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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Study in Belgium for foreign students

Study in Belgium for foreign students

Belgium is one of the TOP-14 countries in which the quality of European education is considered to be above average. For foreign students, there are excellent conditions for study and life.

The advantages of studying in Belgium for foreign students


  • The high quality of educational programs and the connection between the learning process of theory and practice, studies and research projects
  • In this country there are headquarters of international companies - a university student can undergo an internship in one of the largest organizations in the world
  • In Belgium, there are three official languages: French, German and Flemish
  • Every year the state invests huge funds to improve the quality of education
  • The country has a good location, thanks to which students from abroad travel all over Europe.

Up-to-date information for students from abroad

The Belgian system of education reflects the cultural characteristics of the country where the French-speaking population, the Flemish and the German minority live. Each of the groups has its own educational program - all three differ only in nuances and have much in common. The compulsory period of study lasts from 6 to 18 years. Schools are divided into several types: communal, schools of municipalities and Catholic. The language of instruction corresponds to the language of communities, in many schools already from the first class children begin to learn a second language. In large cities private schools work, mainly foreign students come to.


The system of teaching in Belgium at the school stage

Elementary education

In elementary school, children learn from 6 to 12 years of age: each class is assigned a class teacher who shows an individual approach to each student. The elementary school is located separately from the secondary school and has everything necessary for functioning: many game rooms, computer classes, a spacious dining room, a sports hall and sometimes a swimming pool. The principle of education in primary school is the education of a creative personality, so much attention is devoted to the disclosure of innate abilities and development of creative potential. The guys visit various clubs: music, acting and poetry are very popular.

Middle Classes

In high school children spend 4 years - 12 to 16 years: here they can get both general education and technical or artistic education.

After graduation, graduates go to colleges to receive secondary specialized education and enter the university.

Up-to-date information for applicants to universities in Belgium

  • Universities represent the Flemish and French communities, the Germans are sent to Germany to obtain a German diploma. According to the legislation of Belgium, the number of foreign students can not exceed 2% of the Belgian entrants for the last year.
  • In Belgium, students from abroad live in hostels, host families or rent an apartment. The cheapest option is to stay in a family; the cost of living in a hostel will range from 150 to 300 per month, renting an apartment - 300-800 excluding utility costs. Monthly on food students spend about 100-150 and another 50 on the Internet and communication. You will also have to pay for teaching materials, the costs of which can reach about 400 per year.
  • The Belgian universities are greatly influenced by the educational standards of the Netherlands and France, as a result of which the French-speaking part of the country preferred the French education system, and the Dutch system was based on the Flemish part.
  • In 2004-2005, after the reforms, the education in higher education institutions became unified and corresponds to the graduation of the scientific degrees accepted at the Bologna Process: bachelor, master and doctor. National characteristics affected only the name of scientific degrees.
  • The main requirement for applicants is the provision of a school diploma or diploma that is equivalent to the educational standards of Belgium. Foreign students must apply for recognition of their education equivalent to the Belgian through the Ministry of Education of Belgium. It is necessary and to confirm the availability of financial security for living in the country. Parents issue a sponsorship certificate, which is certified in the Embassy of Belgium.
  • Some universities arrange entrance exams: as a rule, to enroll a foreign student you need to wean one year in a domestic university or get a school certificate in Europe.
  • Officially, students are allowed to earn additionally not more than 4 hours a day.
  • At the end of the university, the student can continue his internship in the country in order to confirm the acquired professional skills. There are special departments of help in finding work for students at universities, assisting in the preparation of a resume and preparing for an interview.
  • To receive the scholarship, foreign students must pass a very complex competition - the main requirements will be: knowledge of a foreign language, relevant scientific work or research project, high marks at the last place of study.

Features of study in universities:

  • The minimum period of study at the university is 4 years
  • The academic year lasts from September to June
  • The academic year consists of 2 semesters: September-January, February-June
  • A student who has studied for the first two to three years on a basic program receives a candidate's degree. Then follows the degree of the bachelor's degree, which can be obtained after completing additional education for another 2-3 years and defending the scientific work. Not earlier than one year after obtaining a degree of a licentiate, a student can defend a doctoral dissertation, which corresponds to a master's degree. In 2 years you can get a degree of "aggre of higher education".

The language school of Ceran Spa Lingua International has a lot of interesting summer programs. You can learn French, Danish, German or English in the summer language camps and learn a new kind of sport practically on a professional level: tennis, golf or horse riding. The cost of education will be from 1,414 per week.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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