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Tips for choosing a school in England

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Tips for choosing a school in England

England is famous for its rich choice of private boarding schools . Each educational institution has its advantages, features. With such a wide range of offers, it's easy to get lost. Take advantage of the useful advice of our experts to choose an educational institution for your child.

The main criteria

We recommend starting the selection of a boarding school with the adoption of 4 important decisions. Schools in the UK are seriously different from each other, but they also have common points.

The first is financial. It is necessary to assess their capabilities, determine the budget that the family can allocate for the education of the child. In accordance with this criterion, you can select educational institutions in England, subject to more detailed consideration.

The second - the age. English boarding schools accept foreign children for a so-called prep school (primary education ) at the age of 7-8 years. Some educational centers offer services to younger students (special elementary schools in England ). The decision about the age of the beginning of education is one of the most difficult. It is important that the child is ready to go to a foreign school, a new language environment.

As for the British preparatory schools, they are usually small. Children in them are in an atmosphere of friendliness and trust. The training in the preparatory school-boarding house lasts up to 11 years. After that, children move to the next level of education. Traditionally, classes begin in September. Terms in a private hostel can be shifted for the student on an individual basis. Some schools provide the opportunity to begin training in January or even in April.

Often there are situations when the knowledge of the language or certain subjects is insufficient for admission. In this case, the school boarding schools andEnglish language schools provide preparatory courses that will bring your children to the required level.

The third solution is social. Parents should determine the type of training. British schools offer joint and separate education. Disputes on the topic, which is more effective and comfortable for children, do not subside. But the decision must be exclusively individual. You accept it and your child.

The fourth decision concerns the selection of the boarding school by the number of foreign students permanently residing in it. Such children are called broders. Some are on campus on weekdays and weekends, others are leaving on Saturday and Sunday. The more children permanently reside in the boarding house, the more intense are the programs of the day off. That is, your child will not have to miss Saturday and Sunday days. He is waited by fascinating excursions, games, sports, a plenty of possibilities for self-preparation and development.


Specific criteria

It is believed that in Britain there is an educational institution for every child. It is important to give maximum attention to the choice of school. The more carefully you analyze the offers of educational institutions, the higher the chance to find the one that will be most comfortable and interesting for the child. Only in a school suitable for the student in terms of academic ability, the need for support, expectations and subjective criteria, he will be able to fully reveal his talents, achieve outstanding results.

Choose an educational institution not only on an educational basis. Take into account the personal qualities and needs of your child, this will avoid the many possible problems in the subsequent education abroad. Private schools in England are so diverse that it will not be so difficult to do so.

When the schools are selected according to the type, the specifics of the training, the academic criteria are selected, pay attention to a number of criteria that will help reduce the list of institutions to 2-3.


English schools in England are located in rural areas, cities, suburbs. Many have historical objects on the territory. Choose the school where your child will be comfortable. Does he like walks in nature, silence and regularity in everyday life? A cozy guesthouse in a small county, located among the woods, fields, will surely please the child more than a school in the busy metropolitan area. With regard to transport, all private institutions organize transfers to airports, train stations for their students, their escorts. Therefore, accommodation in rural areas is not less convenient than urban.

Language support.

In the UK, many schools offer additional lessons for English children who do not have a native language. Intensity, the number of classes is determined after admission to the educational institution. Language training is conducted by highly qualified specialists. Language support will allow the child to learn the language as quickly as possible in order to subsequently take a full part in school life, games.

Spirit and tradition.

Every British boarding school has their own. The traditions are very different. In some educational institutions, a free style of clothes is adopted, an appeal to teachers (by name), the rate is made on the independence of students (they plan their own schedule, extracurricular activities, etc.). Other boarding schools adhere to more conservative traditions. Here an address by the name, high collars on holidays, the study of Latin, compulsory participation in the sports, creative, religious life of the institution. What style of life, communication, learning is more suitable for the child, he decides and, of course, the parents.


Most British boarding schools pay particular attention to the creative development of children. Here students are offered classes in music, vocals, acting, and design. You can choose a direction according to your abilities and preferences. Does your child have a creative talent? Choose a school in which he can improve in this area.

Sports, recreation.

Is the child interested in sports? In Britain, there are many schools where his interests can be met. In addition, for the child will be available traditionally British sports, in particular, cricket and netball. In boarding schools, young gymnasts are offered gymnastics, golf, squash, rowing, football, tennis, hockey. Students who demonstrate outstanding results in sports, many educational institutions appoint special scholarships.

Boarding, extra-curricular care.

British schools are known for their high level of security, comfortable living conditions, support for foreign students. Borders in the after-hour are under the supervision of the personnel of the educational institution. And the UK strictly controls both the academic standards of teaching, and the conditions of the boardinghouse, resources, student behavior, classroom and extra-curricular activities.

Choosing a school by the age of the child

Study abroad is always a two-way process of choice. Parents are interested in the qualitative selection of educational institutions, the school - pupils. In many institutions there is a "waiting list". Accordingly, to pull with the choice of school in England is not recommended. The earlier the application is submitted, the more likely it is to receive a quick response about the enrollment.

A foreign applicant can enter a school of any degree. To do this, he must have a certain level of training and reach the appropriate age.

Preparatory school. Most often, parents give children to primary school for the fifth academic year. From the age of 9 the child is definitely able to adequately perceive the rules of the boarding house. Adaptation at this age to new conditions of life, school, language environment is easier than in the younger. When enrolling in school at age 9, the child has enough time to qualitatively prepare for the first serious exams (tests of the 2 key steps in the education system in Britain, the entrance exams for high school).

GCSE course. In secondary school children from 11-12 years old are usually accepted. This corresponds to 7, 8 years of training. In high school, children study for 4 years, at the end of which they take GCSE exams, the results of which will be decisive for the transition to high school. Senior classes (Sixth form). Sixth-form programs, including A-levels, IB or BTEC, are open to students with a high level of training in core subjects and English. Applicants from abroad who have completed high school in their country can undergo accelerated preparation for the British university on the Foundation's one-year program.

Getting to know the school

So, a short list of boarding schools is defined. Now you can contact each educational institution. Thanks to telecommunications, it's easy to do. To help parents the Internet, telephone, e-mail and professional consultants of intermediary agencies. Typically, for each school in England, an appeal is prepared, which indicates the child's data, information about his achievements, talents, academic performance, information about the institution he attended. After that, if preliminary information is arranged by the school, additional tests, video conferences, can be conducted.

Some parents prefer to organize a personal acquaintance with the educational institution, and this is an ideal option for determining the future place of study for your child. You can visit the school with a personal visit (preliminary organization is required) or on an open house day. A visit to the school will allow you to feel its atmosphere, assess the situation, find answers to many questions. The company "SMASS" provides services for arranging visits to educational institutions in England and other countries.

The choice of an institution for a child is not easy. Paying the necessary attention to the selection process, you, of course, will be satisfied with the result. A child at the same time will be able to comfortably study in the UK, improving academic knowledge and revealing their talents.

The cost of studying in England for students for your review.

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