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2018-07-30 11:57:11

Study in Los Angeles after graduation

Study in Los Angeles after graduation

The city of Los Angeles in the south of California is popular not only with the developed film industry on its territory, but also with a high level of education for students. The state is located on the Pacific coast, which very much attracts foreign students the opportunity to practice water sports and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

The American system of teaching uses effective methods and principles of education: according to students' reviews, they were satisfied with the education received, many of the graduates stayed to work and live in the US. It is always welcome here for foreign students, but it is quite difficult to get a visa, so SMAPSE experts recommend that you entrust this business to SMAPSE professionals.

One of the peculiarities of American education is the system of educational loans, which are taken into account when a student enters the university: their number depends on the hours they have been listening to on the chosen subject, so sometimes attendance of preparatory courses is simply inevitable before entering the university for foreign students.

The education system in the middle American school of Los Angeles

Children enter primary school from the age of six. The middle classes begin about 12 years after the elementary school, from the 6th grade they teach basic compulsory subjects, including several additional disciplines for the student's choice. At the end of high school, students receive a diploma of High School Diploma; the last year of education can be devoted to the program Advanced Placement - it will allow to study the subjects of the first year of the institute in depth and to earn additional educational credits during the process of studying at a senior school. Foreign students can enter international universities and colleges after graduating from high school.

Types of preparatory academic courses, educational programs in Los Angeles

For future students who wish to study at leading universities, they are available the following after graduation:

  • International Year One is the fastest way to enter the university and graduate. The duration of the course is from 1 year, and foreign students can apply for it right after the high school (high school) graduation. Upon completion of the program, you can immediately transfer to 2 or 3 courses of the university;
  • International Foundation - the course is designed for one year of study to prepare for the university, the curriculum provides for a large number of hours for academic English classes. Some colleges and universities, on the basis of which the course is conducted by the International Foundation, at the end of the program transfer students to partner universities without additional entrance examinations;
  • High School Completion Program is a program for students from 16 years old, which allows you to finish high school and get educational loans for admission to the university (a large number of earned loans give advantages on admission). The program includes compulsory and optional subjects. For a foreign student to enter this course, you must have a certain level of knowledge of the English language and graduate at least one grade of high school in your native country;
  • Undergraduate Preparation Program - for admission to the program the student must complete the full school course, age - from 16 years. This course develops intellectual and linguistic abilities and skills, provides an opportunity to obtain valuable academic knowledge necessary for American universities. The length of the educational depends on the level of the student's preparation and the requirements that are required for further admission to the university;
  • University Pathway Program - the program is provided for students who have already graduated from middle or high school and have good scores for the language exam, age - from 17 years. The course corresponds to 1-2 semesters in the institute, develops the academic and language skills of students, allows you to earn educational loans for further transfer to the chosen specialty in the university.

The cost of education in the preparatory courses:

  • High School Completion Program - from 10,560 $ / semester
  • Undergraduate Preparation Program - from 8,460 $ / semester
  • University Pathway Program - from 10,560 $ / semester
  • Undergraduate Preparation Program - from 8,460 $ / semester.

Language Courses in Los Angeles

When enrolling in American universities, strict requirements are imposed on the level of knowledge of the English language - this is important for mastering the school curriculum. During the preparation for entering the American University, foreign students can take a standard course of academic English to improve their knowledge or prepare for one of the exams:

  • CAE
  • FCE
  • GMAT
  • SAT.

After the completion of the preparatory courses, foreigners enter universities to obtain a bachelor's degree - America is renowned for its irreproachable reputations and has a large selection of educational institutions. Examples of top American universities:

List of examples of educational institutions offering pre-university programs in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Marymount is a popular university with high rankings and positive feedback from graduates, accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. Available programs and courses: International Year One, High School Completion Program, Undergraduate Preparation Program, University Pathway. The campus is located near Los Angeles with a beautiful view of the ocean, and a large area allows students to combine study, leisure and active activities.
  • King's College Los Angeles - language school specializes in preparing students for university and passing language exams, a large selection of academic and linguistic programs. Students have the opportunity to combine study and rest, because the institution is located in the heart of Los Angeles.
  • OHLA Los Angeles - based on the DeVry University campus: a language school is located in a well-kept and prestigious area near Beverly Hills. For students over 16 years of age, the University Pathway Program preparatory course and English language courses are available.
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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