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New York University

#35 Best World Universities
Address: New York, NY 10003

Description New York University

At New York University, you can get an excellent education of a classical nature. This university has a huge size and traditional form of education. New York University (NYU) is located in the central part of New York (USA). The internationalism of the educational institution is especially worth noting. Approximately 20% of all students are students with citizenship of another country. This indicator once again underlines the prestige of higher education in this university. The most popular destinations over the years are medicine, chemistry and economics.

In 1830, A. Gallatin (one of the US ministers of finance) made a statement about the need to create a large university on the territory of New York, after which officials of the city hall and famous people began to discuss the project of creating such an educational institution. As a result, a university emerged, in which applicants were accepted not by social status, but by academic merit. Currently, NYU has not departed from this policy, preferring to recruit applicants with academic success at the previous place of education and motivation to study at New York University.

The first students entered the NYU classroom in 1831. They created a university in the image of the most advanced European universities of that time. At the beginning of its academic activities, the university was located at Clinton Hall. Then, in 1833, several acres of land were acquired in Washington Square. The next step in the growth of the university can be considered the opening of the law school in 1835. At the same time, the Polytechnic Institute begins its work. By the way, it is the oldest and honorable institution of such a trend in the United States of America.

During the financial crisis of the 70s of the 20th century, changes were made in New York University. The university became the center of youth actions aimed at ending the war in Vietnam. To improve its financial condition NYU sold part of its territory.

The new millennium, New York University met at the peak of its popularity. In the press, he was called the "University of Dreams number 1." For about ten years, the university broke all national records in the number of applicants to all faculties.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in New York University

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Accommodation, housing and food

New York University provides comfortable accommodation for its students for the entire period of study. In the structure of the educational institution there are 21 hostels. The total capacity of such housing - 12,500 seats. In some cases, a bathroom and a kitchen are provided directly in the room, but such housing is significantly more expensive than the standard. Each hostel has in its structure dining and laundry facilities, as well as student residences with maid services. The territory of each residence is guarded round the clock security.

Student dormitories are located in different parts of the city. At the same time, students at a settlement seek to choose a residence located close to educational buildings. Until the beginning of this century, resettlement in the dormitories occurred in a lottery way, and now the system has changed. The priority of obtaining a certain housing is used by first-year students. Therefore, they live in dormitories near the campus. As for the cost of living, it starts at $ 4,000 per semester and above.


The list of various achievements in the field of science at New York University is huge. Therefore, we will focus on the most significant of them.

  • University scientists have scientifically proven that a specially developed diet slows down the aging process.
  • NYU was able to accurately calculate the age of the disease caused by the Ebola virus. She is almost 23 million years old. Prior to this - the occurrence of the virus was associated with an earlier period.
  • In the laboratories of the university, the development of a computer program that allows to identify users with alcohol intoxication comes to an end. As a result, they will be blocked access to social networks, such as Facebook.
  • Within the walls of New York University, thirty-five Nobel Prize winners were taught and studied. You can add a list of sixteen Pulitzer Prize winners to them.
  • At this university, scientists were able to figure out the process of forming persistent memories.
  • A method for obtaining stem cells in an innovative way. With this approach, the number of cells produced will be able to increase by a factor of twenty compared with modern methods.
  • In the process of the research conducted, the languages ​​of monkeys were recognized. Proved the presence of individual dialects in primates.
  • NYU scientists were able to create an effective vaccine to combat prion disease.

Benefits of applying to New York University

  • Many applicants seek to enter this university because it is located in New York. It is the most cosmopolitan and international city of the planet. At New York University itself, a very friendly atmosphere in which foreigners, constituting 20 percent of the total number of students, bring in elements of their cultures.
  • The university library complex is considered one of the largest in the United States of America. Designed by designers F. Johnson and R. Foster, it became a real piece of architecture. There are 3,000,000 books and many periodicals in its vaults. The student can always independently prepare for any discipline. Every day, 6,500 readers attend the school’s library.
  • NYU is rightly proud of its student theaters, where students put on their own productions.
  • The network of student residences at New York University is the most extensive in the country. The campus has the right to stay for first-year students, but also for senior students.
  • On the basis of New York University, there are 350 interest clubs. Among them it is necessary to separately distinguish sports teams of various directions.
  • The Institute of Mathematics, working at the university, is considered the most advanced in its field. The scientific potential allows this structural unit to cooperate directly with such well-known corporations as IBM or Microsoft.

NYU Scholarship Programs

Any student at New York University, regardless of their nationality, has the right to apply for financial aid in the form of a scholarship. The administration of the university considers the documents and resolves this issue, based on the financial situation of the student. As for the size of the allocated amount, it will be calculated individually for each case. The average amount varies between $ 26,000 per academic year.

Consider the main scholarships and grants that students receive at New York University.

  • Grant Pella. Such a cash allowance is intended for students experiencing certain material difficulties. The goal is to cover the cost of education. About 1/5 students receive it.
  • AnBryce Foundation. It gives an opportunity to receive money for education for those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements. This scholarship will cover the entire cost of the educational process within 4 years. The main condition is that the student throughout this period has only high and medium points when studying, and also as far as possible participated in the life of the university.
  • Archa scholarship. This grant is given to students not only for excellent marks, but also for taking an active part in research projects. For the amount received, you can go for an internship abroad or take a course at another university in the country. The scholarship can be extended for the entire period of study at the undergraduate degree.
  • M.L. King's scholarship program. Its establishment took place in 1987, and the award is available to those students who successfully study, demonstrate leadership skills, have an active lifestyle and are distinguished by humanism.
  • Grant from Intel. It is issued not only to the student, but also to his supervisor. The goal - the implementation and implementation of unique projects.

Curious facts

  • Previously, all the freshmen at New York University, senior students, were dipped into a container of water designed to quench the thirst of horses. Modernity dictates its own laws, so now the rite of initiation into freshmen occurs without such a ritual.
  • In this educational institution identified an additional cause of caries. It turned out that family quarrels provoke the development of this disease.
  • Between university buildings constantly runs motor transport designed exclusively for students.
  • The University Library is proud to host the annual Violet Ball. Students learn dances, prepare costumes and original dresses.
  • On the eve of a large berry festival, students annually independently bake a large strawberry cake, which is the longest cake in the city. And each holiday is a new generation of students trying to beat the previous records.
  • Within the walls of New York University, teaching was conducted by E. Fromm.


Graduates are celebrities.

  • Gb Elyon, in academic circles, is known as an eminent chemist from the United States, a Nobel Prize in medicine. Her efforts created drugs that treat gout and herpes.
  • F. Reines - a famous physicist, Nobel Prize winner. He was able to make a revolutionary discovery by participating in the search for neutrinos.
  • D. Axelrod is a pharmacologist from the United States who became the winner of the Nobel Prize medicine for scientific research of humoral transmitters.
  • E. Kandel is a neuroscientist with a professorship in biochemistry. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology, investigated the problems of signal transmission of the central nervous system.


Also in the walls of New York University, many famous actors, politicians and public figures studied.

Equipment New York University

The main building of New York University is located in Greenwich Village (this is a respectable area of ​​Lower Manhattan). At the same time, the Triumphal Arch in Washington Square Park is a symbol of the educational institution. This public administration of the university chose to hold special events. For example -

celebrations are held here on the occasion of the beginning of the school year or the graduate wires.

Greenwich Village is a territory where not only the central buildings of the university are located, but also student dormitories, a library complex, and sports facilities. Many buildings are considered historical monuments. Next to the square, another campus was built, which also belongs to New York University. Often, NYU is referred to as the “University of the Two Squares” because its buildings are located near the most famous places in New York.

As for the structure, it includes schools, colleges and institutes. All of them are located in the most prestigious areas of the city. For example, the Polytechnic Institute is based on the territory of the Metrotek Technopark (this is the district of Brooklyn). The Faculty of Medicine is located on the banks of the East River. Directly on First Avenue is a complex of hospitals, scientific institutions and schools.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the university built new buildings. On the outskirts of Washington Square Park, the Scherball Theater Center, a law school, and a number of student services emerged. In addition to this - branches of the university were opened abroad. In Abu Dhabi, the structural unit of New York University began its activities in 2010. At the same time, a branch emerged in Shanghai. Since 2014, the university has an additional campus in the capital of France.

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