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2022-06-13 13:59:22

Why should a tourist visit Myanmar?

Why should a tourist visit Myanmar?

Until 2008, this republic was a mysterious closed state, but after that the path of democracy was chosen, and tourists were finally able to visit it. Now in Myanmar you can see the ghostly capital with amazingly beautiful castles, frightening tribes with various tattoos on their faces and, of course, learn the life of the inhabitants of the state of Chin.

How to get to Myanmar?

Few people even understand where this mysterious Myanmar is located, but in time immemorial there was a direct flight from our capital to Yangon.

By the way, in 2005, the capital was moved to Naypyidaw. Today it looks more like a ghost town, but officially about 1,000,000 people live there. There are many interesting things in Naypyidaw: the National Park, the Fountain Park and the Uppatasanti Pagoda.

Myanmar is located between India and Thailand, but getting there is now much more difficult. 

Getting to Myanmar is easier and faster via Thailand. There you can already take a plane to Yangon or Mandalay.

What do I need to know before visiting Myanmar?

Of course, first of all you have to get a visa. Having landed at the airport and gone through all the necessary procedures, you will need to acquire the local currency - kyata. 1 dollar is approximately 1700 kyats.

There is a sense of peace and security in central Myanmar. Perhaps it's because of the local religion, Buddhism. Climate also plays a role, but the main thing is that people, locals very warmly welcome guests.

Finding accommodation is easy: you can easily book a hotel on well-known sites or ask the locals.


It must be borne in mind that the climate here, as elsewhere, has its seasons: the hottest time falls on spring, but in summer it begins to rain. The most favorable weather for tourism is the winter season: at this time it is dry and not stuffy.

Territories bordering India

Hospitable Buddhists remain in the central part of Myanmar, and then are replaced by settlements of pagan tribes, which to this day honor the traditions of their ancestors. It is better not to go to these places on your own, only accompanied by a guide who is well acquainted with local traditions.

One of these traditions is a tattoo on the whole face of women, so in ancient times, parents tried to protect their child from a ruler who kidnapped beautiful girls for himself. Of course, this is just one of the guesses. The tattoo was done for three days, and it was a very painful task, because the entire face was covered, even the area around the eyes.

Now this is no longer necessary, but some residents still adhere to this tradition and "disfigure" girls.

New realities

Several peoples live in places far from central Myanmar. It is impossible to distinguish them with the naked eye, but an experienced guide will help you understand that someone has a different tattoo, and that house is built somewhat differently.

Small villages are scattered along the mountainside, some tribes hide deep in the forests and build their houses high enough so that different living creatures do not climb into them.

Almost every village has its own Protestant church, which is trying to make changes to the "wild" life of the locals, and a school has been built.

Many locals live to be a hundred years old, despite the difficult conditions of survival.

In some tribes, a tattoo on the face is associated with faith. They believe that after death, this tattoo will be their guide and they will be able to merge with nature. Therefore, for them it is a mandatory ritual.

Now the majority of the population of the Republic of Myanmar has adopted Buddhism. According to them, this brought peace and tranquility to their lives, because in addition to spiritual development, the view of education, medicine and other important things is also changing.

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Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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