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Training in Switzerland after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years

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Training in Switzerland after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years

Among the possible options for studying abroad for schoolchildren Switzerland - one of the most interesting, fascinating and effective. It is a country with a stable economy and four (!) National languages. Education in Switzerland after the 8.9.10 class for children 14.15, 16 years is popular among not only the local population, but also students from all over the world. Here you can find the standards of elite education, as well as schools and universities at relatively affordable prices. But, of course, Switzerland is for those who love quality in everything and do not spare investments in their future.

Training in Switzerland after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years: advantages for schoolchildren and peculiarities of teaching methods

  • Educational institutions in Switzerland are known for their teaching methods, combining the ideas of reform pedagogy, laid down by outstanding teachers, and the latest technology. The educational system is based on the ideas of reformatory pedagogy of world-famous authors: Johann Pestalozzi, Jean Piaget and Rudolf Steiner. In Switzerland, many followers and followers of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. The basic principles of education in Switzerland include the student's personal development and the fomenting of cognitive interest in him
  • The training system of Switzerland has absorbed all the best from the American , English , French and German schools . There is no other country with such a wide choice and variety of curricula
  • Each child is a unique person with his own development plan, therefore the educational process strives to make a harmonious, combining freedom and regime. These ideas begin to be realized at the pre-school stage and reach the heyday of the secondary school . All this makes the Swiss education system very effective, rich in results, therefore diplomas of Swiss educational institutions are so appreciated all over the world.
  • Training in Switzerland after 8,9,10 class for children 14,15,16 years: options and programs for Russian and foreigners

    It is believed that for study abroad the most suitable age is 12-14 years. If you start to study at school well before the final exams, then there will be more time to adapt to the new language and academic environment, you can properly bring up your knowledge and linguistic skills.

    For Russian children it is worth taking into account the great differences in the educational programs of Russia and Switzerland. It is important to start studying in Switzerland as early as possible because they can qualitatively prepare for admission to the university , because one of the requirements of the university for foreigners will be the passage of special training at the pre-university courses. Education in Switzerland after the 8.9.10 class for children 14.15, 16 years old allows you to catch two birds with one stone: finish school and apply with a Swiss school diploma to the university without having to go through pre-university training courses.

    1. Admission after grades 8-9 to the Swiss school

  • Foreign students can enter the educational centers of the country at any age
  • In Swiss schools you can find flexible programs in 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian, intensive sports programs
  • After grades 8-9, a schoolboy from abroad enters the second educational stage - Secondaire II - the final stage, which will result in the receipt of a certificate of secondary education
  • There is a wide variety of academic programs in schools:
  • Swiss
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • American
  • International.
  • 2. Admission after the 10th grade in Switzerland often means the choice of International Baccalaureate . This is one of the most effective, but also intensive programs, which guarantees a high level of preparation and a successful entry into the world's universities. For this course, students usually arrive only after grade 10: in addition to age requirements, students must demonstrate a high level of language proficiency and good academic training.

    Leading private boarding schools for schoolchildren after 8,9,10 classes in Switzerland

  • The international boarding school of College Du Leman has a wide range of programs: Swiss Federal Maturite , French Baccalaureate , IB, GCSE , A-Level. The college offers an elite education for foreigners with living conditions of a high level of comfort. The cost of training in the semester will be from 41000CHF.
  • Lemania College Lausanne is a popular school in Lausanne, an excellent place to study and get to know the culture of Switzerland. Here there live benevolent inhabitants, and the nature of extraordinary beauty and mild climate will make living during study very comfortable. The price of training will be from 30825CHF per semester.
  • TASIS American School Switzerland invites everyone who wants to get an education and a certificate of the American model. The campus is located on a picturesque mountainside, around forests, mountain peaks and Swiss lakes. Prices for training in the semester start from 36000 CHF.
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