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The best private schools in Europe for foreign students - secondary education

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The best private schools in Europe for foreign students - secondary education

The best private schools in Europe for foreign students - secondary education

Every year, the popularity of obtaining a prestigious education abroad is growing, several phenomena are the basis of this phenomenon. When deciding to study at the best foreign international schools, foreign students are guaranteed to be taught in the framework of world educational methods, to use the most modern equipment in education, and the infrastructural equipment of boarding schools meets the latest technologies. As an additional advantage, it is worth highlighting the study of disciplines in a foreign language, as well as the close acquaintance of students with the culture and traditions of different countries of the world. It is these created conditions that create excellent opportunities for building a successful career in a large international corporation.

Thus, graduation from a ranking international college abroad is an excellent basis for admission to an elite college or university with an impeccable reputation.

It is worth noting that European educational programs for many years and decades have received the status of a standard of international education, which is known in all countries of the world. Every year in Europe 111,000 graduates become holders of doctoral degrees. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that, when compared with America, twice as many doctoral degrees are awarded in EU countries each year. For many decades and centuries, schools in Europe have been accepting foreign students for study. Due to the harmonious combination of a modern and high level of quality of life, which is associated with the richest historical heritage of Europe, European countries are guaranteed compliance with the highest educational standards in order to obtain top-level international education.

Ranking of top European and American international boarding schools according to 2017

Below is a list of the TOP-10 best schools :

  • Abbey DLD College London - United Kingdom
  • Queen Ethelburga's College - England
  • Tonbridge School - England
  • Cardiff Sixth Form College - Wales, United Kingdom
  • St Gilgen International School - Austria
  • Ecole des Roches - France
  • Institut Monte Rosa - Switzerland
  • Webb School - USA
  • BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School - Germany
  • Ealing Independent College - England.

By law, the USA has the status of a leader in the field of teaching and high-quality teaching of disciplines; America has received international recognition everywhere. So, in the United States created more than 400 international advanced boarding schools, each of which has unique characteristics. In addition, foreign students who are representatives of various countries of the world are sent to study at prestigious American boarding schools.

Below is the ranking of top American international boarding schools based on the results of the analysis of 2016, namely:

  • Admiral Farragut Academy
  • Chatham Hall
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Salem Academy, Winston-Salem
  • St. Andrew's School, Middletown.

In the walls of elite European boarding schools, foreign students not only acquire professional skills, improve language skills, but also develop the communication and creative abilities and talents of students.

The benefits of secondary education in the best private schools in Europe

  • The international recognition of educational programs, which allows you to freely enter the predominant number of popular and leading universities around the world
  • The opportunity is given to study simultaneously several foreign languages at the level of the native speaker
  • Full immersion in European culture, provides for a variety of educational tours in the EU
  • The educational process in the European advanced boarding schools is aimed at developing logic and creativity in foreign students, expanding their worldview
  • The goal of teachers is to interest students, while foreign students study independently and constantly learn something new
  • Students are given the opportunity to choose subjects for study, while providing for the teaching of compulsory subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, etc.

Tuition fees in European schools

Country of study

Price in $ for 1 academic year

Great Britain

From 24,000 $ to 38,500 $


From 21,300 $ to 33,400 $


Between 67,000 $ and 73,200 $


From 19,000 $ to 39,000 $


From 20,000 $ to 39,000 $

Eastern and Southern Europe

From 8,000 $ to 15,000 $

Please note that getting a secondary education in advanced boarding schools in Europe on a full -board basis will be about twice as expensive as a regular school. So, the cost includes not only education, but also accommodation, and food.

Payment for the following parameters is provided separately:

  • Health insurance
  • Deposit
  • Guardian Services
  • Air tickets
  • Transfer
  • School uniform
  • Pocket expenses.

The process of admission to ranking boarding schools in Europe

When a foreign student reaches 11-13 years old, he should be sent to study in European countries. It is for this age that an easier passage of adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural situation of the country is characteristic due to the fact that they acquire independence from their parents, while at the same time having personal hobbies and interests.

If you want to receive an elite European secondary education, your child should address the issue of improving the level of foreign language proficiency. So, as one of the main mandatory requirements for admission to leading private boarding schools in Europe is an interview, in which an assessment is made of the level of English proficiency in a foreign student. In case of insufficient level of knowledge of the foreign student, it is worth sending to study in an advanced language camp or courses in Europe. It is also worth noting that a predominant number of European countries require a statement of grades for the last year of study. In this connection, it is worth taking seriously a good student performance.

Educational programs of elite European private boarding schools

Private secondary education in Europe takes into account all the needs and goals of foreign students. In addition, the possibility of continuing studies in various countries of the world is taken into account.

So, after education in ranking boarding schools in the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, graduates do not always become students of top universities in the same country where they received secondary education. In this connection, take into account the requirements for secondary education presented by the leading universities of the country in which you plan to receive advanced higher education.

In the vast majority of cases, top European universities require the provision by foreign students of certificates of attendance at the British high school (A-level program), the American secondary education program SAT, and the international undergraduate program IB. If you enroll in prestigious universities in Germany, you need a certificate of completion of the German Abitur program.

It is also worth noting that it is possible to enter the elite university of Europe after passing through foreign preparatory programs.

Countries for elite secondary education in private boarding schools

Among foreign students, the English language is most popular for studying. Thus, a quality study of English is possible in top boarding schools in the UK, Ireland, USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland. German is best studied in Germany and Switzerland.

In addition, when choosing a country of study, you should pay attention to national cuisine, the cost of air travel, long-term studies, as well as the availability of places in the school.

Professional help of specialists

High-class specialists of SMAPSE educational center will provide you with their professional services in selecting the best European boarding school, taking into account the individual characteristics of the student, goals, preferences, and financial opportunities of parents. SMAPSE will organize a test to determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language, assisted in its improvement. If required, SMAPSE specialists will undertake the preparation of the required package of documents.

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