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Summer language courses abroad

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Summer language courses abroad

Advanced summer language courses abroad

Leading and leading boarding schools, colleges, universities, and educational centers abroad have developed summer language courses and educational programs especially for foreign students in different countries of the world. Top and prestigious summer schools in Europe for foreign students conduct effective classes in a foreign language as part of universally recognized academic and linguistic programs. Summer language courses abroad vary in their duration, usually providing education in June, July, August. The schedule of language programs includes the following, namely:

  • Foreign language classes
  • Leisure program for sports and creative activities
  • Academic subjects
  • Conducting a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Among foreign students, most of the leading foreign summer schools, which regularly become leaders in international rankings, are gaining popularity and are in demand, getting top positions for various indicators. Those foreign students who have been educated in the framework of the summer language courses abroad, give only positive feedback about the exciting holidays spent in different countries of the world. The top positions regarding the widest choice for foreign students of summer language courses are undoubtedly the United Kingdom and the USA. Moreover, the list of popular countries includes the following states:

The main advantages of summer schools in Europe

  • A harmonious combination of lessons in a foreign language with active sports, creativity, as well as the participation of students in various cultural and recreational activities.
  • Staying in a leading summer foreign school will contribute to a significant improvement in the level of foreign language proficiency. In addition, foreign students are given an excellent opportunity to simultaneously study several foreign languages.
  • Summer language courses abroad vary in cost of study, thus, every foreign student will be able to choose their preferred summer school in Europe based on their individual needs.
  • High level of organization - adherence to high educational standards ensures the effectiveness of education.
  • An intensive leisure program has been developed, providing for the holding of diverse classes in sports and creativity, or a hobby. The leisure program is aimed at interesting vacations and exciting holidays for foreign students.
  • Academic aspect - the predominant number of leading boarding schools abroad provides high-quality and serious education in disciplines.
  • Multicultural environment - representatives from all over the world are simultaneously educated, thereby creating excellent opportunities for close acquaintance with different cultures, traditions, as well as making new friends.
  • Full immersion in school or university life - an excellent base for entering a ranking university are summer language courses abroad.

Regardless of the age of the foreign student, each student can take part in summer language courses abroad. Especially for elementary school students, intensive classes have been developed or, as an alternative, standard classes in the chosen foreign language are offered, in addition, active sports, creativity and just students' relaxation are provided. The following are possible biases in the framework of education in the best schools in Europe:

  • Academic - provides for the teaching of disciplines selected by students, in particular, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, etc.
  • Sports - active classes in athletics, football, tennis, basketball, swimming, and also extreme sports are supposed.
  • Creative - young creative individuals will be able to do music, art, theater, cinema, dancing, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to the excellent infrastructural equipment of the leading summer European schools, which have excellent modern campuses at their disposal, on the territory of which there are sports fields, art centers, within the walls of which are provided excellent opportunities for improving skills under the close supervision of professional teachers and mentors. It is worth noting that the number of students in the language group does not exceed 10 people, thereby contributing to building trusting relationships and paying attention to each foreign student.

A particular prestigious language camp abroad determines the number of classes in a foreign language, while, as practice shows, the number of lessons cannot be more than 20 lessons per week. At the same time, on weekends and free time, it is planned to conduct educational excursions and various events. Regarding foreign students of primary grades, round-the-clock supervision by the teaching staff is provided, and the guardianship system is also actively practiced. The same educational principle applies to secondary and high school students, however, in the framework of the education, the active development of professional qualities in foreign students and teaching under a more intensive educational program are provided. Upon completion of education, a foreign student acquires the following useful personal qualities, namely:

  • Teamwork;
  • Public performance;
  • High-quality preparation of presentations, conducting research, as well as protecting reports;
  • Critical thinking and defending one’s own point of view.

Accommodation options for the period of study in the framework of elite summer language courses abroad

  • Residence - is most popular among foreign students. As a rule, foreign students live in 1-2 local dorm rooms. Round-the-clock monitoring of the safety of students is guaranteed, in addition, professional assistance is provided in resolving any issues arising from foreign students. With regard to nutrition, it provides 3-5 times a balanced diet throughout the day.
  • Host family - foreign students are provided with private use of a separate room in the house. Experienced specialists carefully select the host families of foreign students. As for nutrition, a foreign student has breakfast and dinner in the walls of the host family, and dines directly in the walls of a ranking European boarding school. As part of the education, foreign students spend time with their family, participate in various activities and walks, thereby immersing themselves in the culture and traditions of the new country.
  • Individual accommodation - it is possible to rent apartments or as an apartment option. This accommodation option is popular and in demand among foreign parents with young children. However, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that not all advanced summer boarding schools provide for the possibility of separate accommodation.

Tuition fees for advanced summer language courses abroad

The price of education is determined on the basis of prestige, the reputation of the summer school in Europe, the intensity of language classes, etc. So, as a rule, the cost includes the following parameters, namely:

  • Foreign language classes
  • Disciplines
  • Sports and creative activities
  • Leisure and cultural program
  • Educational materials
  • Costs of food and accommodation
  • Medical insurance.

A separate procedure provides for the payment of air tickets, visa, as well as pocket expenses of the student.

The procedure for entering the best summer boarding schools abroad

SMAPSE experts recommend booking a summer language course in advance, even taking into account a wide selection of offers due to the fact that the predominant number of ranking summer European schools have at their disposal a limited number of places.

To successfully enter the top boarding schools abroad, you will need to provide the following package of documents and meet certain requirements, namely:

  • Filling out the application;
  • Availability of an international language certificate;
  • Recommendations from the teachers of the school where the foreign student studied;
  • Giving consent to follow established rules of conduct and behavior;
  • Timely payment of tuition fees.

List of TOP best summer schools in Europe

  • Abbey DLD London (Great Britain) is an intensive study of the English language, as educational programs, high-quality pre-university education is offered, a combination of studying English and academic subjects, in addition, the Oxbridge Medical School is successfully functioning. As for the cost of education , it starts at 1,300 £ per week.
  • Prague Language Institute (Czech Republic) - provides for the effective study of English and Czech. In addition, a harmonious combination of activities, diverse entertainment and relaxation is provided. The cost of education starts from 890 for two weeks.
  • University of California (USA) - high-quality teaching of English is conducted. The following educational programs are offered to foreign students, such as “English + sports, hobbies and excursions”, as well as “language + travels around Los Angeles and San Francisco”, and “language classes + attending leadership development courses”. Tuition starts from 1,990 $ per week.
  • Stanstead College (Canada) - it is possible to study English, French, as well as Spanish. As for educational programs, the lessons are combined with various activities, sports, as well as hobbies. The cost of education starts from 4,650 CAD $ per month.
  • Institute auf dem Rosenberg (Switzerland) - foreign students can study German, French, English or Italian. As for the proposed education programs, you can choose “language + relaxation”, “language + study of sciences”. The cost of education varies around 2,460 Swiss per week.
  • Salem Summer Camp Hohenfels (Germany) - provides for the study of English and German. Possible areas of study include the following, namely “language classes + study of disciplines, namely mathematics, writing, technical sciences”. Tuition for two weeks will require you to pay 2,500 .
  • Center International ad'Antibes CIA (France) - provides for the study of French. In addition to education, students are expected to have an active vacation, sports and recreational activities. As for the cost of education, it starts from 790 per week.
  • Agora International School Barcelona (Spain) - teaching Spanish and English, foreign language classes are combined with active sports, in particular, swimming, football, music, tennis. In addition, foreign young students are accepted for education. Tuition starts from 150 .
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Chilento (Italy) - Italian language teaching, a harmonious combination of language classes with excursions, sports and hobbies. For a week of education, the cost of education will be approximately 690 .

The main advantages of taking leading summer language courses abroad

  • The widest selection of summer language schools abroad;
  • Guaranteed full immersion in the culture, traditions and history of Europe;
  • Serious academic background;
  • Exciting educational programs that include academic and language classes with a variety of leisure activities.

The widest possibilities of summer leading English courses in Europe

Based on your individual goals, preferences, requirements and financial opportunities, a foreign student can choose the best option for the educational institution offered by advanced summer courses in Europe. The following are the options for summer language courses abroad:

  • Universal language program “English + fascinating leisure (sports and excursions), while the intensity of classes can be different (standard, high, as well as high);
  • Leadership courses, as well as a program to develop the personal qualities of foreign students;
  • Foreign thematic programs in the English language, in particular, the following bias is possible, namely theatrical-dramatic, musical or artistic;
  • Summer sports courses, each student will be able to choose their preferred sport, in particular, tennis, golf, rugby, etc.;
  • Summer business courses targeted at high school students;
  • Family programs "Child + Parent", within the framework of which joint education and rest of children and parents is possible;
  • Academic summer language programs, providing for the intensive development of academic skills, quality education for successful admission to top private boarding schools, colleges, universities in Europe and other countries of the world;
  • Effective preparation for international language exams: IELS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams;
  • Qualitative preparation for admission to certain educational programs, in particular, this is a summer preparatory course, IB, A-level.

It is worth noting that each summer school in Europe is developing its own program of summer courses aimed at foreign students. Usually the first half of the day is devoted to conducting language and academic classes, after lunch is over, foreign students attend various sports and creative electives, take part in various leisure activities and games, educational excursions, master classes, as well as creative meetings. During the day, 1-2 long excursions are provided, the duration of which is a whole day.

The best language summer courses abroad - a high degree of effectiveness

Full immersion in the language environment of a foreign student is guaranteed by the rapid substantial improvement of skills in a foreign language through constant practice in the framework of live communication. Within the walls of the best summer schools in Europe, for a short period of time, foreign students develop the correct pronunciation.

So, constantly communicating in a foreign language, the student's vocabulary is significantly expanding, he learns professional and everyday vocabulary. The top summer schools in Europe are attracted only by experienced and qualified teachers to teach, thereby, the extremely low probability of getting to an inexperienced teacher. A positive effect on the level of knowledge of a foreign language is affected by participation in educational excursions in a new country.

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