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2022-02-06 12:37:02

TOP-10 largest Ferris wheels in the world

TOP-10 largest Ferris wheels in the world

Almost all significant megacities in the world have a list of important places of interest, which includes the building of the national stock exchange, a medieval fortress in the center of the capital, a parliament building, a couple of monuments with a long history, a national art gallery - and a Ferris wheel that allows you to enjoy city views from a bird's eye view.

Over the past 20 years, even second-tier cities, far from the dream of having at least part of the metropolitan functions, are building their own "devil's wheel". In our selection, we would like to draw attention to the ten largest officially operating wheels. So, let's go! Or rolled?

Melbourne Star, Australia

The spokes of this giant with a height of 120 meters are stars. After opening in 2008, it quickly became melbourne's important architectural and spatial dominant.

The Wheel at Icon Park, USA

The 122-meter colossus is organically inscribed in the local amusement park and allows guests who bought the coveted ticket to enjoy an excellent view of the numerous florida theme parks located at their feet, as if in the palm of their hand, as well as the territory of universal Studios with countless film sets. And somewhere in the distance you will see the magical castle of Walt Disney...

Redhorse Osaka, Japan

A meter higher than the previous number, it occupies an honorable place in the Osaka Expo Center, which, in turn, was erected on the site of EXPO-70, the first Asian world exhibition. Opened to visitors in 2016.

Sky Dream, Taiwan

The 126-meter "Heavenly Dream" was opened in the park of the city of Taichung five years ago, but soon closed for modernization, which could not be completed before the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic: since the seemingly completed repair, the wheel, having made tens of thousands of revolutions around its axis, has not transported a single passenger.

London Eye, United Kingdom

The famous 135-meter "London Eye", which opened to the public in 2000, originally bore the name "Wheels of the Millennium". Of course, it was opened in 2000, and the star of the opening ceremony was the Queen Mother in a space suit.

In total, there are 32 oval-shaped cabins, each of which accommodates two dozen passengers. Rotation around the axis is made within half an hour.

Bailang River Bridge Ferris Wheel, China

Toss another 10 meters and get a river wheel on the Bailang, in China. It looks quite extraordinary due to the lack of spokes in the design; the cabs rotate on the rim. At the same time, reliability is no less than traditional analogues!

Star of Nanchang, China

The 160-meter wheel is located in the amusement park, which bears the same name, in one of the cities of China. Each cabin has air conditioning and infrared heaters, so that passengers are comfortable and cozy in any weather.

At night, the rim and hubs of the wheel have a backlight that shimmers with a million colors.

Singapore Flyer, Singapore

This structure is five meters higher than the previous one. It is so high that from its top tourists have a view of three states: their own city, as well as Malaysia and Indonesia! The 28 capsules can accommodate up to 30 passengers.

High Roller, USA

Until the opening in 2021 of the tenth and last participant in our unusual rating, this Las Vegas structure enjoyed a reputation as the highest on Earth. Then he was bypassed.

Interestingly, each booth accommodates not only 40 people, but also a bar counter with a bartender. It's Vegas!

Ain Dubai, UAE

This impressive attraction with a height of a quarter of a kilometer was opened a couple of years ago on the eve of the EXPO-2020 exhibition in the Emirates, although due to the restrictions associated with the "corona" it had to be shifted for a whole year. But now all 48 cabins with a total capacity of 1700 passengers are spinning properly.

A full turn takes 40 minutes, and those who want to climb to the top are advised to get snacks and a couple of bottles of cola.

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