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2021-03-09 00:01:38

Education in New York: primary, secondary, higher education

Education in New York: primary, secondary, higher education

One of the advantages of moving to New York with your family is that it is very multicultural, there are many people from all over the world and everyone will find a place for themselves.

For foreign schoolchildren, students, education in New York is a useful experience that allows you to get high-quality academic knowledge, study at the best universities in the world, attend lectures and seminars from industry experts. Several respected international schools, popular, prestigious private and public universities operate here. New York is huge, stretching far beyond the city center, with popular residential areas for families with children in the suburbs, and the campuses of several elite universities in the city.


Elementary, high schools in New York

There are many excellent public, private and charter schools in and around New York City.

  1. Public schools in New York (and the rest of the US) are funded through local property taxes, which means that schools in wealthy neighborhoods are best funded. Public schools in the suburbs are generally considered to be much better than NYC public schools. All public schools are free, even for expats.
  2. Private schools are financed by paying for student tuition: the quality of education in private schools is rated very high, it is the most frequent choice for foreign students. There are more than 100 private schools in New York, and more than 100, including boarding schools in the vicinity.
  3. Charter Schools are non-profit, self-governing public schools under a performance contract with the local school board. Although charter schools are authorized and controlled by the local school district, they operate independently. They are sometimes referred to as independent public schools. Most parents choose a school for their children based on the needs and interests of the child. High school students planning to return to Europe to continue their studies may benefit from an International Baccalaureate School. However, most public schools, even in the suburbs, do not offer an IB program.

Top schools in New York

  1. Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
  2. The Storm King School New York
  3. Ross School
  4. Red Bank Catholic High School
  5. Kings Concordia College
  6. The knox school
  7. Rutgers Preparatory School
  8. The stony brook school
  9. Masters School New York
  10. Dwight School New York.

Higher education in New York

Home to Broadway, Wall Street, Lady Liberty and more, New York City also boasts a selection of world-class universities. Eight of them are included in the QS World University Rankings 2020, three more universities are located near the city. Together, they make New York one of the most popular study destinations in the world, as evidenced by its 18th place in the QS Best Student Cities 2018 rankings.

New York's higher education system consists of 309 colleges and universities: 81 are public, 184 are non-profit private schools, and 44 are for-profit private educational institutions.

Top Universities in New York

  1. Columbia University is ranked 18th in the QS World University Rankings, making it the 10th best university in the United States. A member of the prestigious Ivy League, among its famous alumni is the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Columbia University, the world's leading research center, offers a wide range of subjects. In the QS World University Rankings, Columbia University took the top 10 positions in subjects - English, literature, earth sciences, sea, history, anatomy, law.
  2. New York Film Academy (NYFA) offers programs in which students work with equipment in world-class institutions can choose from a wide range of visual and performing arts programs including filmmaking, acting, 3D animation, visual effects, broadcast journalism, cinematography , digital editing, documentary production, game design, graphic design, musical theater, photography, production and scripting. The New York Film Academy is expanding its curriculum and global presence with five campuses and many programs around the world.
  3. The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States. The university unites 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, humanitarian, community, technology colleges and an online learning network. The university serves about 1.3 million students, nearly 3 million SUNY alumni live and work around the world, each having their own unique impact on the city.
  4. New School has over 10,000 students, of which about 30% are foreigners. The New School has a main campus in the vicinity of Greenwich Village - a good location as the institution mainly specializes in arts, humanities, social sciences. The university accepts students for 7 academic divisions: humanities, music, drama, jazz, contemporary music, public participation, social research, design.
  5. New York University (NYU) is another of the leading universities in New York, which was ranked among the best in the world. NYU has a large number of international students in its vast student community.
  6. The City University of New York (CUNY) is the public university system of New York, made up of 24 colleges located in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn (plus one on Staten Island), with 274,000 students studying in a wide variety of fields.
  7. Fordham University calls itself the Jesuit University of New York, specializing in the humanities, science and business. Fordham University consists of 10 colleges - four for undergraduates, six for masters. They have more than 16,000 students: on two main campuses in New York - the Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx, Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and a much smaller campus in West Harrison, about 25 miles north of Manhattan.
  8. Yeshiva University is one of the leading research universities in New York City. It was founded over 100 years ago with the mission of combining Jewish traditions and culture with Western heritage, and the continuing influence of this cultural focus is visible in the Yeshiva University Museum, which explores Jewish life through art, architecture, history. A relatively small university compared to most other universities in New York: it teaches about 6,300 students, of which just over 2,570 are bachelors. Campuses and facilities are located throughout Manhattan, in the Bronx and Queens (as well as in Israel). Yeshiva University's main campus is located in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan.
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