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Year of study in London: information for foreign students

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Year of study in London: information for foreign students

Among all educational institutions in London, there are the oldest prestigious universities in the world, modern institutions, many specialized institutions and colleges. The capital of Great Britain confirms the title of an elite and expensive country for study from year to year, because the year of study in London is one of the most popular programs among foreign students of almost any age.

Year of study in London at the University - Bachelor and Master

About 50 universities in London, including the best universities in the world, offer over 10,000 different academic programs for foreign students. The most elite universities are concentrated in London, 6 of which are in the TOP-200 according to the Times Higher Education ranking. The capital takes 15th place in the ranking of World University Rankings, demonstrating the highest quality of education.

For admission to academic undergraduate programs at universities in London, you need a certificate of secondary education A-level (AAA), Foundation, IB or AP with high results, or a statement of the end of the year of study at a university with an average score of 4.5 (usually last 2 years, but the year of study in London is also available). The level of English proficiency must correspond to an IELTS score of at least 6.0. For more information about documents, visa issues, please contact SMAPSE specialists.

Tuition at a school in London for foreign students

The popularity of private schools in London is explained by the large number of expats and foreign students. According to local media, 7% of the capital’s residents study privately. In some areas, the rank rises to 20-30%, and in Kensington and Chelsea - up to 55%. Earlier, the prices for schooling were in the range of 3,500 £ - 4,000 £ per academic semester, then over the past ten years, the cost in popular schools has increased to 5,000 £ - 7,000 £ and has been increasing by 3-5% every year. Parents continue to choose elite schools in London, as conditions for additional development in their free time are created for students. This is a decisive factor for busy parents - they can not worry at work for the safety and leisure of the child. Many schools in London provide scholarships for students, which talented students can apply for. As a rule, schools teach the academic programs of the British system of education, private schools offer education under the IB international undergraduate program.

English Year in London for international students

As an expert in world education, London provides many opportunities for those wishing to master the language perfectly. It is a well-known fact that learning languages is easier in a language environment. In London there are courses for students of all ages, interests and finances. You can plunge into the atmosphere of elite universities in the UK for several weeks and months - or choose a whole year of study in London. Language schools accept students with poor knowledge of the language from 3 years: they have organized adventure vacation programs, summer camps and comfortable living conditions with parents in case of long-term education.

Tuition fees in London after grades 9, 10, 11

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the prices for high school will seem high for many. Indeed, the cost of the GCSE in one of the schools in London from 11,325 £ per year of study in London, to put it mildly, is surprising. If the ambitious task is to enter the best universities in the UK and the world, a good certificate of secondary education will increase your chances. It is worth remembering that in London the overall level of prices for food, housing, transportation is just as high.

after graduation, foreign students have a wider selection of academic programs. Since Russian school education is not enough to enter a British university, graduates take special 1-2 year educational courses of the Foundation, University Pathway. The cost of a year of study in London at such courses depends on many factors: from the district to the prestige of the institution, it is worthwhile to study the matter in advance.

Medical specialties in London are particularly respected and difficult to enroll, so when you see your future career in healthcare, pay attention to academic medical educational programs. They prepare students for exams BMAT / UKCAT, give practice. For working professionals, a diploma confirms qualifications abroad.

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