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How to send a child to the US for the summer?

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How to send a child to the US for the summer?

America has always attracted people from all over the world, because it is considered a country full of various opportunities for life and career. Today, such a reputation has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, it has only strengthened. Nowadays, the States are one of the most popular places to learn English. For this purpose, people of all ages come here: students, adults, teenagers and even children. For the latter, one of the most convenient options is a summer language camp.

From year to year, almost every educational institution during the summer holidays opens its doors to young students from all over the world. Of course, such language courses can take place in American educational institutions not only in summer, but also in winter, in spring or in autumn, however the greatest flow of students traditionally appears in the warmest season of the year. Such education, albeit with a duration of only 3-4 weeks, for many of the students becomes an excellent start on the path of new achievements, obtaining a high-quality education in a prestigious university abroad, and then building a successful career.

In the English language camp of the United States, children not only engage in, but also have time to have a good rest and make friends among foreign peers. Thanks to this semi-formal educational process, the mastery of the language is most productive. In addition, a trip abroad (especially if it is the first time) will definitely leave the child with violent emotions for a long time.

Summer holidays in the United States for students: programs and daily routine

Many parents, having learned about the possibility to send a child to a children's language camp abroad, are wondering whether it is safe to send a child to another country unaccompanied. SMAPSE experts hasten to assure you that the administration and personnel of each camp create for the students an atmosphere of the highest comfort and safety - during the day there are always either teachers or educators with students. The same rules also apply during field visits for the territory of the campus.

In addition, to choose a school or an educational center on the basis of which a language camp will work during vacation time, parents can both in the center of the metropolis and close to nature, in the suburban part. In some way, the curriculum of the students will depend on the location of the camp. For example, a language school in the center of one of the major cities will make available a visit to Hollywood, Santa Barbara, the Grand Canyon, the San Diego Zoo and many other famous places. In the summer language school, students can also surf, relax on the beaches of Malibu and shop in Beverly Hills. In the summer camp, located in the suburbs, students are waiting for exciting trips to nature - it's hiking in the mountains or in the woods, and rafting along the river and much more. Thus, no matter what American language school they choose a parent for their child, in any case, a lot of positive impressions are provided to him.

Speaking about the language camp, it is first of all to say about academic studies, which are paid daily for several hours. According to the standard curriculum, this is 3-4 hours in the morning, then there is a break for lunch, after which the guys can practice sports, visit thematic circles and studios, or go on an excursion. In the evenings, young students will also not be bored - various quizzes, games, talent shows, and more are organized for them.

In general, the number of academic hours per week is 15-20 lessons, but if necessary, the student can choose for himself and a more intensive program - 25-30 lessons per week or more. The education of the summer language camp in America (as in other countries) can last from 1 to 4-5 weeks, depending on the goals and interests of each student. For example, a little more hours of learning English are taken by high school students who are going to enter an American or another foreign institution of higher learning to continue their studies at the highest level.

In addition, in summer camps, educational programs differ not only in terms of language load, but also in relation to the methodology for teaching students of different ages: that is, for teenagers, the educational process is organized in a standardized form, and for very young students only in a game format and various interactive activities. Such approaches for different categories of students help them to get some progress in learning the language, even in a couple of weeks. The lessons themselves take place in small groups (usually 10-15 students), which gives the teacher an opportunity to work with each of the students, something to correct individually and so on.

It is also worth noting that almost all language schools are located on the basis of educational institutions that work throughout the academic year (these are institutes, universities, educational centers), so each summer school has an excellent infrastructure and everything necessary for active and comfortable pastime - a site for various sports, park areas, rest rooms and so on.

Learning English in America: conditions and costs

Like the educational program itself, the issues of placement of students in language camps are carefully thought through. So, for the period of education the students live in the residence of the educational institution, on the basis of which the language school takes place. Usually this is a comfortable hostel with all the necessary amenities according to European standards, where students are accommodated for 1-2-3 people in a room. Students try to live with their peers, but from different countries, instilling a culture of communication with foreign people. As a rule, some language barrier does not prevent students from finding a common language. Moreover, very few of the students come from the summer language camp without new friends from abroad.

As for meals, it is organized on a full board (3 times a day), if the child is old enough to live on the campus without accompanying adults. For the very young students who usually come accompanied by their parents or other relatives, a day educational program and half board are organized in relation to meals (once a day + snacks). It is also worth noting that in the United States each children's camp carefully prepares a menu for its students. Cooks form a healthy and balanced diet for the students, including many fruits and vegetables needed for the young body. Some schools even have the opportunity to organize a vegetarian or diet menu for the student. If this is necessary, parents should inform the leadership of the language camp in advance.

As for the cost, in the American language camp it is calculated on a weekly basis, and usually includes such items as campus accommodation, meals, teaching staff, activities on campus (including some excursions). Also sometimes the cost includes teaching materials, but for a couple of weeks they do not need much. Additional items of expense for parents will be air tickets in both directions, medical insurance and visa.

So, on average, in order for a child to spend one week of summer in the language camp of America, parents will need from 1,000 $ to 2,000 $. SMAPSE experts draw your attention that the language camp in the megalopolis will cost more than, for example, in the suburbs. Nevertheless, in the United States there are enough options so that caring parents could choose the option that is ideally suited to the financial possibilities of the family and the interests of the student.

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