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2018-07-30 11:57:12

Summer vacations in Philadelphia for foreign students

Summer vacations in Philadelphia for foreign students

Philadelphia belongs to one of the key roles in the American Revolution: being the largest city among the 13 British colonies in North America, it was Philadelphia that became the capital of the rebellious colonies and a meeting place for the founding fathers of the United States. It was here that the Declaration of Independence was first signed, and then the US Constitution was adopted. Today Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and one of the most important cities in the country by economic indicators. Thanks to its historical past and the availability of universities and elite institutions of a legal profile, the city is considered a national center of law. In the summer, the city attracts a lot of new faces with its popular show of fountains to the music of Elton John and Shostakovich, music festivals and its special attitude to art. It was Philadelphia that acquired for the first time the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site among US cities.

Unforgettable summer vacations in Philadelphia for foreign students

The so-called "American Athens" is popular with foreign students, not only from the point of view of tourism, but also from studies. This leadership to Philadelphia came with centuries, because it was here that the first library, a medical college, an entrepreneurship school was opened. The city is closely connected with everything that concerns the progress of the whole country. In the summer, prestigious American colleges and popular linguistic centers take on the education of students from all over the world, providing the opportunity to combine immersion in American culture, adventure holidays and dull studies abroad.

Haverford Private College of Art, founded in 1833, is known for its academic rigor, a code of honor and a magnificent country campus. In summer, a summer camp for studying English for children and schoolchildren aged 10 to 18 is organized on the basis of the college. The school has all the conditions for effective language learning: academic studies provide for a load of 24 lessons per week, and student groups are formed taking into account the age of foreign students and their interests. Strictly guarded safety of students: here the most successful ratio of students per employee - 4:1. In addition to studying, the program provides various kinds of leisure activities. Students twice a week go on field trips to Philadelphia, New York, Washington for sightseeing of popular attractions. For those who want to devote their free time from English lessons to additional self-development and health, the school provides an opportunity to take lessons in tennis, golf, basketball or fitness and aerobics, photography and design lessons. It is important to note that the summer camp on the basis of the elite college in the US College Haverford is organized in such a way that your child is immersed in learning English as much as possible - therefore, all additional activities (be it golf or photography) take place on campus, where there are all necessary facilities and equipment. The cost of teaching English for the summer for 2 weeks is 3,980 $, including campus accommodation, meals and outings.

The summer camps of JKCP, with the opening of the first center in 1978, focused on the task of inspiring every student to become a man of peace and discover new opportunities for himself with the knowledge of a new culture, language and community. Since then, 40 years have passed, centers have been opened in many cities abroad, in cooperation with the best elite universities, but the idea of raising students with an expanded range of opportunities has remained the same. In the suburbs of Philadelphia is located one of the language camps JKCP at the University of Villanova, accepting young people from 14 to 18 years, even with poor knowledge of English. You can choose from 9 different programs of study and rest from academic English with an average intensity of 25 lessons per week, with electives until cooking and playing football. A distinctive feature of this camp is a narrowly focused approach to the interests of the student. For example, if you purposefully want to learn not only spoken English, but also master professional vocabulary and a model of communication in IT or finance, then you are provided with special linguistic courses. In the classroom you will have your vocabulary on the chosen topic, to train oral speech, and, moreover, to study the specialty! JKCP attracts experts in these fields from all over the country to ensure that foreign students feel confident in their field at the end. In addition to information technology and the economy, there are also sports courses (football, golf, tennis and basketball), cooking programs and computer games. As part of the latter, the school even organizes trainings with professional gamers around the world, meetings with representatives of the largest developers who will prompt how to make a career out of your favorite hobby.

  • Another summer camp, JKCP, was based on the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and also has a wide range of professional English language educational programs for the summer. Within 3 to 4 weeks, teachers at the top Philadelphia university will help to deepen their knowledge in medicine, sports management, architecture, innovation, design and art, and business. The cost of the programs starts from 5,790 $ for 3 weeks and varies depending on the course. Each foreign student is provided with comfortable accommodation in a fully furnished room for 1-2 people with his own desk. The price of the program also includes meals, if you have a diet, you can arrange a special diet. Of course, intensive instruction in English requires an interesting vacation: for foreign students there are field trips to Washington, Baltimore and New York, bowling tournaments, discos and cinema trips and much more.

More information about these educational institutions and conditions, as well as other language centers in Philadelphia for students for the summer, can also be found in SMAPSE chat room or on SMAPSE website. SMAPSE experts will be happy to help with the search and selection of the best options for recreation and study abroad.

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