreign applicants offer to take the test in English (TOEFL), and also have the right to offer to pass other examinations at their discretion. This information can be specified in the educational centers.

Some US schools do not consider applicants' documents without paying a fee, the cost of which ranges from $ 10 to $ 50. A paid check is attached to the package of materials. If there is no possibility to pay the fee, the package with materials should be enclosed in English, in which the applicant should indicate the reason for non-payment.

After the answers from the educational institutions come, you need to carefully study the information and compare the proposals. Lushe choose the institution that offers financial assistance and the most acceptable conditions for the applicant conditions of admission.

After a careful study of all the requirements of the chosen institution, remember information about the necessary materials, passing scores and exams. Units whose proposals have not been accepted should send a message about this. The selected university should send a form to the future student I-20, after which he will be offered to attend an American embassy for visa support.

More on compiling an essay

The essay is an important part of the package of documents. An essay is written in the form of a regular essay, when the student concentrates on such questions as: what and why do I want (expect) from school and what am I trying to achieve? To properly write a letter, you should follow some tips.

  • You do not have to start writing essays at once, it's better to wait and think for several days to get the idea mature.
  • To get the teacher interested in the first lines, you need to think carefully about the first sentence.
  • To emphasize the fact that studying in the chosen university is a continuation of the way to the planned plans and grandiose goals. When working on content, you should think about the questions: "Who am I and what is most important for me?" Or "What achievements do I have?" Do not write simply: "I am the smartest." It is better to write: "I am a single-minded person."
  • One should not write: "My favorite subject is chemistry." It is necessary to tell why the chosen area should lead to life successes and what is most attractive in it.
  • The more a student learns about the chosen institution, the better he can write what makes this institution special for him. Do not write: "University X is a great place." It is better to indicate the strengths of the university, the best professors who teach it, and talk about the uniqueness of the university.
  • It should be demonstrated what kind of education the applicant wants to receive and what are his professional goals.

How to correctly prepare a transcript

The transcript for admission to the American educational institution should include all the final grades of achievement for the last three years of study. The transcript is formatted in the form of a table with all items and final ratings. If the document is prepared in your native language, then it is certified by the school seal. If you prepared an English version, then the school's signature is added to the English teacher's signature, e-mail address and active phone number.

If a transcript is needed from the university, then information on all coursework, credits and practice is added to the table. This document still sometimes indicates the average score, called the American Grade Point Average (GPA). To translate a 5/10-point system into a 4-point system is not necessary - in an educational institution it will be done independently. You just need to specify in which system the GPA is calculated.

Rules for writing recommendations

From applicants usually require at least three recommendations from honestly assessing their successes of teachers. Therefore, anyone who comes should represent them. The letter should be signed with the personal signature and contact information of the teacher and sealed in an envelope. This implies that the future student does not know what grade is contained in the letter.

It is important that the person writing the recommendation not only knew the applicant, but also taught the subject directly related to the chosen specialty. For example, if you apply for a specialty in ophthalmology, and a recommendation from a gynecologist, then such a recommendation will absolutely not have value, since it will not be able to show the knowledge of the student in the chosen specialty.

It is better to immediately write the recommendations in English, but if this is not possible, a translation from the native language should be done by a specialist, for example an English teacher, indicating their personal and contact details and with the stamp of their institution.

It is better that all the information provided is accurate. Any proposal should be with meaning, and the characteristics are supported by examples. Each recommendation letter should complement the following, then when they are read, the admissions committee will have the most favorable opinion about the student.

In some universities, the US practices online recommendations. They pass in such a way that after reading the letters of recommendation to the people who wrote them, they come to the postal address with links to a page with an already ready login and password, on which they can fill one more recommendation. After entering, they will be offered a form in two or three pages, on which it will be necessary to assess the merits of the contestant on a scale.

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