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The best summer schools in the world, summer language schools in Europe

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The best summer schools in the world, summer language schools in Europe

Summer language schools are gaining popularity every year among children and adults around the world. Importance of studying foreign languages dictates the modern world: this is a great opportunity to combine rest and study, get acquainted with the culture of another country, make new acquaintances and gain new experience.

List of examples of countries and cities with a large selection of language schools for the summer

The list of places where the main summer schools are concentrated:

  • USA : New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Washington, Orlando, Chicago
  • United Kingdom : London, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton
  • France : Nice, Paris, Cannes, Bordeaux
  • Switzerland : Montreux, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Leysin
  • Italy : Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice
  • Germany : Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne
  • Canada : Toronto, Montreal
  • Spain : Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Malaga, Valencia, Alicante
  • Austria : Vienna, Salzburg
  • Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta and others.
  • For lovers of beach holidays: USA, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Italy
  • For connoisseurs of nature: Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Ireland
  • For those who prefer a city with an active rhythm of life and a cultural program: Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany

Language schools for children are designed to improve the general level of language knowledge, preparation for linguistic exams required for admission to school, college or university. Linguistic schools for adults offer English business courses, a course for managers, training of young teachers (CELTA), diplomatic workers, engineers, financiers, lawyers, medical workers and other programs.

The reasons for visits to summer schools for Russian and foreigners

English is the most popular destination among Russians and foreigners: it is an international language, and its study is available anywhere in the world, the choice of the school depends only on the personal preferences of the student. But other foreign languages are also popular: for example, French language programs are available not only in France, but also in Switzerland, Canada, Monaco and other countries. Spanish besides Spain is available in the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico. The Chinese language is studied in the USA, Great Britain, Monaco.

Examples of summer schools with the study of foreign languages

  • George's School (Switzerland, Montreux) is included in the TOP-50 boarding schools of the country. The summer school offers programs to study four languages: English and French (level from elementary to advanced), German and Chinese (only the elementary level). Price starts from 2420EUR / week
  • in the school Don Quijote Córdoba (Argentina, Cordoba) there are intensive Spanish courses and preparation for the DELE exam for students who are going to study at Spanish universities or work in Spanish-speaking countries. Price from 150EUR / week
  • Mandarin House New York (USA, New York) offers several variants of Chinese language training programs, and individual lessons with a teacher are also available. Price starts from 1110EUR / week
  • Summer school OISE York - one of the summer centers of the network of language schools in England offers students standard English courses and preparation for Cambridge exams. The school operates at Queen Ethelburga's College , and the cost starts from 1700EUR / week.

Get a visa for attending a summer school

To pass a language program in a particular country, Russian and foreigners need to have an appropriate visa. It is easier to obtain a short-term visa than for a full-time study program at a school, college or university, because the duration of summer programs in language schools usually does not exceed 3 months. For some countries there is a simplified scheme for obtaining a visa: for example, if you want to study in Cyprus in summer in a course that lasts no more than 90 days, you can get a visa free of charge online.

To visit the United States, a non-immigrant visa is required, the type of which depends on the duration of the course. Typically, for language courses up to 12 weeks, a B-2 visa is sufficient, and if the duration of the training is more than 18 hours / week - F-1. It is necessary to submit documents to the visa center in advance, as the registration can take a large amount of time.

For short-term summer programs, participants are required to obtain a short-term study visa without the possibility of an extension: it is intended for children under 18 years of age who want to take programs up to 6 months and for students to study English in the UK for no more than 11 months.

The Visa Center of Australia issues tourist visas for pupils of language schools, but the duration of the programs should not exceed 90 days. The final decision on the duration of the visa is determined individually.

Most European countries - for example, Italy, Germany, Spain, France - require a Schengen visa for training in short-term linguistic programs lasting no more than 3 months.

The process of teaching in language schools

In language schools, children are divided into small groups of 8-15 people, depending on their level of knowledge for effective and productive learning. The distribution is based on the results of the entrance test, which students pass on arrival at school or in advance remotely . Teachers of schools are native speakers who have appropriate qualifications for working with children.

Standard programs for studying foreign languages include:

  • increase in vocabulary
  • the destruction of the language barrier
  • correct pronunciation
  • learning grammar
  • fluent reading
  • development of written language
  • beautiful speech
  • comprehension by ear.

Each of the items is very important when learning a foreign language! In addition, daily practice is needed - for this purpose, all the necessary conditions are created in language schools abroad, where children and adults are completely immersed in the language environment.

CEFR confirmatory certificates, linguistic examinations

To determine the results of language programs when enrolling in a language school, students pass an "entrance test" that helps to distribute children and adults into groups, and at the end of the program they pass an "exit test" to compare the results and determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language. Most often, after completion of the course, graduates receive a certificate of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), but sometimes the result will be the passing of a language exam required for admission to schools , colleges or universities abroad ( TOEFL , IELTS , CPE and others).

Language Programs for Schoolchildren

In language schools around the world, you can prepare for the passing of an international exam for the knowledge of a foreign language and receive a corresponding document that is recognized by all international educational institutions. Types of language examinations:

  • course DELE - Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • course DELF / DALF - diploma on studying French as a foreign language
  • course CILS / CELI - Diploma of studying Italian as a foreign language
  • PET - Cambridge Second Level Intermediate exam
  • FCE - Cambridge Exam Level 3 Upper-intermediate
  • CPE - Cambridge Examination of Perfect Language Proficiency
  • BEC - Business English Proficiency Test
  • IELTS / TOEFL - tests that determine the level of language proficiency (the results are required for admission to many educational institutions)
  • SAT - for admission to colleges and universities in America.

List of language schools abroad for adults and children

  • prestigious school Hampstead School of English London (UK, London) - feature is a wide selection of thematic courses in English for children and adults: courses for people of a certain specialty, for preparation for exams, academic programs
  • The language school Kaplan New York Empire State in New York is located in the center of the metropolis on the 63rd floor of the administrative building-skyscraper, the cost of English courses from 450 $ / week
  • The language school Eurocentres Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva offers a French program for students: business course, standard, DELF.
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