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2021-12-26 21:09:22

Harvard vs Oxford: where education is better?

Harvard vs Oxford: where education is better?

Harvard and Oxford university consistently listed among the most prestigious universities on the planet, annually receive tens of thousands of applications from potential students from all over the globe. They tend to come here, because both universities are known for the highest standards, high-class teachers, a large number of gifted pets and have a long history. Both Oxford and Harvard are valued by academic scholars. But which one is better among them?


Schools are very different, although both agree that studying there greatly simplifies the further life of the student, giving numerous buns in the future career. Each has pros and cons. For example, Harvard offers a record number of courses (more than 3700 in total!), and graduates of Oxford, located a step higher in the Times Higher Education ranking, nevertheless, have a lower starting salary than Harvard students.

Bearing in mind this and many other differences, we might think that we are talking about a juxtaposition of oranges and apples, thick and round. There is simply no answer to the title question of the article, but we will try to present you with enough data so that you can independently draw the necessary conclusions.

Short and angry

The competition is higher at Harvard (4.5% vs. 17% of applicants); Oxford is also higher in the Times rankings. But Harvard has 3700 courses, while the competitor has only 49 directions (this is if you count the bachelor's degree).

Admission and selection

Both universities are known for the highest standards. Again, 4.5% successfully enroll in Harvard, and 17% in Oxford University. This suggests that the former is more selective in the selection of applicants (although many are then eliminated in the process of studying).

It should also be borne in mind that 15-20 thousand more people enter an American university per year, so direct comparisons are hardly appropriate.

Overall Ratings

According to the Times Higher Education website, Oxford University was ranked 1st in the overall rankings and Harvard was ranked 3rd.

When compiling a rating covering all the strongest universities in the world, the following are evaluated:

  • Quality of teaching
  • Investigations
  • Citation index
  • Productivity of directions
  • International forecasts.

According to all indicators, except for the quality of education, the Briton for 5 years in a row until this year ranked first (in terms of quality, the first is still Harvard).

What degrees are offered at Harvard compared to Oxford?

The decisive factor should be considered the degree obtained at the end of the study. Oxford has 49 areas, including classical sciences, English language and literature, geography, jurisprudence, medicine, archeology and many others. The approach here is more traditionalist.

On the contrary, the system of education built on a modular principle at an American university allows you to offer students a fantastic set of 3700 different courses, where you can surely find something to your liking.

What grades do you need to apply to Harvard compared to Oxford?

One of the most important factors considered for admission is academic performance. At Harvard, this issue is given less attention, but Oxford requires higher A+ or A++ scores in specialized subjects and not lower than B in secondary ones. The higher the marks, the higher the chance of enrollment.

Harvard looks at grades, but no less important is the amount of credits (educational, exhale): if you score the necessary points and pass the exams, then you are unlikely to be refused because of low SAT scores. Motivation letter and essay, sports achievements and social activity are very important.

Career prospects

The purpose of any training, as a rule, is further employment, and having a line in your resume about the graduation of one of the leading universities in the world, you can impress any employer.

The success of employment depends on many factors. If it's just about making money, you should stop at Harvard: its graduates are more successful. On average, the British 3 years after graduation will be able to count on 50 thousand pounds, and the "Yankees" - on a threefold larger amount.

95% of graduates of both universities receive an offer of employment within 3 months after completing their studies.

Tuition fees

Not every family can afford to pay for university; in Britain, student loans are used for this, in the USA - grants. An Oxford baccalaureate in 2021 cost an average of £9250 for a British student and an impressive £27,000-32,000 for foreigners. Accommodation is also paid, can cost from 1,000 to 15,000 pounds annually. Students have access to a variety of scholarships and other forms of support that can cover up to half the cost of studying.

A year at Harvard can cost $50,000 to $60,000, but most students pay less; on the site you can find a calculator with which applicants and current residents of campuses can figure out how much they can count on. And, again, don't write off grants and scholarships. In the end, every fifth student does not cost a cent.

Student life

Establishments are located on different parts of the world: one a few dozen kilometers from London, in the town of the same name, and Harvard - in Cambridge, Massachusetts, within walking distance from central Boston. Thus, both live in the shadow of major tourist centers, full of attractions, temptations, opportunities and a bunch of all sorts of things.

Oxford does not actually have a single campus – its buildings are scattered throughout the city, it is the seventh city in the safety rating. The location on the river not only made it possible to hold the legendary annual rowing regattas, but also unequivocally hints that the town is very picturesque. There are plenty of leisure opportunities, from theatres to pubs and Michelin-starred restaurants, and London doesn't need to be written off.

Harvard has a luxurious campus with modern equipment, a colossal library, picturesque lawns and trees. The Great Hall of Annenberg – the student canteen – is often compared to the Great Hall of Hogwarts. On the one hand, the campus is adjacent to concrete skyscrapers and asphalt of Bosniavash, on the other hand, it is located on the banks of the Charles River. Nearby is the famous Cape Cod - a 70-kilometer beach on the Atlantic coast, where famous politicians, actors and scientists live, and also do not push from students scurrying through cafes, bike paths and shops.

What are the differences between universities in the United States and England?

In the U.S., you study for 4 years and earn a bachelor's degree. The main topic is usually chosen in the second year of study – this is called the system of liberal arts. With this approach, independence and independence are valued, since a person is required to comply with many requirements, including the preparation and sending of documents, recommendations and writing essays, not to mention exams.

In England, the bachelor's degree is only three years away, and the disciplines that you intend to study must be chosen before applying. In general, the system is more predictable and conservative.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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